Don Pedro’s – A touch of Latino Heat in NYC!

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Was I pretty hammered after this meal? YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Only twenty bucks. Twenty dineros. Twenty bills. Twenty dollars. A Jackson. Well, you get my drift.  Living on the UES close to Spanish Harlem we are blessed with some pretty delectable Latin inspired restaurants within a short walk or subway ride. We had been meaning to go to Don Pedro’s for quite a while now and finally had a recent Sunday open to try it for it’s amazing brunch deal. Well, now that I am sober and recovered enough to shake the cobwebs out of my head this morning I can fully appreciate the wonderful dining experience we had here.

Brunch ends at 3PM on Sunday and being that it was already close to 2:00 I called to see if we could still get in. Sure, the voice on the phone said “come on over and we will get you a nice table”. When we walked in we were immediately struck by the terrific Spanish / Latin music playing, the electricity running through the crowd, and the terrific decor. It seemed like we walked into a huge family party with people laughing, drinking, and the staff hugging them when some got up to leave. This placed oozed warmth and fun. The place was packed but the host hooked us up with a great table spot that just opened up. As soon as we sat down two large goblets of red sangria were offered to us. Who were we to decline that hospitality? Heck no! The drinking had begun!

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Looking over the menu, and at other people’s tables to see what they were eating, we could not believe the selection you get for only $20. It’s a full three course meal deal here. Everything looked delicious. Our waiter came over and re-filled our sangria glasses. Again, and again, and again. It flowed like water here! In fact, they did not cut us off at 3 as we hung around chatting with the manager until 4 and they just gave us a pitcher to drink from. I must say that this was no watered down sangria but the real deal. Ding – Ding – Ding! Let the blackout drinking commence!

We finally settled on our brunch selections. Let us rejoice!

First course
Black Bean soup – one of the best I have had. Period.

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Chicken Empanadas with a paprika aioli sauce – Just wow.

More sangria.

Second course
Fritata DeBerenjena (Rolled Eggplant frittata) – wonderfully smokey eggplant flavor, and served with terrific seasoned french fries and salad.

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Masitas De Cerdo Asadas – chunks of pork marinated in Caribbean spices, sweet plantains, and salad. The chicken was tender and tasty, while the plantains were sweetly delicious.

Even more sangria.

Third course
Tres Leche with a passion fruit sauce –  Absolutely delicious. We were fighting over it as we kept attacking each other’s bowls.

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Then, again, more sangria. You can see where this meal went, and pretty much made sure we did nothing else this day!

Not only did we roll out of here stuffed, but pretty rocked too. The whole time the staff here was right on top of us with great service, and the manager (El) came over a few times to chat with us as we had told him it was our first time here. He even brought over a complimentary appetizer for us to try that was not on the menu – fried cheese, Spanish  salami, and eggplant with sweet onions. Just ridiculously good. Even the owner came by to say hello. I felt like we were part of the family and had been regulars already. Just a warm, inviting, and energetic atmosphere here for brunch.

Would we go back here again? In a heartbeat! Only $20 for a delicious three courses with unlimited sangria and terrific service with great ambiance. How can you ever say no?

Even more sangria. Again!



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36 Responses to Don Pedro’s – A touch of Latino Heat in NYC!

  1. I gain five pounds each time I read one of your posts. This place sounds amazing.

    I love places with this kind of ambience. Forget the white table cloths and candlelight. Give me great food, friendly staff, a spirit of camaraderie. Granted, some of the patrons may have displayed sangria-induced-new-best-buddy behavior, but I’d take that over a stuffed shirt joint any day.

    Great post! I’m going to check your archives when I next visit NYC.
    Gloria Richard recently posted…WHY ARE THE POLICE SITTING LIKE BUMPS ON MY PICKLE?My Profile

  2. Holli

    Oh my goodness! Sign me up for endless sangria. This place looks fab and i am adding it to my list of places to visit if i’m ever in NY again. I am so jealous that you live there. I’m one of the few Texans that have always thought of living in the real big city!
    Holli recently posted…Another random survey- its been a while since my last oneMy Profile

  3. OMG! A fancy Latin Fusion restaurant. Yum! I wonder how it would stack up against Chicago’s Carnivale? (Well, the $20 unlimited Sangria may tip the scales in their favor)
    Kitt Crescendo recently posted…So What’s Under Your Kilt?My Profile

  4. patricia

    Sign me up the food looks great.
    patricia recently posted…Father’s DayMy Profile

  5. UP

    Though you can’t find a decent pizza in Georgia, we have Latin food to beat the band! I love REAL latin food.

    Now I’m hungry!

    UP recently posted…Party Time!My Profile

  6. Wow. Love this place! Looks like its worth the New York drive for some kind of a fabulous meal and music! Food looks great, and then there is the Sangria. Happy you shared.
    Peggy Gilbey McMackin recently posted…Potato Salad with Green Beans, Kalamata Olives, Anchovy Caper DressingMy Profile

  7. Christy B

    So tell me, dear Phil, did you have Sangria? :)

  8. That is a freaking bargain.
    Jill Pinnella Corso recently posted…What’s This Blog About?My Profile

  9. Holly J says:

    Those plantains look bangin! I can almost taste them.
    Holly J recently posted…I’m Back AND Site Update…Finally!My Profile

  10. Foodie in WV

    20 dollars sounds like a great deal. I haven’t had a sangria in forever, they are great when it’s hot in the summer :)
    Foodie in WV recently posted…Put Down the Take-Out Menu: Try Red Lentil Curry at HomeMy Profile

  11. Emily says:

    So, I’ve got a little bit of drool going now… I love a good black bean soup and sangria is just one of the best things ever… I’m so jealous of this meal!
    Emily recently posted…Wordless Wednesday Birthday Dogs!My Profile

  12. Dean Martin

    Phil you have a personal email address?

  13. Beth says:

    I totally forgot how much I used to love this place. I took a hiatus when the quality of the food dropped like 7 years ago but it’s looking pretty good again. They were one of the only Latin places on the UES that I felt did the food justice without resorting to the use of MSG. It’s the food mom makes but a little more cleaned up haha. Ok I’m hungry, back to Don Pedro’s soon. As I recall the mofongo was my favorite at the time. Try it after a warrior workout.

  14. Darcy Perdu

    Oooh, I wish I had read this review a week ago! This place looks amazing and we just RETURNED to LA from NYC! We did dine at some great places though — and thoroughly enjoyed Book of Mormon and Newsies! I’ll check this place out next time we go to NYC! Thanks for the great info!
    Darcy Perdu recently posted…Do You Want a Harvard Tennis Player or a Scotch-Drinking Crankypants?My Profile

  15. Wow, all the food there looks fabulous!
    Susana King recently posted…The American Falls At NightMy Profile

  16. Matt Harvath

    You Had me at “Bottoomless Sangria!” Looks delicious.
    Matt Harvath recently posted…Jenn Kaelin Has Mastered The Move That All Ladies Should KnowMy Profile

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