Check into the Back Room at One57 for some NYC opulence.


Do you like fancy?

Do you like sexy?

Do you like opulence?

Do you like seriously quality made drinks with a lot of booze in them?

Then head on over to The Back Room at One57. It’s located inside the sleek new Park Hyatt Hotel in midtown Manhattan NYC. The lobby host greets with a smile and directs you to take the elevator up to the 3rd floor restaurant. As the doors part you walk into a room of high ceilings and luxury surroundings. Think marble, glass, couches, and refined ambiance. The kind of spot where the men are smartly dressed in suit and tie, and the ladies in designer dress wear.

We sat at the bar on this night and had a wonderful experience. The staff here is highly professional, and offers exemplary service. Great bartenders that will partake in polite conversation and attend to your needs. If you chat them up and get to know them a bit they are actually friendly guys. Plus, they make a mean cocktail. Always a plus!

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As we had just come from a big steak dinner the craving for something sweet kicked in and we ordered a few desserts to share. Totally delicious with terrific plating. They even put out a few trays of assorted nuts and olives to nosh on. Perfect way to cap off our boys night out toasting our drinks among manly men.

A great spot for a mid-week late evening nightcap if your enjoy a stiff drink while sitting in a sexy sleek opulent environment for sure. Pricey, yes, but it’s a great spot to enjoy a libation in a very adult environment devoid of fratty meatheads, drunken sorostitutes, and bridge & tunnel yokels. Oh, and make sure you hit the bathrooms here. They are as big as my apartment and just as luxurious as the rest of the bar area.

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Oh yeah, we men are fancy with our cocktails and pretty desserts! Manly desserts. Good thing I wore my Spanx under my suit and tie on this evening.

Photo credit - Yelp
Photo credit – Yelp

The Back Room

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22 thoughts on “Check into the Back Room at One57 for some NYC opulence.”

  1. You wore Spanx under your suit? I doubt it. But this place sounds like a great date place. And, bonus points for spacious bathrooms.

    Have a great week Phil.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. I think this place needs to hire you for their ad campaign:
    “Our establishment is guaranteed devoid of fratty meatheads and drunken sorostitutes”. It would work for me!

  3. I do like fancy and sexy and opulence and this post has made me hungry, thirsty and very conscious of how far I am from New York. But you know, other than that, great post 😉

    1. Hey Claire!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting!

      My blog seems to have that effect on the readers. Be careful as you can gain weight hanging around here. My blog posts are fattening.

  4. Looks like a very stylish and grown-up place. Park Hyatt dining and bars are usually a step above the other hotels (New York Bar at Park Hyatt in Tokyo is the best bar in the world, if you ask me) and Backroom seems to be a nice place. Friendly bartenders are always a plus:)

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      Next time in NY check this plae out of just to sit at the bar and order a cocktail and desserts. It’s nice to be fancy at times!

  5. I was expecting the prices to be astronomically high, but they’re actually not too bad considering the type of place this is. I might have to give this a whirl the next time I’m in the city.

    1. Hey Sujeet!

      Yes, considering it’s in a fancy spot and in Manhattan the prices are decent. Always a bit more as it’s in the city with these kinds of spots but worth a try for the cocktails.

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