Get a Fried Chicken Baby Belly at Bobwhite NYC!

One of the finest fried chicken dinners I have eaten here in the city!

Seems like many spots are opening up across NYC nowadays touting their famous fried chicken. I have tried many of them but still keep coming back to Bobwhite to get my fried chicken fix. Bobwhite Lunch & Supper Counter is the shady street corner pusher feeding my fried chicken addiction.

And why not? Their chicken kicks ass!

It’s a small spot so sometimes there is a wait. No biggie as it seems most will come here to chow down then leave and not linger. I really hate those people who will hang around and talk and talk after they are finished and just sip their drinks or ask for more water taking forever to give up the table. Get done and get the heck out!  How dare you make us wait in starving drooling anticipation! Leave!


The times I have been here with friends we order the fried chicken supper for four. It’s a terrific value as it comes with a lot of delicious chicken, awesome biscuits with honey to pour on them, tasty cole slaw, and a choice of three sides. Mac & cheese, collard greens, and more yumminess. Yes, I said yummy! Don’t hate on me!

At other times when I have been here alone I’ve sauntered up to a spot at their small bar/counter and taken a seat for a cold Shiner Bock beer on tap and a fried chicken supper for one. Three pieces of chicken with a biscuit and slaw – oh my!

Get in mah bellah!


Great staff, cozy ambiance, and fairly priced delectable fried chicken and sides. It’s a nice little joint – clean, comfortable, almost has a wine bar feel, simple menu, and sparkling bathroom too.

Oh, and if you can fit it in as my fat-assery can normally do, there’s always a little room left for dessert. Go ahead and check out the banana pudding and pecan pie. Then roll out the door with a brand new food baby in foodgasmic bliss.

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16 thoughts on “Get a Fried Chicken Baby Belly at Bobwhite NYC!”

    1. Hey Arthur!

      Yup, that’s the address. It’s why I also posted the link for them here so reader can find it and also check out the menu. Nice little spot for a good meal.

  1. Yum – but that’s already been written. You are making me hungry for some good ol’ southern fried chicken. Hmmmmm the photos look good enough to eat. Now if you could figure a way to get the taste without the clories, then you’d be ccokin’!

  2. Mmmmm! Crispy crunchy chicken with the skin that just falls off as soon as you look at it…! Not to be found in Germany and if so, eaten with a silver knife & fork. I know!? But I can dream can’t I? Can’t I? Yeah!!

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