Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop NYC – Either You Get It Or You Don’t!


Sometimes I like it dirty.

I mean, lets be real. Every once in a while we all secretly like it a bit nasty and dirty. No, not that you pervs! I’m talking about an old fashioned sandwich shop.

Eisenberg’s is the type of old school sandwich/deli shop that as you walk inside you feel as if everything should be seen in black and white. It’s like entering a time warp back to the 1940’s where you can picture the men wearing fedora hats, the women dressed like in “I Love Lucy” style, and kids drinking soda pop at the counter. Actually, it’s been around since 1929 so it predates even World War 2!

In fact, not much has changed with this place as it still looks like it should be in the 1940’s with all the decades of dirt and grime that came with it. Some who come here would say that the whole place needs a scrub down and complete renovation. Those who say that and get a bit skeeved by a little wear and tear from age just don’t get a place like this, and never will, as that is part of it’s charm. In an age when gentrification threatens to wipe away our history this sandwich shop defies modernization. Thank goodness because to me there is nothing like grabbing a seat at the counter, ordering a sandwich, and an old fashioned egg cream in a beat up old classic NYC sandwich joint. As their saying goes “Either you get it or you don’t”.

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When I ate here for lunch the other day I went totally old school. Tuna melt on toasted rye, onion rings, and chocolate egg cream. The sandwich was made perfectly – just the right amount of mayo in the tuna with melted cheese and thick toasted bread. The tuna here tastes great. The onion rings were large, greasy, and crispy – the way they are supposed to be. The chocolate egg cream was awesome, and made with U-Bet’s chocolate syrup – the way it was always meant to be made, and the only correct way. It’s one of those classic NYC lunches that is served up fast and hot, you eat quickly, and head back to work or wherever you were going. Service is a bit gruff as expected, but actually quite pleasant if that can be said in the same sentence. Also, it’s fun to sit at the crowded counter during lunch hour and watch the service staff run back and forth putting everything together.

It’s not the cheapest lunch – tuna melt at $7.50, onion rings at $3.50, and an egg cream at $2.00 – but still not that bad overall at $14 with tax. It was actually quite delicious and a bit different than the normal lunch I get from the area deli and chain spots. Plus, looking at all the past and present celebrity photos, wannabe celebs, friends and family pics in a mish-mash of frames hanging on the walls is a trip in itself down memory lane. Heck, even Anthony Bourdain featured it on his tv show one time.

Just a classic example of a NYC sandwich shop from a time long ago passed by. Seems to have been around forever. Dirt, grime, and all. Just the way I like it.



Eisenberg’s  Sandwich Shop – http://eisenbergsnyc.com/


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34 Responses to Eisenberg’s Sandwich Shop NYC – Either You Get It Or You Don’t!

  1. Aquileana

    Sounds yummy dear Phil..
    In particular that tuna melt which I´d absolutely love to taste .
    I hope you are have an ace week ahead! Aquileana 🙂
    Aquileana recently posted…Aristotle’s Three Types of Knowledge in The Nichomachean Ethics : “Techné, Episteme and Phronesis”.-My Profile

  2. Are all these places within walking distance from your home and/or work?
    Fearless Leader recently posted…Unsatisfied With Haul of Loot, Bank Robber Goes Back for More!My Profile

  3. ‘Either you get it or you don’t.’
    Love that! Both meanings whether they both apply or not!

    I want to go there and soak in the nostalgia.
    Goodness and Grit recently posted…Affairs to RememberMy Profile

  4. I. am. dying. I am dying over the photo of the tuna melt. And those onion rings! I know what I am having for supper…probably not as fabulous but you inspired me!
    Cowboys and Crossbones recently posted…Weekend Winks – Super Bowl and SequinsMy Profile

  5. Patricia

    Yes, we all need a little nasty and dirty in our lives. I don’t mind a little crusty crust left over from days gone by, but I do hope that the dishes and the kitchen have been scrubbed down at least a little bit before putting my food near them, but hey, sometimes it’s just better if we don’t know.

    Never heard of an egg cream. Is it something sweet?

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt
    Patricia recently posted…All Hail The Rain!My Profile

  6. Tuna melt – yum! I haven’t had one in years. Sounds like a great old-fashioned sandwich shop 🙂
    Christy Birmingham recently posted…Big Five Personality Test: Hey, I’m Like a US President!My Profile

  7. Mitzie Mee

    I love those old-school sandwich shops where you squeeze in, sit down and order a meal with 1 billion, very tasty, calories 🙂
    Mitzie Mee recently posted…Dubai :: Happy Chinese New Year!My Profile

  8. Karen

    I would SO get a place like this. Comfort and comfort food.
    Karen recently posted…Versatile Enchilada PocketsMy Profile

  9. Emily

    Oh my this sounds like my kind of place!
    Emily recently posted…DIY Dog Silhouette Wall ArtMy Profile

  10. Yum. Yum. and Yum. I would definitely eat there.
    Patricia Sands recently posted…Sweet or savoury?My Profile

  11. Jessica

    As long as that grit and grime doesn’t hit my food, I’m okay with it! There aren’t enough charming little eateries around like this anymore.

  12. I’d take that tuna sandwich over a fancy amuse bouche any day. YUM.
    Coleen Patrick recently posted…Let the Light In (or Dance Like a Mystic)My Profile

  13. Tree L.

    Oh, I’m in heaven! Those onion rings look amazing!! I would pay $3.50 for them. YUM!
    Tree L. recently posted…Great Starts with Kellogg’s – Recharge for the Day Ahead #GreatStartsMy Profile

  14. Hey Phil, the place looks great, as does that old fashioned tuna melt on rye, love it!
    I really appreciate old time stops as this, even in their age, and they also represent a bastion of time when immigrants and regular folks just set up small neighborhood businesses, served good simple stuff, worked hard, and made a good living. Thanks for sharing.
    Peggy Gilbey McMackin recently posted…Top Lunar New Year Dishes for the Super BowlMy Profile

  15. Victoria

    Yeah, I know what you mean. Some things just don’t need changing. I remember an old chippy (fish n’ chip) that used to sell chips wrapped in newspaper, the oil used was probably fit to kill us and as for health and safety, cleanliness, service? Well, it didn’t exist in those days but still the best portion of chips I’ve ever had!
    Victoria recently posted…London Calling: How to eat and drink for under £25 a day (including the service charge)!My Profile

  16. Tracy Kaler

    I love a good tuna melt and I love an old NYC joint like this even more! There are so few spots like this left in New York. Totally my kind of place, and I have yet to eat here. Now on the list so thanks for writing it up 🙂

  17. Phil! Am I crazy? I could’ve sworn I already commented on this one. I even remember noting that I loved their tagline: “Either you get it or you don’t” What the…

    Have I lost my mind?!
    Hazy Shades of Me recently posted…Well DoneMy Profile

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