Georgetown Cupcake NYC – just simply amazing!


Walking by a few nights ago I was dragged inside this cupcake shop against my will. Like a caricature of a cavewoman with a club dragging her caveman in by the hair behind her. I’m pretty sure this is how my lady friend felt as she would not be denied a last minute excursion into Georgetown Cupcake in NYC. I had no choice but it was a great call!

( Yeah, I know, I’m a dude doing cupcake reviews. Sue me. These things are orgasmic! )

Last minute is describing it properly as they were closing in five minutes and we still were able to sneak in with the door being locked behind us. This place is quite large as far as cupcake shops go. Most I have been to are usually small storefronts. They even have some seating in this place. It is super bright and looks brand new. Lots of pink and black decor with some colorful art on the walls. Long counter with hundreds of boxes on the shelves, cooking tools, and even a pink bedazzled cake mixer. So “chick flick” it screams “Sex and the City”.  I can picture that scene with Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal happening over cupcakes here rather than at Katz’s Deli in “When Harry Met Sally”. I’ll have what she’s having!        


Walking up to the counter I was taken aback by the huge selection of cupcakes that were still available in the display cases. You want sweet and savory? You want chocolatey goodness? You want fluffy and moist? You want a plethora of flavors? Everything looks wonderfully mouth watering and drool inducing. Too much to choose from!

l (1)The staff here were really nice and did not give us any attitude for coming in so late and taking a table to enjoy our cupcakes. Enjoy we did. I went with the Salted Caramel cupcake and Mo went with the special edition Bernie Williams cupcake. We tried both and I thought they were delicious! I definitely preferred the salted caramel as the frosting was amazing! Just the right amount of sweetness, with some caramel oozing into the center of the cake, and just the right size. The Bernie Williams cupcake was also very good. It had chocolate cake filled with chunks of pretzel pieces in it. The frostings are just terrific and are the highlight here. For the time of night it was, and about to close I was surprised at how fresh and moist they still were, and there was still a lot to choose from. This is now definitely one of my favorite cupcake spots and rivals, even surpasses, some of the others that I have tried.

They have a daily cupcake schedule for each day of the week with some rotating flavors, along with hot and cold coffee drinks and teas. Get there early in the morning and ask for the secret cupcake of the day that’s not on the menu. We were told they go fast and were out of luck by the time we showed up. Damn!

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44 thoughts on “Georgetown Cupcake NYC – just simply amazing!”

  1. Great Post Phil. I’m not a huge cupcake person but I very much love Georgetown Cupcake, its parent located in Georgetown/DC – frequently with mile long lines to get in. Your cupcake choice sounded really, really good, inspiring enough to get me back to enjoy one of those tasty delectable’ s sometime soon, even despite the waiting line.
    Peggy Gilbey McMackin recently posted…Indian Inspired Chicken, Cauliflower, and Chick PeasMy Profile

  2. Woot! Like any writer worth her salted caramel, I had to get myself “on scene” before reading this post, filbio.

    Okay. Filbio. Writes his blogs while nude. Got it.

    Filbio. Nude. Remembering the taste of a cupcake oozing with salted caramel and topped with icing.

    Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?

  3. Looks yummy Phil…

    The Bernie Williams cupcake sounds excellent as for your words…
    “Chocolate & chunks of pretzel pieces in it”.
    I do now understand why you have defined those flavours as orgasmic (I am already feeling a sort of tickling now > Phil don´t start it so early please )

    Hope you have a wonderful saturday, Aquileana !!! 🙂
    Aquileana recently posted…Immanuel Kant: “The Categorical Imperative”.-My Profile

  4. I’m glad this place isn’t close to me. It would be baaaaaad for my diet for sure! I can’t pass up a perfectly frosted cupcake when my sweet tooth strikes. You had me at Salted Caramel, Phil.

  5. I don’t do sugar. PERIOD.
    I’m not a fanatic, I simply crave salt as opposed to sweets.

    This weekend my daughter and her friend (both age ten) made chocolate cup cakes from scratch. (Yesterday actually)
    Today I bribed them for an encore!
    They were un-freaking-believable!

    Point is, I get it! ( I would not have day before yesterday)

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  6. Okay, now I’m manning the computer Phil. (Inion) After your lamb post, I had to take over as you know how I love me some desserts. And yes Phil, salted caramel is my all time favorite. Matter of fact, my favorite treat for myself after hours of gym & starving is a….. Salted Caramel Frappe’. However, anything salted caramel will do as the two flavors are as I believe one of the seven deadly sins, the Bible refers too. Ha!! 😀 so your choice couldn’t have been more sinful, more delicious & more perfect. Now that I’ve had my fill, I have to see if I can find their menu as I’d love to take a look at their varieties. And what’s with the secret flavor??? If it goes that fricking quick, can you imagine how awesome it is!!! Okay, I’m dying here, have to go scrounging in my food pantry & cry when I’m done!! You have the best blog of any!!! 🙂 BTW~ thank you for sharing & letting us live vicariously thru you our friend!! <3
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  7. I’ve heard great things about Georgetown Cupcakes from co-workers who have visited D.C. and I’ve always wanted to try them. Thanks for the food porn, Phil! Now the most important question: do they deliver to California???
    Jessica recently posted…Is Love Enough?My Profile

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