Cupcakes and Wine at Sweet Revenge in NYC

Cupcakes and wine? Sure, deal me in! After all, living well is Sweet Revenge, and since this was the name of the place in NYC it’s kind of appropriate.

We were on a cheat day when it came to eating, and after dinner close by decided to check this place out as we were still in time for cupcake and wine happy hour. Yes, that really is a thing here. Oh boy!

It was absolutely empty when we arrived. Service was pleasant but not overly attentive. Just right as we wanted to relax and chat. Small location with some seating and a small bar area.

Not that many cupcakes were actually available for the happy hour deal. Glass of Gato Negro Cab Sauvignon, Gato Negro Chardonnay, or Sangria and a Cupcake for $10. Not a bad deal to enjoy a glass of wine and a cupcake for ten bucks.

Kind of an underwhelming experience overall as we were a bit disappointed in our cupcakes. Frosting was ok but the cupcakes were on the dry side. That is a big no-no for us as cupcakes have to be moist!


This joint receives many high ratings on Yelp. Overall, it’s a bit overrated in my opinion. Would I come back? Sure, to try a different cupcake and hope that it’s moist as compared to our first experience here. After all, for the price you can’t beat a cupcake and wine happy hour!


Sweet Revenge –


4 thoughts on “Cupcakes and Wine at Sweet Revenge in NYC”

    1. Hey Kim!

      They did look amazing. Also, who doesn’t like some vino? I need to go back there again one day to see if I have a different experience.

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