Discover a few Odd Birdz off-off-Broadway in NYC!

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Here in NYC most people think of Broadway and historic playhouses along the Great White Way when it comes to stage shows. Well, I have some news for you. Just head out to catch a group of Odd Birdz downtown and well off- off- Broadway to partake in a terrific evening of talented ensemble group fun and off the wall hijinks.

What we had the pleasure of viewing recently at the intimate Players Theatre on Macdougal Street was the award-winning Israeli-based theatre troupe Tziporela performing their critically acclaimed show, Odd Birdz. Not having heard of or seen this before we did not know what to expect. Man, after sitting there for 90 minutes we were genuinely bummed that the show could not go on for another 30 minutes or more. It was that good!

After nearly a decade of sold-out performances around the world and a successful run in NYC in the fall of 2014, Tziporela has returned New York City for a 7-week run at The Players Theatre, starting July 16th and ending on Sept 6. Since it’s a limited schedule of performances I would suggest seeing it as soon as possible before they are gone. The group of nine that makes up Tziporela puts on an exuberant show that will leave you smiling and in high spirits on the way out. The price is right and so affordable for a night out to be entertained like this. A night of good laughs are so worth it.


Walking in and heading to our seats we were quickly greeted by cast members that came right up to us to chat, sit next to us while waiting for the show to start, and also handed us candy. One even had me take a prop up on the stage and ordered me to move it around a half-dozen times. It’s goofy fun as they mess with you in an innocent way. Eccentric, zany, warm, and chaotic it’s skit comedy with an edge that is a throwback to a combination of old NYC burlesque, slapstick, and Borscht Belt. Not entirely wholesome as this is really an adult type show with some sexual innuendo and choice words, but charming nonetheless.

What we sat through and experienced were about twenty fast-paced vignettes that incorporate a mix of humor, music, dance and drama. No matter where you’re from you’ll recognize those daily situations we can all relate to shown in their own way with dance, movement, and outrageous laughs. Some skits were purely visual. Some had inventive wordplay. Some alluded to pop culture. Some were about dating, love, and life. Things we face in our normal lives of which all know of that transcends barriers of language, culture, and age. Much of it quite hilarious, and also touching at times too.


It was like watching a fast paced rapid fire assault on our funny bones. At times we were laughing hysterically, and at others drawn into their world of whimsy. The cast performed with enthusiasm, heart, energy and imagination as they reached to convey their message to the audience. Also, where else could you leave a show to find the cast greeting the audience out on the sidewalk with a guitar and funny songs pulling us in to be a part of it? Like Pied Pipers leading the way. They display an almost child-like exuberance which exists within each of these charismatic performers, and they want everyone to feel a part of it.

Some of the Odd Birdz cast performing out on the street.

We have not left a show this positive feeling in quite a while. Yes, we will be back before it closes to party with the Odd Birdz once again. We all need more laughs like these.

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16 thoughts on “Discover a few Odd Birdz off-off-Broadway in NYC!”

  1. I love going to Broadway and Off Broadway shows!! I envy you being so close to shows like that in NYC. This sounds so good and I’m intrigued. Glad you had a great time and they are lucky to have such a glowing review from you!!

    1. Hey Holli!

      Yes, we are lucky to have so many talents to see around here. A few of my friends also saw it and loved the show. We will go see it again!

  2. Theater is another of the very small number of things (along with food) that make me sad I don’t live in NYC. sounds like a great show. If you get the chance, you should check out The Civilians sometime.

  3. Oh my gosh, that sounds like so much fun. I love improv theater. I used to do some work at a melodrama theater when I was still in California and I loved it. You have to be quick witted and extremely flexible to be involved, but it is a hoot. This one sounds like a blast.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  4. Wow, you got Mathair and I itching to see it. Interactive shows are the best, but what’s even better are the little gems like Odd Birdz that we just happen upon. Great post.

  5. It’s the one reason I wish I lived closer to the city — partaking in great things like this. I might have to look into it and check it out, though. Sounds like a blast!

    1. Hey PJ!

      Yeah, there are some great off Broadway shows here. Always something worth seeing. It ended it’s run so hopefully they will do it again.

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