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Spill some blood at Duff’s in Brooklyn NYC for a very metal good cause!


For those metalheads out there we believe there is nothing more metal than spilling blood for a good cause! \m/

I have written on this blog in the past about the importance of giving blood, and referenced my own experience donating blood after Hurricane Sandy. Jimmy Duff, the owner of Duff’s, knows how vital this is to help save lives and he supports this cause wholeheartedly. It’s a wonderful thing that he has done for the community going on five years now, and we thank him for that. Hopefully, this year’s drive will be a success with good participation. Also, you get to hang out at a cool bar listening to great metal tunes. It’s a win-win all around! I will be there rolling up my sleeve for sure!

The details – On Thursday, February 6th, Duff’s in Brooklyn NYC we’ll be hosting their 5th annual blood drive in conjunction with The New York Blood Center. The blood drive starts at 6:30PM so please try to get there early (the drive runs until 11 PM), and bring identification with photo or signature. All donors will be served complimentary refreshments and will receive a free Duff’s blood drive t-shirt (shirt image is above) that is custom designed for this year’s event. Also, it’s in blood red! How metal is that? Continue reading Spill some blood at Duff’s in Brooklyn NYC for a very metal good cause!

Home Beer Brewing 101 at Bitter & Esters. Mmmmm……beer.


Having a blog that at times features all kinds of local events in the NYC area, along with many terrific spots to drink and dine at, does open up the door to some pretty awesome opportunities that I have been approached with. One that I just could not pass up was the chance to learn how to brew my own beer! Mmmm….beeeeer. Now, since I am such a fan of beer, this was right up my alley. How could I resist? I was going to learn how to make my own beer! I always wanted to try home brewing and become a brewmaster. Yay beer!

I was contacted by Vimbly, which is a website that offers all types of classes and activities, usually with a nominal fee, and some are even free! Classes ranging from archery to pizza making to ballroom dancing to specialized city tours, and many more. They asked me if I was interested in coming by to check out a beer brewing class in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn on Friday night. They were courteous and generously offered me two seats so my gal and I could attend and make a fun date night out of it. Brooklyn has such an entrepreneurial spirit to it that the place itself, a wonderful shop called Bitter & Esters, is a perfect fit for the area. This little brew supply shop carries everything the home brewer would need to become proficient in whipping up delicious craft beers, and runs classes to teach the beginner level person (such as myself) to the expert experienced brewer. Continue reading Home Beer Brewing 101 at Bitter & Esters. Mmmmm……beer.

Ya mon! Take a trip to The Islands for tastee Caribbean food!

Photo Credit - Dorian P - Yelp
Jerk chicken – Photo Credit – Dorian P – Yelp

Ya mon! Dis be an epic hole in the wall for tastee Caribbean food!

I felt like I was back in The Islands, as I was washed away to Jerk Chicken goodness. As we were at the nearby Brooklyn Museum on a Saturday night for a few hours our group was famished and needed some nourishment – stat! It was recommended by a friend that we hit this place up as the food is off the hook, and she was more than right!

Yes, there always seems to be a line at this place, and a hustling take out business going on. We waited for over an hour to get a table in the small upstairs dining room, and it was well worth it. The whole place is the size of a shoe box. It’s the epitome of “hole in the wall”. I love these kinds of spots. The upstairs attic dining area has about four tables in it, and a low ceiling that you almost bump your head on. The kitchen is a small spot up front manned by a few people who pump out terrific plates of love. Continue reading Ya mon! Take a trip to The Islands for tastee Caribbean food!

Let’s go ballin’ in Brooklyn! Skee Ball Mania in NYC!

Photo credit - Full Circle Bar
Photo credit – Full Circle Bar

Cheap beers in cans. Pretzels. Divey hipster atmosphere. SKEE BALL!!!!!!

Yup, a bar dedicated to that world-wide Olympic sport of Skee Ball. Well, not really a sport, or world-wide, but it should be. I remember pumping in many quarters at numerous arcades and seaside boardwalks over the years playing this game. Sometimes I am good at getting the balls in the hole, and sometimes I play like a blind man. It’s always a fun game and kind of addicting as anyone can play it.

Photo credit - Full Circle Bar
Photo credit – Full Circle Bar

Full Circle Bar caters to the Skee Ball community. Yes, they have a dedicated community. Who knew? Damn son, they even have competitive leagues here, trophies, memorabilia case, and a newsletter! Four gloriously pristine Skee Ball lanes. Don’t eff with these ballers as they are serious about their sport! Continue reading Let’s go ballin’ in Brooklyn! Skee Ball Mania in NYC!