Cooperstown Diner – where you get a meatloaf as a burger!

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I’m a diner kind of guy and to me there is nothing wrong with an occasional trek into one to have some filling sloppy comfort food. The Cooperstown Diner was a recent find that totally satiated my lunch cravings for something big to chow down on.

Of course, when we were in Cooperstown recently and walked by this tiny looking brick faced diner I was enticed to venture in by the chalkboard proclaiming their famous burgers. I love old school joints like this that seem to be disappearing across the land. It’s a shame as these places scream “Americana” and deserve to be preserved for all to enjoy.

OK, I will admit the place is a bit grimy looking and could use a coat of paint but it’s also charming in it’s own way. A bit narrow and tight with some tables and counter seating so it can be a bit of a wait when crowded as it was when we walked in. Literally, it seats about 20 people tops. Seemed like a bunch of regulars were there, the townies, mixed in with a few of us tourist folk. Signage on the walls listing the daily dinner specials and breakfast is served all day which is a win in my book. 

We both ordered the burger with curly fries and tater tots. Good God Man! What the heck is that thing? It looked like a meatloaf between two buns! This beast was a massive hunk of meat that actually scared me a bit. With nervous laughter we dug in and were surprised at how juicy and tasty the burger was. Curly fries were decent but I wish I had ordered the tater tots. Always order the tots. We rolled out of there and had to take a walk to digest a bit after that meat attack. Plus, I had to drive back to Manhattan and needed to wake myself from the coma before I passed out and swerved off the road. 

l (2)As for the service I thought it was fine. Prices were in line with what is expected in a tourist area but were not horrible. I don’t know about what other people who penned reviews were complaining about when it comes to service, price, and portion sizes as our experience was pretty damn good. It’s a little down and dirty diner not the Four Seasons! Give me a stack of pancakes, a greasy burger, and crispy fries anytime I’m in a diner and I’m a happy camper! This place is an institution in Cooperstown and worth a visit.

Maybe I should have a cardiologist on speed dial. Just in case.

I would definitely go back just for that meatloaf sized burger! Meat coma surprise!

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14 thoughts on “Cooperstown Diner – where you get a meatloaf as a burger!”

  1. I’m a diner kinda gal. I prefer a big, juicy burger with bacon and a side of fries over a fancy pants meal. Considering I love Route 66 this makes sense of course.

    Next time you hit Vegas and have time, take a drive out to Summit Inn restaurant in Hesperia. They have some kick ass burgers there as well as ostrich burgers.

    1. Hey Kim!

      Nothing wrong with a good comfort food pig out! When I’m in Vegas it’s usually for biz so I stay close to the Strip. In N Out for me!

  2. We were in Coorperstown last fall. What a pretty town. We actually ran into old colleagues from Japan. Didn’t hit your diner though.

  3. How funny – I still have pics on my cellphone from that EXACT spot! Actually, I was snapping a pic of that vine fused to the building beside the diner. My mom lives off Railroad Avenue and works at Bassett Memorial.

    PS – If you know any decent, respectable, single (perhaps older) gents in the area, shoot me an email! (Mom’s a funny lady; recently single @ 64). 😉

    1. Hey Lorien!

      So cool that you were there. Sorry, I don’t know anyone in that age bracket who is single. Maybe have her try one of those dating sites like Our Time.

  4. Yummy! I love burgers and big burgers at that. This little place has been featured before on the food network . I would love to visit one day.

  5. Holy burger!! My husband would be in heaven. I have to say that I love curly fries any time, even more than tots. But I wouldn’t send back a plate of tots if it was served to me, of course. 🙂

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