Dining with Polish royalty in Brooklyn NYC!

The Polish plate – bring on the food baby!

Delicious gut busting Polish food at very affordable prices! Located in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, Krolewskie Jadlo offers a taste of European delight in this long surviving Polish enclave. It’s one of those cultural and ethnic communities that help make up the fabric of NYC’s diversity. Plus, if you’re the type that appreciates the heavier high caloric comfort food of which our ancestors enjoyed that warms the belly then a visit here is a must.

How can you not be lured into the royalty of Polish kings and queens while knights in shining armor are standing at watch outside while you feast? Walk on in and take a spot at a booth, and hope you have enough room to unbuckle your pants while your midsection expands with a food baby over the course of your meal. We had heard so many good things about this restaurant, and so many of our friends had raved about it, that we knew it would have to be on our list of must eats. We finally made a very worthwhile pilgrimage and were not let down. In fact, I am already looking forward to a return visit as long as I remember to wear some sort of maternity pants that can expand enough to hold me all in. Maybe I should borrow the pair Joey wore on Friends during the Thanksgiving episode?

Might be a good look on me too. At least I will be able to eat more!

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Beer, bread, pickles, and lard – yes please!

As we took our seats and perused the menu gratis bread and snacks were placed on the table. Warm fluffy loaf of bread, some sort of lard spread (oh my!), and sliced pickles. Nice tasty start. Geez, the menu here is so full of items it’s hard to choose. Of course, I had to start off with a cold Polish beer. When in Poland……..drink like the Poles do!

I decided to go with a mixed dish to try out a bunch of stuff – The Polish Plate! Stuffed cabbage, pierogies, potato pancakes, sausage, veggies all for only $12! What a deal for such a big plate of deliciousness! Good thing we came here with an appetite, as I was famished when we arrived, but totally satisfied in the glow of foodgasm afterwards.

Get in mah bellah!

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp

We both skipped dessert as the food comas we were both in after this would not even allow it. Surprised we were even able to waddle back to the subway to get home. I have to say the service, decor, and ambiance here is terrific. Very regal style with paintings of Polish royalty, swords, and brick accents on the walls to go along with large dark heavy wooden booth and table seating.

My gal’s mom lived in Greenpoint for a bit growing up and she would regale us with stories of the Polish community which used to thrive there, and to this day still has a large presence. Spots like Krolewskie Jadlo are a reminder of what great old world food is all about. Long may it reign!

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp


Krolewskie Jadlo – http://www.krolewskiejadlo.com/eng/


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  1. You never fail to make me hungry. (Take that as you will.) But my peanut butter sandwich I just ate for lunch is no longer feeling like enough.

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