DTUT – for a downtown coffee vibe in uptown NYC!


It’s now quite obvious that I might never have to leave the proximity of where I live for a downtown experience as long as wonderful spots like DTUT have opened in the UES/Yorkville part of town. Why schlep down to 14th street or Brooklyn when places like this rivals or even betters anything they have to offer? This coffee house and cocktail joint rocks! A terrific addition to the neighborhood indeed.

Where else would I go to experience a great selection of coffee drinks, snacks, wines, beer, and cocktails all in one place? Right around the block from my crib. Heck, they even serve up coffee cocktails if looking for both a buzz and caffeine rush at the same time. It’s not just a coffee shop but a liquor bar too! Oh, bring some friends to play board games they have on hand here. Read one of the books they have on the shelf for all to enjoy. Use the free wifi they offer Monday to Friday if you need to get some work done or just surf the net. Weekends are made for conversing and socializing so it’s a great concept keeping wifi off on Sat and Sun. Drink and have fun! Talk to each other! Don’t forget to satify that sweet tooth as they offer two different sizes of “make it yourself” smores and fondues. Bring a group or just come on a date as DTUT has something for everyone. As their name stands for Downtown Uptown they have really perfected the downtown vibe right up here on the upper part of Manhattan. 

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp

With most of the old school coffee houses that many of us grew up with disappearing  it is totally refreshing to have a real coffee house in the area now that is not associated with any chains. Such a chill inviting vibe here. Friendly staff and owner. Exposed brick walls. An eclectic mix of carefully arranged shabby chic furniture, comfy old couches, big plush chairs, tables, stools, ottomans, pillows and cushions. Retro Edison style lighing and mirrors along with cool artwork adorn the walls. Some great music from indie rock to country to old school jams to etheral tunes are on constant play. Loyalty card too to collect a free drink. On those nice days the front opens up with an old wooden window seating counter to kick back at and watch the world walk by. Cozy and relaxing environment.

Dare I say it that the UES/Yorkville part of town has a bit of hipster cool up here now? Just come and enjoy what DTUT has to offer, grab a drink, and ride the caffeine wave.



DTUT – http://www.yelp.com/biz/dtut-new-york?sort_by=date_desc

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9 thoughts on “DTUT – for a downtown coffee vibe in uptown NYC!”

    1. Hey Emily!

      This place does them right! S’mores and fondue! It’s also on the corner of the block I live on so it’s also dangerous to my diet!

  1. You had me at s’mores. That place looks fantastic. Like a neighborhood rec room where you can just hang out with all of your friends. Great find, Phil!

    1. Hey Jessica!

      Yes, it’s like that. This past weekend they held a charity night for an artists group with live music. It’s a great community place too. Plus, the coffee and snacks rock.

  2. I love seeing inventive places like this pop up. Of course I don’t have any of them around me, but I can dream, can’t I? Well, I can also plan when visiting places. I like the no wi-fi on Saturday and Sunday. Cool concept, indeed.

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