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Retail therapy and saying hello to Miss America in Atlantic City!

Atlantic City Tanger Outlets – more than just gambling here!

Well, hello Miss America! Looking good!

During our recent pilgrimage to Atlantic City as part of a weekend DO AC media junket we were afforded a variety of activities to partake in. If anyone thinks that AC is just about gambling they need to expand their minds and head down here for a few days to explore all the things one can do. Sure, I love gambling as much as the next guy. You can usually find me at a blackjack table or video poker machine plotting my strategy. Or demise! Yet, there is only so much gambling you can do with a limited budget. The golden rule – only gamble with a set bankroll that you are comfortable with. That being said, you have to be sure to make it last the whole time you’re here. Unless you’re hitting some good payouts to keep you going. I normally enjoy gambling during the evening which leaves open the whole afternoon for other things. If you love some shopping or just need to pick up a few things then AC is a perfect destination. Here’s a few suggestions based on just what we experienced. Continue reading Retail therapy and saying hello to Miss America in Atlantic City!

Run, hoard, and hide! Here comes the snow NYC!


Well, here we are again in another winter season. It’s December and a week away from Christmas. Full swing into the holiday season. People are packing the malls, shopping online, and scurrying to take advantage of the many last minute sales and discounts. We have already seen a few small snowfalls here in NYC that have thrown the public into panic mode! It just never amazes me how even a few inches of snow in the forecast nowadays gets overblown into a catastrophic event! I really think it’s a conspiracy by the news channels, weather forecasters, internet sites, and newspapers to help spread fear while generating higher ratings and sales. Why does every teeny snow squall have to be assigned a name of doom? Watch out for “Snowstorm Ass Ripper” that is looking to dump a total of two inches of the white stuff on us! Be deathly afraid of “Mega-storm Skid Mark” which will coat us with upwards of three inches of Hell! Run for your lives as “Crazy Storm Turd Burglar ” leaves us trudging through a Hellish inch of the fluffy stuff! As soon as the news starts talking about the upcoming snowfalls in these terms the inevitable happens. People run to the supermarkets and bodegas scrambling to scoop up every supply item they can to help survive the onslaught of snow that we mostly never end up really seeing. It’s like every snow day is a re-creation of Black Friday panic! Grab all the bacon!!!  Continue reading Run, hoard, and hide! Here comes the snow NYC!

Atlantic City – the idiot cousin we all love close to NYC!


It’s like the idiot cousin I need to take care of once in a while that gets me into all kinds of trouble. But I still love him. Even if it means jail time and restraining orders.

Hey, if we had a choice most would always pick Vegas over Atlantic City. Vegas is glitzy cheesy wacked out fun. AC is like it’s crazy family member you hide in the basement that reminds us of Chucky in the horror movies. Yet, Vegas for those living in the NYC area is thousands of miles away. AC is but a few hours by car or bus. You do the math. It’s much easier to do a quick weekend gambling party getaway and be back at work by Monday morning than flying out to Vegas and dealing with the hassle of travel. Continue reading Atlantic City – the idiot cousin we all love close to NYC!

Gilligan’s Clam Bar & Grill – Kitschy Eats in Pomona NY!

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I am all about discovering kitschy places to eat and drink at as I love them! The kitsch factor is off the hook here and we loved eating at Gilligan’s Clam Bar & Grill! It was one of those days that we had a car and decided to just take any random exit to explore a bit and hopefully find somewhere decent to grab a meal before heading home. When we drove by Gilligan’s I did a quick u-turn and made a bee-line for it. So glad we did!

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Continue reading Gilligan’s Clam Bar & Grill – Kitschy Eats in Pomona NY!