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Buffalo Wing battle in upstate NY! Duff’s vs Anchor Bar.


In the battle of the Buffalo Wings Duff’s Famous Wings totally blows Anchor Bar away!

At least that’s my opinion, but you know what they say about a-holes and opinions. Also, my a-hole had nothing to do with my taste buds during this trip to upstate NY. I had a chance to try them both while in town for a few days recently. Both spots could not be anymore different. Much has been said regarding the Buffalo Wing supremacy when it comes to these two iconic bastions of wing debauchery. My vote goes to Duff’s!

Anchor bar is where you go as a tourist to say you ate wings at the place that invented them. It’s an old bar with great memorabilia and old motorcycles hanging on the walls. The dining area is straight out of some old Catskills looking joint and looks it’s age. 

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Sweet Grass Grill in Tarrytown NY – a tasty train ride away!

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Sweet Grass Grill is a terrific choice for dining along Main Street in Tarrytown with the look and feel of being fancy, but it’s rather quite casual with a down home vibe. It’s a quick train ride north of Manhattan and makes for a wonderful day trip on a weekend. The town itself is quaint and historic as it’s also the home of Sleepy Hollow where Washington Irving lived and wrote the famous story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” which has been made into movies and a popular TV show which I really enjoy. Even though it is a small town there is a lot to see and do here. Mansion tours, street fairs, quality dining, and some nightlife along main street.

When we were here for a recent weekend jaunt we dropped in for dinner before heading home and grabbed a table outside since it was so nice out. The menu is not too expansive but offers a diverse selection of plates to choose from. I like that they go local and seek out farm fresh ingredients from the nearby area. Also, there are seasonal soups, salads, and a changing roster of entrees. Vegetarian options too for those non-meat eaters. In fact, they have Meatless Mondays with a special vegan tasting menu on hand. Brunch is also served, and they have a decent wine list and micro brewed beers too! Continue reading Sweet Grass Grill in Tarrytown NY – a tasty train ride away!

Memorial Day 2014 – Beer, BBQ, and Remembering.


About this time last year I wrote a post regarding the real meaning of Memorial Day and how it’s more than just about BBQ’s and partying. Sure, as Americans we all work hard and deserve to enjoy a long holiday weekend. The decision to do just that is one of the simple pleasures that our armed forces have fought for, and affords us the freedom to make our own choices of how we want to live. We should all be thankful for the sacrifices our brave men and women in service have made – past, present, and future. Many have died during duty to our nation and for those we should all offer a nod of thanks and remember them on this day. Freedom is not free and does come at a price. Let’s not forget that while we are having our fun this weekend.

My gal’s brother is in the Air Force and at this time last year he received orders that he was being sent over to Afganistan for another tour of duty. After many months there he returned home safe and sound, and now is back here in the states with his wife for good we hope. While hopefully enjoying some cold beers and tasty BBQ himself this weekend. He’s earned it.

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White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City! That’s a meaty feast!



Now that is a submarine sandwich! Absolutely worth a visit of epic calorie consumption, and totally worthy of the hype. As we entered the hallowed halls of this tiny yet famous sandwich shop I immediately started salivating.

We took a spot at one of the age worn booths and marveled at all the memorabilia, pictures, and signs hanging on the wall by us. It’s like a who’s who of celebrity days gone by – Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., former Miss America’s, former NJ politicians, Mr T, yellowed newspaper clippings, family and friends, etc. We were handed menus that are short but get right to the point. No frills here. Just go for it!

Went right for their original famous Italian submarine. Even though they claim it is 80% fat free it still felt like a weeks load of calories! I ordered a whole sub as I was starving and did not want to share this massive sandwich with anyone! Continue reading White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City! That’s a meaty feast!