Fire, Frozen Zombies, and Tiki Love at Zombie Hut NYC!

Photo credit - Zombie Hut
Photo credit – Zombie Hut

If and when the Zombie apocalypse happens I will be ready and waiting at the Zombie Hut on Smith Street in Brooklyn  NYC. Just have the bartender light up the bar on fire and let the fun begin!

How can you not love a tiki hut bar centered right in Brooklyn? Cheap ass beer list with some quality offerings in the $4-$6 range. Super potent Frozen Zombie drinks loaded up with a lethal straw full of 151 booze. Flaming scorpion bowls for group imbibing. Kitschy Gilligan’s Island meets Brady Bunch tiki interior. Board games like Jenga and Sorry on hand to play. Friendly and fast bartenders. A flat screen and large projection screen showing the days games. Fireplace in the back room. Goofy island style decor with colorful hanging lamps, paintings, bamboo, and tiki masks. Terrific music selection was playing the nights I have been here, from 80’s rap and hip hop to classic rock and 90’s grunge.

Flaming Zombie Bowl!
Flaming Zombie Bowl!

Not much seating on the inside because the main draw to this place is the incredible backyard patio area with all kinds of benches and tables to sit at. Lit up with sparkling lights and some cool looking little surfboard shaped tables spread throughout this is a destination yard to party at for sure! With Spring and warmer temps finally here this is an awesome yard to party in.

Totally fun place with a chill vibe and unpretentious crowd. So worth it to take the trek out from the other parts of the city. Smith Street has a terrific selection of eclectic bars to choose from located in the Carroll Gardens section. I will certainly be back here to get my drink on this summer when I can bar hop all up and down the street, while stumbling home onto a subway in the wee hours of the night.

Photo credit - Zombie Hut
Photo credit – Zombie Hut

It usually seems as if I end up here at the end of a diet or training regimen each Spring. After cutting out booze for a while I happily down a lot of high-octane drinks at the Zombie. One of my favs is the Frozen Zombie. Oh yeah, those frozen zombies with straws loaded up with lethal 151 will surprise you every time. Along with many Jameson’s shots, and of course the flaming scorpion bowl, makes for an eventful if woozy evening. Cheap beer here too and a good quality selection I must say. Great times!

Potent drinks along with great rock tunes in a funky fun atmosphere and a terrific backyard makes the Zombie Hut one of my favorite bars in Brooklyn

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43 thoughts on “Fire, Frozen Zombies, and Tiki Love at Zombie Hut NYC!”

  1. So the Frozen Zombie will be then;Phil…
    What I liked the most was the fact that the Zombie Hut was placed outdoors, full of plants and literally “green” (well that´s might be the skin color of Zombies, right?)…

    Best wishes, Aquileana 🙂

  2. Why is it that we don’t have cool places like this in Ottawa? Sheesh, we’re missing out.
    Okay, maybe we do the Zombie walk every Halloween, but zombies can come out and play anytime, right?

    Another cool place to add to my must-see list.

  3. OMG~Would’ve had this comment up sooner but I had to show my brother this post!! He is a huge Zombie fan & loves anything and everything with the word in it!!! So, now that I’ve got that off my chest, this looks entirely too cool Phil & when me and Mathair visit New York, you’re going to have to treat us to a night of zombie drinking!!! Fantastic post sharing now! 😉
    Inion N. Mathair recently posted…A Year & ReviewMy Profile

  4. I think those wicker walls should be a little higher and lot stronger…wait – are we trying to keep the zombies out or in?!

    Ha. Looks like a fun place. I might not love zombies, but a frozen one might be kinda tasty. ;0)
    Hazy Shades of Me recently posted…Lucky LadyMy Profile

  5. Phil,
    Having grown up on Long Island and then moving to Brooklyn (Bay Ridge area) and working in midtown, I have been to a lot of cool places. Never been to the Zombie Hut though. This sounds like it would be a BLAST! Sadly though, I am a displaced New Yorker living outside of D.C. 🙁 But I do make my pilgrimage to NYC a few times a year. So I will have to definitely check out the Zombie Hut!
    Go Mets and Yanks! woo-hoo!
    Irving recently posted…RUSHFIT Work Out!My Profile

  6. We have one of these! Love the island-themed places. Well, I love anywhere that really goes all-out with a theme. the drinks look very fun and tasty… but it seems like they get too sweet and hangover is non-negotiable. Good point about the cheap beer.

    Ok, now do a follow-up post in hula costume! Cool place you found, Phil!
    Jean recently posted…The Night of the Ginger AbductionMy Profile

  7. So you didn’t learn from your bad date (the one whose hair caught on fire) to stay away from flaming drinks? Some people learn the hard way.

    This place looks and sounds so super cool. I visited a place called Enchanted Sam’s Tiki Bar while I was at Disneyland. Same kind of atmosphere with Gilligan’s Island flare and flaming party bowl drinks. They actually have thunder storms and crazy hurricane effects they set off once in awhile, too. Crazy good fun.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted…The Race Car Driver WithinMy Profile

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