Get your sweet tooth at The Sweet Shop in NYC!


Accidentally found this place while out for a run. Needless to say I took an ice cream and candy break! What a terrific little store. Oh well – there went my run! How could I resist not taking a break to peruse the shelves at The Sweet Shop in my hood of the Upper East Side in NYC when all this candy goodness was beckoning me? It’s like I had the good and bad angels sitting on my shoulders, and the bad angel whispered evil thoughts and sweet nothings into my ear. Guess which one won out? The good angel was kicked to the curb as I headed inside this tiny pocket of candy wonderland.

I was greeted with shelves lined along each wall showcasing all kinds of candies from the old-timey style to the newest sugary treats on the market. Family owned and run they are very friendly and knowledgeable. Even handed me some samples to try just for walking in and saying hello. Now that’s a welcoming perk. Get me all wired up on candy why don’t you even before I buy anything? I wasn’t refusing! My evil angel was smirking in delight.

candyThey do offer some ice creams of about ten different flavors. None made on site but they are pretty tasty as they have partnered with some of the better makers in the city such as Laboratorio Del Gelato, Melt, OddFellows, and others. I sampled a few and thought they were great. Of course I walked out with a large serving that was placed in a Chinese take out carton. Really fun touch and very reasonable prices here. Peanut Butter & Jelly, Blueberry, Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel –  Ooooh Myyyyy!

If you have a weakness for hand crafted chocolate, licorice, gummies, British candy bars, handmade marshmallows, gum, sours, and even sugar-free and gluten-free products this tiny candy emporium packs it in! Oh, and now they are featuring terrific donuts from Dough Loco in Harlem? My diabetes level just spiked up even more! Wilford Brimley would not be amused.

I just wish they had opened up a little more north where I reside. They took a spot in the 70’s on a side street in the froo froo older UES part of town, but I do understand as the owners have lived in the area for many years, and rents on that street were a better deal in the spot they took. Just wish they had opened up in Yorkville where I live. Then again, that might have been a massive danger to my waistline! There is definitely a much more younger mix of residents up here mixed in with couples, and plenty of families with kids. What a missed opportunity as it seems this part of the UES is booming now with new businesses and we need a real sweet shop like this up here! Guess I’ll have to make the trek down once in a while to satisfy my sweet tooth.

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Overall, this is a terrific store. It is packed wall to wall, and every nook and cranny has some sort of sugary confection on display. It’s a small shop but is packed with all types of candies and goodies to satisfy the sweet tooth cravings. There is something for everyone’s likings here. Love the old school memorabilia and signage too as it offers some great atmosphere and represents what a candy shop used to be like back in the day. Decent prices too. Very vintage. Very retro. Very cool.

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40 thoughts on “Get your sweet tooth at The Sweet Shop in NYC!”

  1. Haha, I love how you discovered this while on a run. I also love how it does British sweets for expats like me! Next time you pop by, make sure you pick up some curly wurlies and Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut — they’re the best.

    1. Hello Lydia!

      You never know what you’ll find running the side streets of NYC! I need to stay awy from this place or I’ll never stay fit.

  2. We have some friends who moved from Manhattan to …er… not Manhattan. Yesterday, he moaned on Facebook that he couldn’t believe there was only one place that would deliver cupcakes there, and he didn’t see how people could be expected to live that way.

    So while I’m jealous of your beautiful little sweet shop, I’ll have to be satisfied with getting my Reeses fix at the grocery store. Sigh.

    1. Hey Barb!

      Such is the lament of suburban living. Enjoy the commercialized retail candy I guess. Also, why would anyone move out of Manhattan? 😉

  3. I love that this is a good, old fashioned candy store! You don’t see many of those around. The closest thing to it is shops on the boardwalk. Actually, that’s probably a good thing. I have a big weakness for gummies and licorice!

  4. Reminds me of the penny candy store we visited now and then when I was little.
    Good thing that store isn’t anywhere near me, I’d get lost in there on a regular basis. And my family would know exactly where to find me.

  5. Whoa. In the words of my girl Liz Lemon…I want to go to there. I used to live on the Upper East (IN THE 70s!) and NEVER saw this. Damn.

  6. I wish I had candy stores in my running route. Oh wait….maybe I don’t. And I was reading along just fine until the words salted caramel and now I’m a twitchy, drooling heap on the floor.

  7. Oh this is adorable. I love the vintage feel, much prefer it to the Disneyland feel of the NYC candy giants (Dylan’s, M&M Store, Hershey’s). I am also glad this is on the opposite side of town from me! I have a huge sweet tooth and any closer would be dangerous!

    1. Dear Mary,

      I am so glad you see the tribute to Disneyland, My grandmother “Nana” worked for Walt himself and as a kid I was left in Disneyland’s Magic Shop as a baby sitter. Disneyland so insured me I worked for Bud Hurlbut as a kid, at Castle Park Bud was responsible for brings rides and attractions to Knott’s Berry Farm.

      Thanks for the kind words,

      Kelly The Candyman

  8. What better incentive do you need to venture out a little farther than your normal haunts? Cheap delicious sweets. I love the photos. This place looks fabulous.

    Grab an ice cream and jog home. Burn off those calories.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  9. What a perfect opportunity for you to open up your own sweet shop near you! If you think there’s a market, go for it. Or, continue to jog your way to the sweet stuff. 🙂

  10. I think I got a cavity just zooming in on the Chick-O-Sticks! I see so many of my favorites, especially Candy Smokes…I LOVE CANY CIGARETTES!
    Seriously, who said running isn’t fun!

  11. I love little shops like that. We have one here in a suburb of Dallas that has all the old kinds of candy and newer ones too.
    Last time in was in Manhattan- there is a 2 story candy store called Dylans. They have tons and tons of candy. I think she is the daughter of Ralph Lauren and I’ve seen little versions of her shops at a few airports.

    1. Hey Holli!

      Good to know I can get my sweet tooth on in Dallas if I am ever in town. Dylans is a famous place here in NYC and is a candy mecca. Still, I like these local mom and pop joints better.

  12. I’m always drawn to a sweet shop even though I don’t eat much confectionary. I do like boiled sweets – I’m a sucker for blackcurrant and liquorice, if you can excuse the pun – and plain chocolate.

  13. Ooooh sweets 😀 This kind of reminds me of the candy shop in the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I will definitely have to check it out!

  14. I have such a weakness for the “old timey” candy stores! All those bins lined on the walls just waiting for me to scoop out the treats.

    I’m drooling .

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