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Ride the Cloud to Blue Stripes Cacao Shop

Another location brought to you by the bald mad scientist of chocolate, Max Brenner! 

Located steps away from Union Square in NYC, Blue Stripes Cacao Shop is a small bistro that specializes in everything chocolate.

Dear, glorious, insulin shot loving Sweet Baby Jeebus, there is chocolate everything here! Like if an extreme hoarder decided to be Willy Wonka and make over their place as a biz of of chocolate engorged paradise. Diabetes be damned!

Drinks, food, pastries, even breakfast items. If you have a chocolate craving problem addiction you can’t really go wrong here. Even if you just want to satisfy a sweet tooth craving they offer chocolates in different sizes and packaging to go. You can take it home, sit on the couch in the dark while binge watching NCIS, and cradle it wide-eyed while murmuring “The Precious” over and over.

Now, don’t even get me started on “The Cloud“. The chocolate cloud shakes are the real deal. So light and fluffy it’s like you’re drinking chocolate in Heaven! This drink is ridiculous. The glutton in me wanted another one as soon as I finished it. MOAR MOAR MOAR!

Decent amount of seating, wifi, and friendly service. Kind of like a “Hobbit Wonderland rustic chocolate bistro” vibe going on in here. A combo of straight chocolate and food items that contain different varieties of cacao. Oh, and Nutella too! Much smaller than the Max Brenner flagship location a few blocks away this location is quieter and less crowded. At least it seemed so while we were there on a recent weekend, but was still quite busy.

As prices go it’s not cheap, but pretty much what you’d expect when it comes to a specialty shop like this. Quality chocolate unlike the mass produced stuff you find in drug store chains. Worth the extra few shekels to indulge, and ride that chocolate cloud to paradise.

Blue Stripes Cacao Shop