Feeding your inner Argentinian carnivore at Libertador NYC!

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I woke up this morning after a food coma last night feeling as if I ate a whole cow. I think I was moo-ing in my sleep.

Walked by this place hundreds of times as I live a few blocks away. Too bad the weather is still a snowy slushy mess. If it was a nice night out it is a perfect spot to sit outside and enjoy a meal under the stars to dine alfresco. Wishful thinking as I am sitting here typing this while seeing more snowflakes fall outside my window. For now, we will have to settle for eating in the warm dry confines of a terrific local spot on the UES / Yorkville hood that we reside in.

Libertador NYC serves up Argentinian fare in a relaxed semi-chic setting. A mix of rustic and upscale at the same time. I like the outdoor seating in the front during spring and summer with the worn wooden tables and chairs. The inside features more modern seating, with a nice bar, and the option to sit right at the cooking station and observe all the action.

I have to say, their empanadas here are terrific! Soft pillowy goodness that melts in your mouth. I want to go back here just for more of these! We ordered the Humita (corn) and the Fugazza (onion and mozzerella cheese ). Both were served hot and had me wishing we ordered more.  There are 6-8 kinds here and you can order them in amounts of 2, 6, or 12. I’m going for the dozen next time! All by myself! Don’t judge me!

Photo credit - Libertador
Photo credit – Libertador

We were in a meat eating mood and went for the “Cortada Para Dos” – steak marinated for 24 hours in olive oil, brandy, fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, sea salt and freshly ground black pepper served with mixed green salad, and a choice of mashed potatoes or french fries provenzal. This comes served on a hot steaming grill that you work the meat over to your liking. We ordered it medium rare so it would not be over cooked, and it was seasoned perfectly. Lots of flavor, and LOTS of tender meat. Holy COW for sure. Needless to say I ate most of it, as there is a lot of meat here for two people, especially with a girl that does not eat as much as I do. More meaty goodness for me! Yeah, I have no shame.

l (3)Of course we went with the french fries. These were awesome. Cooked to a crispy crunch and seasoned with salt and garlic/onion powder. The small bowl of salad was served with a light balsamic dressing. My breath could have killed someone or knocked out small land roving animals after eating this meal. I ate so much that all I wanted to do was waddle home and sit my meat laden ass on the couch.

Also, I had an Argentinian brew called Quilmes which kind of reminded me of drinking a cold Harp or Sol beer. She had a big goblet of a drink that was kind of like a white wine sangria filled with fruit and mint leaves. It was sweet and refreshing at the same time. Good stuff! They also have a happy hour from 5-10 PM at the bar. Lots of drink and sangria choices.

l (1)Overall, a wonderful and extremely filling meal. You will drop some coin here, but it is worth it. We had a really nice and attentive waitress and the busboys/servers here were also very good. Never felt rushed and water glasses were constantly filled. The place was packed on a weekday night too. Seems crowded on many nights. Saw some mixed reviews on delivery here, but this is the type of food that must be eaten on site, as delivery will just not do it justice.

We enjoyed everything from the empanadas, to the drinks, to the steak. Even though the carnivore in me wants more meat we must go back for more empanadas next time!



Photo credit - Libertador
Photo credit – Libertador

Libertador – http://libertadornyc.com/yorkville


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30 thoughts on “Feeding your inner Argentinian carnivore at Libertador NYC!”

  1. I’ve never had Argentinian fare before., but then again I’m not much of a meat eater. Looks like interesting food!

    My boss is headed out to NYC next month-I’ll have to direct her to your blog for restaurant recommendations!

  2. Argentinian proud gal her…

    Yes Phil empanadas are the best I eat the ones done with cheese & ham…

    But I will let you down with what I will say: I don´t eat red meat … 🙂
    True, well argentinian though and till the very end..

    It was beautiful to read this post. I hope you once come to this gorgeous country. If you are ever in BA we´ll meet xx !.
    Aquileana recently posted…Aristotle´s Nichomachean Ethics: “Three Types of Friendship” (Based on Utility, Pleasure and Goodness).-My Profile

  3. There’s nothing better than a good huge bit of steak well cooked and seasoned perfectly. I can just imagine how you waddled home. You better keep up the gym work mate, otherwise you will truly suffer when summer hits, ha ha ha ha.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted…Great ExpectationsMy Profile

  4. Looks great Phil and I understand how the dishes are also enjoyed so well outside on the rustic style tables and chairs! The empanadas look terrific! It seems while you were eating this lovely meal, I was hosting a dinner party with the main course, steak- rib eye- that is, with classic Bernaise sauce, lightly dressed arugula, and a poached egg- on the side- a mound of crispy fries, and then, there were the dishes. Place looks great! Thanks for sharing.
    Peggy Gilbey McMackin recently posted…Individual Chicken, Fennel, and Mushroom Pot Pies, Puff PastryMy Profile

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