Get your brewski on at Amity Hall in NYC!

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If you love a solid selection of quality craft beers then Amity Hall in the Greenwich Village part of NYC is a terrific choice to start off your night. It you can’t stand the yuppy, preppy, frat boy crowd then for sure get here early to start off your evening. Our group did this not too long ago and quaffed down some tasty brews and ciders before making our escape to further escapades in the city.

The place itself looks great with a below street level pub area, and a much larger upstairs beer hall type room. Nice decor with brick walls, wooden bench seating, and chalkboard beer lists showing off the day’s selections. A few large flat screens in each room but not too many to make this a spots bar. It’s all about the beer here. Long lines of taps are behind each bar sporting an impressive array of craft libations.

We started off in the downstairs pub area and then moved to the upper level when it opened around 5pm. Found that many of the tables up there were already reserved but we commandeered a small bench in front of a fireplace that was just the right size for our group of happy campers. When we were handed the beer menu I was impressed. Really nice selection of beers and ciders. You have to love a $4 pint craft beer happy hour until 7pm! Yes, 12pm- 7pm! Also $4 mixed drinks and daily specials too.

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With 20 rotating craft beer lines there is more than enough to choose from, plus a huge amount of bottled beers. Bluepoint Toasted Lager, Founders Porter, Abita, Ommegang, Leffe Blonde, Delirium Tremens, Chimay Tripel, Magic Hat #9, Boddingtons, Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn, and so many others. The happy hour beers are listed in red on the menu with about twelve or so to choose from as I recall with some decent choices. Saw some signs that they also do a growler program, unlimited booze brunch on weekends, and feature Premiership Soccer on the large projection screen with drink specials. Looks like they have a nice little pub menu but we did not try any of that on this evening.

Photo credit – Amity Hall

We hung out until about 7 before heading out to our next destination. While we were there we found the service to be quick and attentive. Probably because it was early on a Friday and it was still kind of empty. Saw some of the frat type crowd start to pile into the upstairs as we were leaving, so it was our cue to vamboose anyway. Definitely the kind of cozy place to start off your night with a happy hour craft beer.

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12 thoughts on “Get your brewski on at Amity Hall in NYC!”

  1. This looks so wonderful. As always, I’m jealous.

    And for something not so completely different… Over Thanksgiving I visited friends in Pittsburgh and kept feeling like I was channeling you the whole time. We were headed for an event at the East End Brewing Company which was also supposed to include food catered by Pittsburgh Smokehouse. But with all the traffic and delays, we missed the whole thing.

    BUT I must have piled up spare karma somewhere, because when we called Scott Smith (who owns East End along with his wife), he gave us the address of the Smokehouse. We followed directions through the tiny town of Wilkins PA, to the very tiny side road that ended in an unremarkable building with a small sign proclaiming The Italian American Citizens Club. Inside it was absolutely everything you’d expect —low ceilings, light-up beer signs, pool tables, and a welcoming old bar.

    They told us that the Smokehouse wouldn’t be open for dinner until later, and we must have looked pretty pathetic because the crew decided to make up a special takeaway order for us. We got some of everything from coleslaw to brisket to mac-&-cheese. And everything was absolutely fan-freaking-tastic. It wasn’t just that I’ve been living in the Land Before BBQ for the past five years. Everyone else agreed that it was amazing.

    So we stuffed ourselves on BBQ and went back the next day for a private tour of the brewery from Scott Smith. The building has an…”interesting”… background. And by that I mean secret doors, hidden passages, windowless rooms that the realtor claimed were “massage rooms” and so much more. But in addition to brewing some truly amazing beer (their bourbon barrel aged Homewood Stout would make you cry tears of joy), they are turning the building into a wonderful place to party or just relax. The new round of renovations, in fact, will include converting a parking lot into a beer garden. Our tour was amazing, and not JUST because of all the tasting. Although that helped.

    And when we got back to Washington DC, I committed a sin that was so worth it—I sacrificed some of the amazing stout for a ‘Guinness’ cake that probably destroyed every artery I have, but I’ll die happy.

    All in all—great beer, wonderful food, and a chance to get up front and personal with the beer process. You would have loved it.

    1. Hey Barb!

      Now, that is the kind of unexpected adventure I love! What a great find and sounds like wonderful people who really treated you well. Great BBQ is always a joy. Along with a wonderful brewery. I need to remember these places next time in in that part of PA!

      I just had some amazing Guinness ice cream recently. Wow.

  2. Synchronicity at work !! Pittsburgh Smokehouse is 10 minutes from my house !! Never knew it was there !!
    Thanks Barb !!!

  3. I’m not into beer by I would have to try something called Disobedience for so many reasons. We are headed to an event to in Hershey PA and on the agenda is touring Troegs Brewery … I’ll let you know through my husband who tries all these wild brews too.

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