Cheesy Fun in Mystical New Jersey!

402734_3062580411882_938763727_nI love cheesy. Always have, and the cheesier the better. There are an abundance of cheesy things to do in NYC but there is one that is just a bus ride away into the mystical land of New Jersey.

Not too long ago we actually did the most cheesy thing you can do in the tri-state area. Ridiculous amounts of beer, grog, giant souvenir glasses filled with frozen rum and vodka drinks, goofy flags, screaming for kill shots, eating with our fingers, falcons, the king and his court, jousting, sword fights, booing the bad guys, cheering the good guys, knights in fake battles to the death.

Yes kids, we went to Medieval Times!!!


Now, I have to admit that I am a sucker for all things cheesy. Who am I kidding – I love the cheese factor, and Medieval Times relishes in it and gives you a wink while passing by. I am a big kid at heart and refuse to grow up. Throw yourself into the fantasy and have a great time. I know many adults poo-poo this type of place and those I feel sorry for, as they would rather be sitting home being old and boring. I, for one, like to experience new things, and what more fun can be had then cheering on your knight with a large chicken leg in one hand, a goofy cardboard crown on your head, and a giant beer in the other?

394962_3062606212527_320491934_nOur group, which started out as about 20 people and somehow quickly grew to over 40 (good God!) scored discounted tickets on Goldstar saving about $20 on ticket admission. You have to hunt for these dollar saving discounts, and there are some even on the Medieval Times website. Use that savings on booze here! There are three bars and a few liquor stands, and the prices are not that bad all things considering. The frozen drinks come packed with a punch – a lotta rum! Grab a huge souvenir glass and fill it up with beer – I felt like I drank a gallon in this one glass. Get your buzz on and go crazy in the battle arena!

399852_3062673054198_2009124185_nIt was kind of confused when we got there getting us all seated in the same section, but the people working the ticket booth were patient and hooked us up. Too bad we got stuck with the Yellow Knight section. He put up a brave battle but was killed off first. Lame-O. The show itself features some talented performers along with many majestic animals. Is it Shakespheare? Hello no. More like Jerry Springer doing Monty Python.  Also, we took the 192/195 bus from the Port Authority, and it drops you off only a few minutes walk down the road, and picks up near the same spot. Perfect for all of us drinkers who do not want to drive, and it’s a quick trip from NYC.

409177_3062636413282_1537260485_nThe show itself is almost two hours long, and a full meal is included. The food here is served medieval style – dig in with your fingers and rip it apart. It was actually pretty good if you keep your expectations low!  The serve the food in sections so you can take your time and enjoy the show while eating. Giant piece of roasted chicken, herb roasted potato, spare rib, garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, apple turnover, soda, and coffee. Plus, booze is also available throughout if you want to purchase more, more, more!

407664_3062649253603_2018648955_nWe all had a terrific time. I had not done Medieval Times in years, and would definitely go back. Plus, the crowd we went with made it even more fun – a total blast! It is what you make it, and the company you attend with can make it an absurdly funny cheesy time. Little kids all around fighting with fake battle toys, people taking pictures with the knights, and then our group laughing it up, still drinking, and dancing to party tunes as the place became kind of a dance club after the show in the main court area.



Yes, my lord, there be a castle in New Jersey that we must storm again!

What is your cheesy guilty pleasure?

31 thoughts on “Cheesy Fun in Mystical New Jersey!”

  1. I love that you admit this! I, too, love all things cheesy. My favorite movies include embarrassing titles such as Jaws and Clue. And… let’s just say, that one year I made my friends attend a Murder-Mystery birthday party. I regret nothing.

    I have yet to have my knight win at Medieval Times. Sorry you got the Yellow Knight–he does seem like an extreme lame-o. We have Goldstar, too. It’s great, got to see a few cool shows for cheap.

    Great post. The pictures really added to it. Made me laugh. Now I want to visit our Medieval Times…
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    1. Hey Daniella!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting. Yeah, can you imagine one in NYC? That would be crazy. It would probably do well with all the tourists and baby carriage crowd!

      I’ll check out your blog too. Please feel free to sign up for my email alerts. 🙂
      filbio310 recently posted…When ya just gotta do the #2 in NYC!My Profile

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