Free Beer in the NYC area! Just in time for the weekend!

482338_10200645005145443_2132544091_nLook at this – just in time for the weekend. FREE BEER!
Hey, us beer lovers all enjoy a free brew. Tasty, cold, and refreshing. I was reached out to by BevBucks and asked to spread the word. Of course, as a beer lover I have no problem letting my NYC area readers know about this free beer offer!
BevBucks is a group sampling site site that creates interesting and fun offers where beer, wine or spirits are components. Basically,  BevBucks does marketing for brands and helps bars and restaurants by driving traffic to those brands. It’s a unique type of “bar spending” where BevBucks pays for each branded drink. So yes, the beer is completely free for anyone who gets a voucher…. it is seen as paid for or gifted by BevBucks. This offer is for Singha Beer
Now, it is primarily located in NYC, so I apologize for those reading this out of the area who can’t get a free beer. Guess I’ll have a few in honor of you all! When someone heads to the website they can choose an offer. For this one (Free Singha beer), all one has to do is sign up (if they haven’t signed up with BevBucks already) and click “get a voucher”. Then they can either print the voucher or pull it up on their smart phone when they get to the participating bar/restaurant. 
Free Singha is available at these locations -Metropolitan Room, Stand Up NY, Off the Wagon, Down the Hatch, The Gin Mill, The Stumble Inn, Jake’s Dilemma, Caliente Cab Co, Tracks Bar & Grill, and The Grand Victory.
So, if you are in the area and hankering for a free beer hit up this link and sign up for a freebie!
Free Beer!


20 thoughts on “Free Beer in the NYC area! Just in time for the weekend!”

    1. Hello UP!

      We have more than enough weiners here. At least they give us free ones in Rudy’s bar. No need to look at twitter pics from a certain weiner!

  1. “Free” is a four-letter word that makes you smile.

    I know one of the investors. My husband and I went to an event with him in Stamford last year.

  2. Thanks Phil, and hi all,

    We’re speaking with some major brands about working with larger chain restaurants so stay tuned! In the interim, please sign up with your zip code, and when we get to your area we’ll alert you. Thanks! Dan

    1. Hello Dan!

      All signed up here. Not as many chains restos here in NYC, so please also keep the smaller bars and pubs included in these great promotions!

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