Eating like a Manly Man at J&R’s Steakhouse on Long Island!

One thing I do love about staying over my gal’s parents house for a visit now and then is they usually take us to J&R’s Steakhouse out in Calverton, Long Island. It’s one of pop’s favorite places, and is one of those spots that is made for one thing and one thing only –


Holy meatapocalypse! The amount of food you get here is ridiculous for the price. I guess living in NYC we are so used to overpaying for everything that J&R’s seems to be a terrific bargain. Plus, the food is actually pretty good. Just good old fashioned “stick to your ribs” comfort style food served up in large portions at a reasonable price point. Daily specials on their chalkboard for lunch and dinner are a good deal too and always worthy of a try.

On the day we came here during Christmas week I wanted to attempt the 76 ounce steak challenge, but it was not being offered anymore. What??? Something about not enough people doing it, so it was removed. Why dear God, WHY???

What kind of world are we living in when real Manly Men don’t want to take on the challenge of engorging on a huge slab of meat?!!! Oh, the shame! Do it for valor. Do it for love of God and country! Do it for the glory! Do it for AMURRICA!!!!

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Alas, I had to settle for a 24 ounce marinated t-bone steak. It was one of the specials of the day where it came with shrimp scampi, soup/salad, and two sides. I think total price was a silly amount of around $20! Still, this was a pretty big, and juicy slab of beef for the money. Prepared just right with a nice pinkness in the middle, and a tasty marinade. This was hefty! Adorned with succulent shrimp, baked sweet potato, green beans, and delicious lobster bisque soup. Also, pumpernickel bread and pasta salad with pickles are placed on your table. This is a lot of freaking food!

PROSIT! Yeah – back when I tried to grow some whiskers on my mug. Didn’t last long.


Another thing I love here is that there is a large bar area to sit around – and they serve up Hofbrau beer on tap at all times! Yes – love me some German beer! We came here on this day during happy hour, which is all day by the way, and I had two mugs of awesome beer to wash down my meal with. Yes, I did fall asleep in the car on the way home after all this. Good thing I was not driving. Beer and meat coma does not mix well. Zzzzzzzzz………



Hey, it’s no upscale steak house, or authentic Texas BBQ joint, but it is solid food with great prices in a fun cozy atmosphere. If you are one of those stuffy poo-poo type diners then skip it and go find a Michelin star awarded place. Seems like you are sitting in a road house decor which I enjoy. Service has always been fine by me, and the quality of the food is quite acceptable. A big plus is that it is very easy on the wallet! Check it out if ever way out east on Long Island. Strong Island. Lawn Guyland. The Burbs. Whatever, it’s good eats no matter what it’s called.

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14 thoughts on “Eating like a Manly Man at J&R’s Steakhouse on Long Island!”

  1. Hi Phil, looks like a good destination. It’s quite nice to visit these reminiscent, comfort style places, and how can you go wrong with a nicely cooked steak topped with shrimp?!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The steak looks delicious. $20 for all that food is even cheap in my neck of the woods. Even though I can’t eat that much food all at once, it would make for a nice-sized doggie bag later.

  3. No secret that I like fancy restaurants, but I love a good steak, and if $20 can buy me a nice and juicy T-bone then I couldn’t give a sh*t about the surroundings:) Sounds awesome for the price, can’t remember the last time I went out for steaks and paid less than $100..

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      It’s one of those spots way out in the suburbs that has a great locals following. It’s always crowded but the food, and price, make the trek worth it for us. We go there when staying at the parents place on the weekend.

  4. 20$ for all food sounds awesome! You had me at lobster bisque. yum yum.
    There is still the 72 ounce steak in Amarillo should you be determined for the steak challenge.

  5. Now, the question is, would you really have gone for 76 ounces? Holy smokes! I am usually good at 12 when I go to a place. I can’t imagine those food challenges! Heck, 24 would have scared me off!

    Either way, food looks delish, which is the important part!

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