Enduring the Meat Sweats at Fogo de Chao in NYC!


I went home with the meat sweats. I sat on my couch in the sweet pain of a food coma after this meal of gastronomic proportions. I woke up with the meat sweats. My bed smells like a pastrami sandwich. My belly looks like I have a food baby. I can barely drink a glass of water right now. Can’t breathe. It is the risk one takes when feasting at a rodizio style Brazilian Steakhouse such as Fogo de Chao in NYC.

I never knew I could fit that much meat in my mouth! Wait, what?

Just so happened that I was one of the lucky ones who received an invitation to this special Yelp Elite dining event. It’s not too often that a real sit down dinner is scheduled and I certainly wanted to be a part of this one. Honestly, I think they should have handed everyone a pair of Yelp sweat pants at the door when entering. This was one of the most epic, and filling, Yelp Elite meal events EVERRRR!!!! Seriously, if you nitpicked on anything here and gave less than a 5 star rating something is really wrong. In a private party room packed full with about 100 Yelpers in it receiving what was like a whole zoo full of animals to eat the servers did an outstanding job trying to take care of us all. At our table we had great service with water glasses constantly refilled, wine flowing freely, and meat being carved onto our plates non-stop. Just ridiculous. I almost felt guilty. Almost.

l (3)

After the first hour of being stuffed with gluttonous abandon the meats kept on coming and coming and coming. I felt like were were trapped in a devious experiment to see who would explode first. Like Mr Creosote in a Monty Python flick. It was like we were trapped in a Saw movie and had to eat all the meat with a key hidden inside to unlock your death contraption that could only be obtained when your stomach exploded through your skin.

Do You Want To Play A Game?

What can I say about the food? It was delicious! From the salad bar to start that had more than enough choices, including a big ass bowl o’ bacon, various charcuterie style meats such as salami and prosciutto along with multiple cheeses, to the warm mini popovers placed on our tables, to the sides such as fried plantains and potatoes, the wonderful wines being served, and the abundance of rodizio style meats. This was EPIC! As a Brazilian Steakhouse they offer 17 different kinds of meats and I think I devoured all of them. Over and over. Bacon wrapped, garlic enhanced, New York strip, marinated, etc, you name it and it ended up in my mouth! Were some better than others? Sure, but this was a great way to try many different types of meats. Dat one with the fat on top off it tho. OMG.

l (2)

Love the look and feel of this spot. It’s like a super large underground wine cellar decor. The private room we had was classy along with the quality silverware, glassware, and cloth napkins. Very clean and even the bathrooms were well maintained. Bonus points!

Have to give a big thumbs up to the management and staff at Fogo de Chao as they did an exemplary job hosting this event. The servers worked their butts off to make sure we had an enjoyable dining experience. Again, our Yelp community manager made sure we had another unforgettable event. I feel sad for those that missed out on this one. They will never realize the gluttony we experienced. Even though I can’t fit into my pants now.

l (1)

Also, to those who left early and whined about missing dessert let that be a lesson learned. Never, EVER, leave a Yelp dining event early such as this. Relax, take your time, digest a bit, chat with others, and see what other goodies might show up. Around 8:30 two plates of dessert samplers were placed in front of us. The desserts were terrific! Could not stop eating them. Mmmm….key lime pie. We were one of the last tables to leave around 9pm. I really needed the jaws of life to help me out of my chair. Sucks for those that missed out! Would you leave a concert before the encore? Rookie mistake!

Oh, just a few more food porn pics of the evening’s meatastic festivities –

l (8)

l (9)


l (6)

l (10)

l (7)

l (1)

l (4)

If you are a true carnivore and enjoy consuming massive amounts of meats then a trip to Fogo de Chao in NYC should be on your agenda. Tasty food, great service, and a lively chic atmosphere make a meal here very worthwhile. Meat sweats included!

l (5)


Fogo de Chao – http://www.fogodechao.com/home/



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22 thoughts on “Enduring the Meat Sweats at Fogo de Chao in NYC!”

  1. Hey Phil, Fago de Chao looks excellent and a fun place to dine. I’m certain I could not consume at such extremes but nevertheless, would be most pleased to enjoy the selection of choices the restaurant has too offer. Nice event!

  2. Did I mention that Fogo de Chao is my hubby’s favorite place to eat? We went there for our first anniversary with my sis and brother-in-law while we were in Chicago and had an absolutely amazing time. I’m not a meat sweats kind of girl and I absolutely adored the food, cocktails, and dessert.

    1. Hey Kitt!

      So cool that you and your guy have eaten at one. Yeah, they are a bit of a chain but one of the better ones. I need to take a breather before I go there again. That was exhausting!

  3. I’ve attended a similar establishment in Manchester (England). Definitely, a memorable experience although, as you imply, you later suffer with protein overload!

    1. Hey Mo!

      I ate enough for both of us, and Brent included! It was one of those magical Yelp feasting events that I’m still drooling over. Sorry you weren’t there. I would have had to carry you to the subway!

    1. Hey Karen!

      Then I have done my job! It’s revenge for all the baking porn you put on your website! Can’t stick to a diet because of you! 🙂

    1. Hey Just Want To Eat!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      Wow – not as good as NY? Now that is a testament to the food here. I have to admit the food and surroundings made it a great meal. So stuffed!

  4. My husband ate at one of these places and your description was dead on about how he felt when he got home!

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