Comfort Style Eats With A Gastropub Flair!

Sometimes I trek over to the outer boroughs for a Yelp event, meeting friends for drinks, or to try out a place to eat. William Hallet was such a terrific find that I had to share it here. My recent Yelp review –

Phenomenal! Just Phenomenal! I was so surprised to find such a terrific place in Astoria that makes such delicious comfort food with a fancy gastropub flair! Along with speakeasy type cocktails it was a perfect find! Even the prices were quite reasonable!

Some of the boys and I decided to grab a bite at William Hallet after the recent Yelp Queens event and happened upon this place because the other restaurant we wanted to hit up was closed already. Sucks for them and good for us as we dropped some coin on food and drinks here that rocked.

I was blown away by the Turducken Meatloaf Sandwich! This thing was huge, full of poultry meat and bacon with bourbon ketchup. YUM! Only $10 too. Along with a cocktail called a “Speakeasy” – buffalo trace bourbon, grande absente absinthe, and angostura bitters – it made for a perfect pairing and this quality drink was only $11. I ended getting two of them and felt a nice buzz going on afterwards.

Turducken sammy!

I also tried their escargot which was prepared with a mushroom gravy, puff pastry and rosemary garlic butter. Whoah! I’m not a snail fan but this was de-lish! We also had some brussel sprouts that came prepared with thick cut pieces of bacon, garlic, and shallots. Another hit! There was just no wrong here as everything was prepared with perfection. Even the service was on point and attentive.

Brussel Sprouts with bacon!



Escargot in mushroom sauce!











Really, I don’t get any of the 3 star reviews here. Those should have just hit a diner instead. Also, if you are vegan this place is really not for you either. As for me and the guys William Hallet was totally satisfying and worthy of the hype! Might have to trek out to Astoria again for that turducken sandwich!

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  1. I didn’t realize that you can find escargot at a gastropub. That does seem like a fun thing to try on a Friday night when you are out to eat with a bunch of friends. I wonder if gastropub have takes on other classic French dishes.

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