Fat-astical NYC Frites Frenzy! In Mah Belly!

Magical fries and dipping sauces at Pommes Frites.

I really hate myself at times like this. Why do I put myself in a position to be sitting in front of a mountain of hot greasy potato goodness after doing countless reps in the gym and laps on the treadmill? Why am I force feeding my face in a frenzy of delicious sauce covered fries with no end in sight? Why are my arteries screaming bloody murder? “No mas! No mas!” they scream, but I am deaf to their cries. All I want to do is sit here in carbohydrate bliss and eat my Pommes Frites!

HELLZ YEAH! Delicious hot Belgian frites and a gazillion tasty sauces to dip into! Calories be damned! This is FAT-ASTICAL!!!

Photo credit - Pommes Frites
So much goodness here. Photo credit – Pommes Frites

Whether they are authentic Belgian fries or not it doesn’t matter to me. All I know is that after trying a few free samples that the cool dudes behind the counter were happy to oblige me with I was hooked. I needed to have some, nay, it was imperative that I have these at this utmost moment. Yes, I also had been out for a few drinks, but that is neither here nor there. At this point in time I needed those potatoes in me.




The place itself is small and a bit grimy looking in that classic old worn NYC way with only a few tables in the back and a small counter space against the wall. I perched myself in a private little spot on the counter and ripped open my bag of delight while hovering over it as if to protect and attack anyone trying to get near it. It was like I was Gollum greedily snatching up his “precious”. Now, get this – I just ordered a regular size and it could still feed a baby elephant. Thick and hot frites freshly made. Along with two sauces I added to it – sweet mango chutney mayo and smoked eggplant mayo – Β I knew I was instantly in frite lust and now will have to avoid this part of 2nd Avenue for the rest of eternity. Delicious deep fried potatoes dipped into those sauces were heavenly, if not orgasmic. Especially after a night of booze filled fun.

Photo credit - Pommes Frites
A small spot that offers big fries! Photo credit – Pommes Frites

I felt so dirty and ashamed after eating all of this. For less than ten dollars I will never be able to look at a potato the same way ever again. It will take years of therapy to wash the stench of frites from my soul, and purge the taste of those sauces from my being.

Oh well, as I quote Billy Joel – Β “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints. The sinners are much more fun.” Seems like me and thousands of other sinners who have eaten here are laughing too!

Photo credit - Pommes Frites
A NYC fries icon. Photo credit – Pommes Frites





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42 thoughts on “Fat-astical NYC Frites Frenzy! In Mah Belly!”

  1. They look seriously good. Think it is time to remember that any food eaten outside of the home is of course totally calorie free! And, whatever you do, please don’t tell me otherwise.

    Kate x

  2. You might feel guilty but I’m sure they tasted really good. Maybe for your next post Phil you should cover a salad joint? Eases up on the calories and you won’t feel so bad.

    Either way, yum, yum, yum.

  3. OMG, Phil. IMHO, potatoes should have their own spot on the food pyramid.

    The bottom one. Mashed, fried, roasted, baked. Four categories.

    Here is my take on your overindulgence. You had your five servings of veggies for the day wrapped and propped up on that diner’s counter. Lick your fingers. Give yourself a high five.

    BONUS! You also had eggplant, mango (fruit) and dairy. I won’t mention the salt I see on those frites. Your Mayor might put the joint on his search and destroy list.

    Put this spot on the list of places you and your significant other will take me to visit on my much-anticipated not-so-Regular NYC Guy tour of your city.

    Oh! Just had a thought. [Stop! There’s no need to applaud. It happens.] When (not if) RWA Nationals next comes to NY, I think we should add you to the list of after hour options for seeing the city. Let me know how much you’ll want to charge for The Culinary Tour. My agent’s fee? Free food.

    1. Hey Gloria!

      Maybe potatoes should have their own pyramid by themselves!

      I do like the way you think. Logical and perfect sense! Even Mayoro Bloombito might approve.

      Free food? I think I am being seduced. You evil minx you! πŸ˜‰

  4. Phil – you have this ability to make me hungry without the smell. That place looks amazing – I love fries… the best fries I have ever tasted were in France and I don;t know if it was the fries, the potatoes, or just being in France and having steak juice all over them, but they were awesome. This makes me wanna move to NYC, almost. Nothin’ personal.

    1. Hey Clay!

      Just thinking about those fries with the steak juice on them is making me drool! Now you are making me want to move to France, almost! πŸ™‚

  5. I order french fries 9 out of 10 times I go out. They are vegetables…technically. These look delicious! And smoked eggplant mayo?? Oh.My.Gawd, I’d probably guzzle a gallon. I don’t know why, but I seriously love mayo of all flavors.

    I’m gross.

  6. To be honest Phil, I wish I hadn’t seen this! I’m already fighting to get through the day with a rather large hangover and have, so far, been ignoring the urge to eat my body-weight in carbs.
    This has broken me… they look AMAZING!
    Hope you feel guilty πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Sara!

      Oh, these are the best hangover food! Order them up with some cheese and gravy too. Then go out drinking again! It will soak up the booze! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Coleen!

      I hope he enjoys it! This place knows how to rock the fries!

      My arteries are not too happy with me, along with my liver. Good thing this Warrior Dash has made me eat better the last two months! πŸ™‚

  7. Thank God I don’t live anywhere near this place or it would be a stop I’d have to make at least once or twice a month, if not once a week, because I love my fries and these look awesome!

  8. Like Gloria, I’m a lover of the ‘tater, but I find myself contemplating one question much too seriously right now. WTH constitutes a Belgian fry? Feeling deprived here in FL, right now…

    1. Hey Kitt!

      I don’t know but Belgian Frites sure do taste yummy! Throw in some of those dipping sauces, or cheese and gravy and it’s soooooo good! πŸ™‚

  9. Now you’re speakin’ my language! I probably should use Five Guys and Pommes Frites in the same sentence but that’s all I have to compare FAT-ASTICAL to. Yum. In a perfect world, I’d live off of ice cream, fries, coffee, salmon and Blue Moon. Throw a few oranges in for the beer.

  10. They look yummy, and the cone-shaped containers are cool. They remind me of a French-fry stand back home. BTW, if they serve fries with gravy and curds, I’m there… on the next jet plane, I mean.

  11. I have a serious addiction to fries πŸ™‚ I love mayo with fries, but my husband is anti-mayo. He won’t eat mayo on anything, which is the opposite of me, I slather on a ton on burgers etc.

    1. Hey Ann!

      I am also a bad fry addict and I need to stay away from them. Late at night it’s all about the diner and dipping gravy! πŸ™‚

  12. Pommes Frites is SO on my list of places to visit in the city. French fries are my weakness. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about food in the city, the places with the grease and grime on the wall usually do have the best food!

    1. Hey Jessica!

      The hole in the wall spots have the best foods! We have some awesome food carts here too. Fries are so good that it’s so not right! πŸ™‚

  13. Woohoo.. carbs are the BEST!! Yeah, not so good for you, but hella good to eat. πŸ˜‰ Those look so delish.. and you definitely need the yummy sauce to top them off!

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