Chill out with Handsome Dan’s snocones in NYC!


Lately all this heat and humidity here in NYC has me thinking of ways to keep cool short of dumping ice down my pants. Yowza! Talk about shrinkage!

There are a few places that come to mind that serve up one of my favorite cold treats – flavored ice. Hidden away inside a decrepit mini-mall off Bedford Ave in Brooklyn lies an amazing find of sweet delight. Handsome Dan’s Snocone & Candy Stand !

Stumbling onto this place one afternoon after seeing the chalkboard sign out on the sidewalk advertising sno-cones we walked into a small candy shop that Willy Wonka would even approve of.

Sparsely decorated but sporting a diverse selection of candies retro-style like a blast from the past, along with an array of present day sugary sweets, Handsome Dan’s delivers. Pop rocks, six pound gummy bears, Pez dispensers, atomic fireballs, Fruit Stripe gum, Chik-a-sticks, gumballs, cow tails, and many other treats. Dentists must love this place!

The two guys working behind the counter are hipster cool and helpful. This place is a definite must visit next time I am near Bedford Ave.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot. What I am penning this post about. The homemade sno-cones are pretty awesome. No, really, they are worth every cent of the $4 they charge. Large and flavorful, cold and refreshing, these things quenched our thirst during a warm afternoon. They had around five flavors to choose from. One was the Raspberry Lemon in which they actually squeezed a real slice of lemon on, and the syrup was not at all too sugary. Just right!

My choice was the Chocolate Milk sno-cone that tasted like Yoo-Hoo! Oh baby! Pure win all the way! Wish I could get one now, but alas, I am too far away in midtown Manhattan and don’t really want to leave my air conditioned office.

Handsome Dan, one day we will meet again, and you will chill me out!

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14 thoughts on “Chill out with Handsome Dan’s snocones in NYC!”

  1. I love sno-cones. This would be perfect for the middle of the summer when the heat is horrible 🙂 I’m jealous that we don’t have something like that around here!

  2. I love ice cream parlors that offer unique treats or have that old timely feel. Unfortunately, I’m not in NYC, but this place looks cool!

    Hello again. Now I want a YooHoo. You and your blog are bad for diets, Phil. Nice post.

    1. Hey Jean!

      I also like the retro-like spots. Yoo-Hoo, Egg Creams, Malteds, etc. All my favs!

      Yeah, I think my own blog is conspiring against my diet and training!

  3. These are awesome! I had one last year at an event near the High Line. Very cool (of course!) and fun flavors. All of New York could use one of these in this weather. I agree with Jean. You and your blog are bad for diets–lol! But these are lo-cal—right?

    1. Hey Tracey!

      They are great for when the weather has been all hot and stickly as it has been. Dropped in here yesterday for one to cool off!

      They are low cal enough for me! I think my blog is attempting to fatten us all up!

    1. Hey Mo!

      I don’t know. You live close by now. I had the passion fruit snocone yesterday. Also brought home some candy cigarettes. Tried a piece of their peanut brittle too – YUM! Great candy selection here!

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