Free Falling Face First into the New Year. Happy 2017!


Here’s wishing everyone a safe, happy, and healthy New Year. 2016 for many was just a total abomination of a year, and as we head into 2017 there is much trepidation and uneasiness of what the future holds in store. Yet, the new year also brings the opportunity for personal growth, renewed fortitude, and better times ahead. It’s times like these that good friends and loving family are much valued, and should be held close.

Life truly is short, and we only have a certain amount of time here on this planet. Stop procrastinating. Make a change. Do something worthwhile. Get healthy. Face your fears. Make a difference. Make amends. Love someone. Reach out. Put petty differences aside. Show you care. See the world. Lend a hand. Do something crazy. Stop worrying. Laugh more. Go for it.

In the immortal words of Ferris Bueller –


At this point I have little clue as to where these next 12 months will take me. It will be a year mixed with family strife, searching for a new career path, world travel (hopefully), and some sort of new fitness goal. I need to keep it interesting while also keeping my eyes on the horizon. To live a life with no goals or aspirations is something I can’t see myself doing. I am sure I will come up with something stupid to put my body through again. I can’t see myself running fourteen 5K races over the year as I did in 2016. That goal was achieved.  Even though I kind of enjoy my runs nowadays I still have a love/hate relationship with running. Yet, no matter my mood when I drag myself out onto the pavement to run those 3-5 miles I end up feeling so much better when done. For me, running out on the streets and along the paths by the water in NYC is so much better than jogging on a boring treadmill at the gym looking at a blank wall, or a TV screen. Guess I will keep running as part of my regimen for now.

Man on a mission in 2017. Focused and determined.

I don’t talk politics much here except to poke fun occasionally at the mostly idiotic politicians representing both parties. January 20 will start a new era here in the “Good Ole U-S-A” and for many this could mean jubilation, and for many it could mean disaster. I won’t say much else, as those who know me well realize where I stand on this matter. As I learned long ago when I was a bartender, and an old sage mentored me while slinging cocktails, he told me to never discuss politics and religion while in the bar. Truer words were never spoken, and this advice rings more true today with social media, at family events, and among friends in social settings.

“Better to remain silent and thought a fool rather than to speak out and remove all doubt.” – Abraham Lincoln/Mark Twain

The major holidays just ended and I am seeing Valentine’s Day stuff all over the place already. Jeez – can we get a break before being bombarded to spend even more cash on cards and gifts? I swear, we will start seeing July 4th merchandise right after that, and then Christmas commercials by Labor Day. Give us a break! No wonder retail sales are down. Perhaps the public is fed up and burned out over the constant retailer shenanigans.


I have already seen the influx of New Years Resolutionists crowding into my local gym. I am totally in support for anyone looking to get fit and healthy, but so many attempt it blindly, and refuse to have a trainer help them. I know it’s costly, but worth a few sessions to learn the basics rather than bumbling through and then quitting a few months later. It’s worth the investment in the long run. It drives me nuts seeing guys doing stupid workouts where they try to lift way too heavy, or do 20 sets of the same cable exercise in one workout, and all usually with incorrect form. Personally, I laugh at the whole resolution thing. Most are broken within the first month anyway. Just make some reasonably attainable goals to start with then take it from there. Baby steps people, baby steps, as slow and steady wins the race.

Is it just me or are people becoming more rude? I noticed this even more so last year and hope that in 2017 people will be a bit more courteous and respectful. I’ll admit to having my moments of road-rage, but in a city of over 8 million sometimes people tend to get on my freaking nerves with their antics. Take a deep breath Phil…….relax.

Well, here’s to a new year full of promise, hope, expectations, good health, and adventure. At this point we can just keep moving forward and try to make our lives, and those lives around us, a bit better. As for me I’ll remain the same optimistic, yet snarky, dude that I have always been. Cheers!



28 thoughts on “Free Falling Face First into the New Year. Happy 2017!”

  1. “Stop procrastinating. Make a change. Do something worthwhile. Get healthy. Face your fears. Make a difference. Make amends. Love someone. Reach out. Put petty differences aside. Show you care. See the world. Lend a hand. Do something crazy. Stop worrying. Laugh more. Go for it.” My plans exactly. Live and let live and enjoy the moments.

    For this, “As for me I’ll remain the same optimistic, yet snarky, dude that I have always been,” I remain grateful. I like you just the way you are. And I shall remain the same optimistic, yet snarky dudette I have always been. It’s been working so why change it.

    I intend to do something out of my comfort zone and crazy fun. I’ll know it when I see it.

    Here’s to a great 2017, whatever it may bring!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. Cheers to everything wonderful in 2017 Phil! I look forward to reading about your adventures in the new year.

    My attitude for this new year is “Prepare to be slayed 2017.”

  3. The unknown can be both scary and exciting. Good luck on your career venture. Where do you want to go on your worldly trip? I’m planning to make it to Paris next year in 2018.
    I’m shocked you even drive in NYC! After visiting there, i would only take subways and Uber if i could. The drivers were crazy!
    Happy New Year

    1. Hey Holli!

      So much I have to make decisions on, and I’m so undecided at the same time. Not sure yet about anything. The year has just started though, and I am sure I’ll figure it out. Would love to see Paris too.

      Yes, driving here in NYC is not for the timid. I haven’t owned a car in 20 years and so happy about it. Mass transit is the best!

  4. Excellent post Phil, so life embracing and filled with so many good points that I won’t ruin capturing the essence through redundancy. Still, well said, so many ways to fill, contribute, and fully live our lives. All the best in achieving your goals, hopes, and dreams in 2017!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      So glad you enjoyed it! We all need to set goals and go for them in 2017! Just no resolutions! We break those pretty quickly anyway.

  5. I, too, feel people are being more rude, especially online. Folks who I know are kind and polite in person have begun to spew anger and hate on social media. The news about the elections all last year, and strong personal opinions about the outcome and everything involved have created negative alter egos. I often found myself thinking, “you would never speak to me this way in person.” I know they wouldn’t. Their online personas are a cover for saying all the things they want to say that they would NEVER say in person. In person, we have manners, and think about how words would hurt the person you’re speaking to, and to hold judgement so you don’t look like an idiot. Online, it’s the complete opposite for some people – they’re horribly rude. It makes you think… which persona is the real one?

    1. Hey Tanya!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I agree, as the election, politics, and people’s attitudes in the country have resulted in a land of rudeness, hateful words, and bigoted actions. We can only hope things get better and people realize they can’t act like this.

    1. Hey Susie!

      Happy belated New Year! Sorry for the delayed reply. I’m back and better than ever now with a newly designed blog! Stay strong and enjoy the new year!

  6. ‘Loving the resolutions and wise words- Happy New Year Phil, even though we’re a quarter through the year already lol! ‘Better late than never ay!

    ‘Hope you make it to Europe. And definitely go to Poland. And of course, if you’re in Poland, you’re only a hop and a skip away from Berlin.

    Darn it! Do the lot. We’re a small continent lol! You’ll love it!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      Happy belated New Year to you too! Well, we did Puerto Rico so far. Hopefully Europe next. I’m in between jobs now and have time to travel, as long as it’s not too costly.

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