Dark, seedy, a beer speakeasy? The 124 Old Rabbit Club NYC.

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Photo credit – Yelp

I think I’m in love. Great beer selection. Like a beer speakeasy joint. Cash only. Can I move in tomorrow?

As I wandered into this subterranean haunt I needed to adjust my eyes for a minute before I walked into a wall, chair, person……. It’s damn dark in here!

It was early evening on a weekday and the place was packed. It’s small and narrow so scoring a spot at the bar is at a premium. Almost claustrophobic like. If you can belly up to the bar hold onto that spot for dear life. I got lucky and grabbed a stool along the candlelit bar. Mine! Mine! Mine! 

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp

Was greeted by the friendly barkeep who handed me a menu of their extensive quality craft beer list. Had to move a candle on top of it to actually be able to read it. Eff that – I turned on the flashlight ap on my phone so I could see. All beer here, no hard liquor. For those complaining that there is no booze here please head on over to the multitude of other cookie cutter bars in the city to get your Cosmo or Jager shots, as the beer list here is pretty eclectic and wonderful. Not a place for loud groups or frat buddies partying hard, but more for a drink with a friend or date who can appreciate a good beer over dimly lit conversation. It can get a bit warm in here though so be warned. 


As I stated, the 124 Old Rabbit Club offers a terrific selection of beers from imports to domestics. They even have the specialty glasses that some are to be poured into. So key! I quite enjoyed my Belgian beer while listening to old punk and indie rock. A beer here is not on the cheap side, but you are paying for quality, and the devine atmosphere that helps keep the bridge and tunnel riff raff away. So worth it for a few extra shekels.    

Take a chance on this craft brew emporium secretly hidden in plain sight, and scurry down the rabbit hole into the catacombed madness that is Alice in Beer Wonderland. Dark, a bit seedy, maybe even reminds one of a sex club that you have innocently wandered into, but are willing to stay awhile and explore what they have to offer.

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Almost hidden entrance. Photo credit – Yelp



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34 thoughts on “Dark, seedy, a beer speakeasy? The 124 Old Rabbit Club NYC.”

  1. Sounds like my kind of place and I don’t even drink beer on a regular basis, but I do love that sort of atmosphere!! You are going to force me to make a trek into the heart of the cold, cold city, but at this rate, I’ll need a month to explore all the wonderful spots you have written about!! Thanks for sharing the big city life to us small town country folk!!

    1. Hey Melissa!

      So glad you enjoyed! The cold dark city will seduce you and suck you in, and there are many wine and cocktail bars too in case beer is not your thing.

  2. Sounds like a place in NY that even a Texas gal would like to have a couple of Chimay’s at…nice review.

  3. Nice Post. Beer selection sounds nice in its extensive selections. Good use of the flashlight app lol, well now that took care of things right quick eh, accelerating to the more important items like enjoying a good, quality brew.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Heck, as we get older we need that flashlight ap on our phones for just these dark kind of bars. I need to study that beer list!

  4. Wow, judging from the picture, of what I imagine is the front door, it does look a bit scary. The inside pix look really cool though. Sounds like an interesting place to visit. Do they do beer tasting? I’d have to order several because I’m sure I wouldn’t be able to settle on just one.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. Hey Patricia!

      Yes, it’s kind of a dark hidden away bar but once inside all are friendly and here for the great beer! I do beer tastings, and many bars with quality beer on tap will offer tastings before purchasing a pint!

    1. Hey Tamara!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

      If you enjoy a great beer in a dark and mysterious place this is a good choice! On me? I’m still figuring out how to pay for the beers I drink!

  5. As the owner of 2 rabbits I love the name of this place.

    It sounds like a good little find and definitely a place to top up at the ATM before entering.

    I wonder if the extra dark lighting is a trick to help you order the expensive beer?

  6. Speakeasy, candlelight, beer, and old punk! Fuck whiskers on kittens THESE are a few of my fav-0-rite things!!

  7. Not a beer lover so this wouldn’t be my favorite place, but Hubs would love it. Well, until it came time to pay, I don’t think he carries cash, he’d be headed for the ATM.

  8. You are a magnet for such interesting places. I hardly drink beer, but would down a half in “The Old Rabbit Club.” Not sure if someone has already asked, any relations to Hugh? 🙂

    1. Hey Shelley!

      I just can’t help myself! I love to check out all the hidden spots in NYC.

      Ah, if only they had some Playboy Bunny gals in here.

  9. Dark and seedy? I’m going to take a peek. I’m a classy lady and I like expensive, trendy places but I also have friends who “know” places and by the way, I live in Berlin and there are many illegal, underground bars and pubs around.
    If you know where to look.
    Entrance ticket: €3.00 AND they give you a free shot of whisky to get you in the mood LOL! Nice one Phil!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I love those kind of spots. I can be classy or downright dirty as long as I have a good time!

      Free shot of whiskey? I’m in!

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