The Fat Man strikes again at Veniero’s in NYC!

Photo credit - Veniero's
Photo credit – Veniero’s

The Fat Man strikes again!

After dinner not too long ago on the LES we decided to take a leisurely stroll around the neighborhood. My girl’s family actually grew up in this hood so we like to wander around and check out their old haunts. All of a sudden The Fat Man taps on my shoulder and points me in the direction of Veniero’s. Yes, I can’t resist so we decide to head on in.

Just had to wait on line for a few minutes for a table. When is there never a line here? At least you get to view the gigantic pastry counter with all its wonderful sugary offerings. All types of pastries, cookies, and gelato flavors. We were seated pretty quickly and handed the menus. There is so much stuff packed onto it that the actual letter size is super small to fit it all on the pages! Went with a regular coffee and trio of miniature pastries each. Hey, I’m trying to watch my figure as summer is just around the corner! I’m not fat – I’m just a bit oversized!

Photo credit - Veniero's
Photo credit – Veniero’s

Mini cannolis, eclairs, napoleons, baba rum – all wonderful and tasty. OMG – the cream they use is amazing! Soft, rich, and light at the same time. The cannoli is the standard bearer and is perfectly made. A must when coming here. Also, the trio only costs $4.50 so it won’t make a big dent in your wallet, and offers a tasting of a few different things here. I did see many trays of normal sized desserts going by and they don’t skimp here – the slices of cakes, gelatos, and others treats were huge! The Fat Man approves!

My only knock on the place is that the seating is kind of cramped and you can basically lean over and start eating your neighbor’s desserts. ( I did actually start to do this in a moment of sugar insanity but a well placed fork stabbed into my hand halted that and jolted me out of my trance! ) The waitress service is kind of spotty. I could have used a refill on the coffee but no biggie. It was a perfect little dessert stop after a nice dinner, and I did not feel like a big fattie! Definitely a must visit if in the area. They have been around for over 100 years so this is a testament to their quality and loyal following.

Fat Man, sometimes I hate you. I’ll give you a pass tonight as this was a good call.

Photo credit - Veniero's
Photo credit – Veniero’s

A few final points –

My fat ass had to be pushed out the door or I would have bought a ton of stuff to take home for breakfast time! 

Had a view of a large picture of the former owner with Frank Sinatra hanging on the wall. Very cool when ol’ blue eyes is in the room.

Photo credit – Veniero’s


Veniero’s Pastry Shop –

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38 thoughts on “The Fat Man strikes again at Veniero’s in NYC!”

  1. The Fat Man is a cruel, evil soul. I’d say more, but I have to look up airfares to NY and figure out subway stops for East Village. I wonder if just looking at Veniero’s website is adding hip-inches?

  2. Veniero’s Pastry Shop is a health retreat place for the skinny folk who need to put on a few pounds. And the day they can’t fit into the cramped premises, is when they know they need to get back out running again, ha ha ha. All those skinny bodies running past me, makes me feel quite ill. Why can’t they just eat like me and you?

    Those cakes look a really delicious. It’s another lick the screen moment.
    Rum Punch Drunk recently posted…Time-OutMy Profile

  3. Well now, those 2 cookies I had for my lunch dessert seem boring. But, I didn’t have to wait in line for them either. Pros and cons.

    All looks yummy and sometimes we have to just have to pay homage to “the fat man.”

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted…Would You Keep Reading?My Profile

  4. I LOVE little places like that. The ones that feel like they’ve been in the family for years.
    Oh man, those cannolis. You were right to go in! I love them and they are also my Italian dude’s weakness. I hope the Fat Man go back into his dark place so are you able to enjoy getting into great shape… he can resurface sometime in May 😉

    Great one, Phil!
    Jean recently posted…The Night of the Ginger AbductionMy Profile

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