Casual Observances & Demented Thoughts

My mind works in mysterious ways at times. My eyes see things that make me ponder the meaning of life. That, or just makes me think people around me are totally cray cray!

How is it that I can hear your music blasting through your ear buds while we are on the subway? I am also listening to my tunes with an ipod and can still hear yours. Enjoy the hearing loss buddy. Sucks that your hearing was ruined by the Black Eyed Peas or some weird grunting screaming death metal.


Why is the local deli I go to in the mornings on the way to work playing Christmas music already? It’s still November. Not even Thanksgiving! They have been playing it over a week now. Soon we will be hearing it the morning after Labor Day! Gotta get that holiday shopping in early!



Which brings me to Black Friday. Hellz no! Ain’t no way in heck you will see me anywhere near a store on that day. Look up the words “self torture” and Black Friday should be listed under it. Can’t people just enjoy a day off and not shop for a day? Most of the deals are a sham anyway. Plus, the people jamming into these stores make the “People of Walmart” look good.

Dude, you’re not LL Cool J back in the 90’s, nor are you in a gang. Stop rolling up your one pants leg! You’re working in a freaking Subway. Now make my sammich!



Yet, I also still see the baggy-ass pants dudes walking around. Pants barely hanging on dropping down to their thighs while showing off their nasty underwear. Crotch down to their knees. C’mon guys, this is just a dumb look and is so over. Pull up your pants already – you’re a grown man! (Now if only I can get my uncle to stop doing it)

Why do people order a small diet soda to go along with their Whopper or Big Macs and large fries?

For the love of all things holy please stop wearing crocs. These are the ugliest footwear items ever. Mario Batali wears them. Look at him. Look. Case closed

Why would any man in his right mind date Taylor Swift? You just know she is counting down the minutes in her head to when you break up with her. She has lyrics to a new song she will release the minute you say goodbye that will crush your manhood and make you undateable. It will be a million seller. Game over. Welcome to hell.

Face it, you still want to go after that wishbone in the turkey, don’t you? That, and you still crave the cranberry sauce in a can. (my bad, as that last one is me) On that last note hope you all have a happy, if not totally crazy, Thanksgiving with friends and family.




6 thoughts on “Casual Observances & Demented Thoughts”

    1. Hahahahaha! Love that pic! Red crocs? In the jungle? That would drive me nuts too! Thanks for reading!

  1. Oh how you got me going once again, just as my blood pressure was calming down. Sometimes I feel like abusing (just a little bit 🙂 those that play their ipods so loud it’s like you’re out clubbing (those were the days). Maybe they are deaf and that’s why they have to play it so loud, huh.

    Christmas is truly on it’s way as I watch those around me spend, spend and spend a little more, whilst I wait for the last minute bargains to come my way, as Christmas is not for me, he he. Then comes the dreaded after affects for many of the not so lucky ones = debt! I don’t think some people realise they have to pay for those goods.

    Oh boy, you are so right about the nasty underpants. Never white are they? Anyway, maybe I’ll disguise myself and do a drive-by slap with a wooden spoon for a couple of hours this weekend, ha ha ha. It just drives me nuts.

    Almost forgot about the small diet soda, it makes you feel healthy whilst eating all that junk.

    I feel much better now, Thanks. 🙂
    Always guaranteed a laugh on here.

    1. Hey Rum Punch! Glad I made you laugh and raised your blood pressure at the same time! Thanks for reading and the comment. Yeah, I hold off on Christmas shopping until the end. Still deals out there, and there’s always gift cards!

    1. Glad you agree! The turkey head? I think it’s a new dating ritual. You eat your way through to the first kiss!

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