Frito Pie! Come get Double Wide with me in NYC! Yee – Haw!

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YEE-HAW!!! Sweet Tea Bourbon Lemonade served up in mason jars. 

If you are looking for a Texas themed bar you can’t go wrong with this unpretentious watering hole down in the East Village called by the name Double Wide. Two rooms, one a lounge area, and one a bar area. Some flat screens with the game on. Cool, friendly, and sassy bartender chick who laughs at your stupid attempts at humor and mixes up a mean drink.   

Seriously, she seemed to fill up half the mason jars with bourbon – wow! At only $8 each of these are intoxicatingly affordable. Being that we were here during Yelp Drinks Week it was an outright ridiculous bargain at half off! I got a bit rocked off these! I do have to say I love drinking out of a mason jar. Makes me feel all country-like. Add in my bourbon love and I was about to get up on the bar and do a two step. Ride ’em cowboy!

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Of course they have some good eats here too. Some of the finer cuisine we sampled on this night consisted of – 

Short Rib Frito Pie!!! Served up in an iron skillet with slow-cooked chili, topped with aged cheddar and jalapenos. OMG! 

Super crispy chicken wings they way I like them.

Texas Queso & Chips. Creamy crispy cheesy goodness.

French fries with garlic aioli.

Again – YEE HAW!!!

All delicious. I think I ate my week’s full of calories right here, even though we shared these plates among a few of us. I am totally scared to even know what my cholesterol count is now. Better get back on the treadmill! Yes, I’ll have another Frito Pie. Don’t judge me!  


Happy Hour every day until 8pm. Wednesday Night Trivia @ 7:30pm weekly and play for free drinks and prizes. They even have a dart league starting up on Monday and Tuesdays. There is even a back patio. Just a chill spot for anyone – beer snobs, foodies, cocktail lovers, and the locals alike.

Photo credit - Double Wide
Photo credit – Double Wide

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38 thoughts on “Frito Pie! Come get Double Wide with me in NYC! Yee – Haw!”

  1. Maybe it’s because I just finished dinner but I could not get past that frito-pie. Ewww! Okay, I actually did perk up at the mason jars-o-bourbon, but really. Frito pie? How could that even be a thing?

  2. Short Rib Frito Pie!! What the ?&#! Are you sure? Do you mean a pile of sweet and sour ribs and a slice of lemon pie? No?
    Phil, you’re killing me!

  3. YES!!! We have a Double Wide here in Dallas and its actually part of a real double wide trailer. Its awesome and super cheesy with velvet paintings. The patio has old toilets to sit on. Frito Pie is a staple here in Texas! I serve it every year at my Holliween parties. You don’t go to a football game and NOT have a frito pie. That mason jar drink sounds awesome. Love this.

    1. Hey Holli!

      That sounds awesome! We have another spot here called Trailer Park Cafe that has half an RV in it and Elvis velour paintings. So cheesy!

  4. Sounds like such a fun and casual spot. If there’s one thing I love it’s being out on the town and being able to dress comfortably and eat good old comfort food. The drinks in the Mason jars are totally a bonus!

  5. Happy hour until 8 p.m. every day? I’d be all over that. And drinks in Mason jars are always a hit with me. No need to hide your redneck side with you’re drinking bourbon from a Mason jar. Good times and Boy Howdy!!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  6. We have a lot of Frito pie and mason jars here 🙂 I serve my iced tea in mason jars most of the summer, they are cheap since I already have the ones without arms for canning garden veggies. This looks like a place that would feel a lot like a hometown restaurant in my state (and I actually love Frito pie, as bad as that sounds…).

  7. Get out!! 8 bucks for that much bourbon in Manhattan??! And I’m totally making Frito pie for dinner tonight because it’s only 10am and I’m craving chili now. You find the coolest spots. I’m going to start making a list, and next time I’m in the city, I’m hitting some of these.

    1. Hey Linda!

      Yup – it’s a jar full of booze! Wish I could have some Frito Pie while here at work right now. It’s 3pm and now I’m hungry again!

  8. I won’t judge you, but this sounds like one joint where you could be leaving on a stretcher! The drinks sound potent and the food… wow. Gotta love places that get it, and this seems to be one of them!

  9. I’m goin for the Short Rib Frito Pie. Looks like its a popular dish in those parts southwest too- and yet- I wasn’t aware of it until your Post- and- a fine Texan comment above. Just so long as the double wide isn’t a term that you get eating too much Frito Pie! Looks good, and, the Mason Jar Drinks too. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I kept seeing Frito Pie mentioned all over the place this May when I was in Sante Fe. Unfortunately, my hubby didn’t want to go double-wide and order one with me 🙁

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