Butter Lane NYC – cupcakes & frosting & icing shots! Oh My!

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Peanut Butter and Banana cupcake, Cream Cheese and Chocolate cupcake, Cinnamon Honey and Banana cupcake, and a French Chocolate and Vanilla cupcake.

OMG! Peanut butter frosting with mini marshmallows on banana cake cupcake for the win!

Yeah, this was another of my many drunken excursions while stumbling around the East Village. I figured if I brought some home I would not get into too much trouble. Thank goodness these Butter Lane cupcakes rocked, as my plan worked perfectly. Heh-heh-heh!

As I walked past this small little shop of sugary goodness I was drawn in by the aroma of baked glorious-ness! The concept is pretty simple when ordering up your treats – you choose a cupcake base and then choose a frosting. Cake bases are vanilla, chocolate, or banana. Frostings are a pretty wide range from vanilla, blueberry, raspberry to cream cheese, peanut butter, cinnamon honey, etc. So many choices to mix and match that I needed a little help putting my cupcakes together in the buzzed state I was in by the friendly counter lady.

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Peanut Butter and Banana cupcake, Cream Cheese and Chocolate cupcake, Cinnamon Honey and Banana cupcake, and a French Chocolate and Vanilla cupcake. Wow! Wow! Wow! By the time I got this box of deliciousness home it was well past 10pm and they were all surprisingly fresh and moist. AH-MAZING! My favorite was the Peanut Butter, a la “The Elvis”. I am a peanut fanatic and that frosting with the mini marshmallows was Heaven. The cake was soooo moist and tasty. In fact, each cupcake was unique and had their own flavor sensation. The Cinnamon Honey actually had a dollop of sweet honey on it. The Cream Cheese was incredibly rich and creamy. I have to admit that they are on-point with their frostings here. At $3 a pop they are a bit pricey but pretty much the norm when it comes to NYC cupcake shops nowadays.

They also offer “icing shots” for $1, just in case you have a sudden craving for a certain flavor of icing straight into your mouth. You can also get a free frosting shot if you like them on Facebook! Boy oh boy, your tastebuds will thank you!

The location itself is small and quaint. Really nice and helpful staff, small counter to knosh at, and a wooden bench outside to kick back on and enjoy a treat. Plus, they play some good music here too. I really have to go back here to try out more cupcake concoctions, but I’m not sure if my ever expanding waistline will allow it!

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34 thoughts on “Butter Lane NYC – cupcakes & frosting & icing shots! Oh My!”

  1. I’d go for the Cream Cheese, without any hesitation. Not sure about those shots of icing though, that sounds like something I’d only do if I were heading there straight from the neighborhood bar.

    1. Hey Karen!

      Seems like the cream cheese is popular! Drunk icing shots do sound like a plan. Drunk belly button icing shots even better! 😉

  2. Heaven I tell you!! The peanut butter with mini marshmallows sound perfect . We have a Sprinkles and they also do frosting shots. Soooo yummy.

  3. Icing shots kinda sounds disgusting. The cupcakes sound pretty good, though. Of course I have a husband who makes key lime cupcakes, peach cupcakes, Reece’s peanut butter cupcakes and Malt ball ones…so I rarely have to stray to a bakery (Which is a good thing since I have no idea where the nearest cupcake place is to my house).

    1. Hy Kitt!

      You lucky dog! You have a baker in house!

      Also, I can picture some erotic things that can be done with icing shots! Use your imagination as I know you can! 😉

    1. Hello UP!

      Pie is good! I had blueberry pie last night – my fav! Wish it as all fat free with zero calories with the same taste. One can dream.

  4. I love a really good cupcake and thoses look amazing. Cream cheese and chocolate wow, glad I am not state side that might be worth a train trip.

    1. Hey Guy!

      I am sure they probably get sick of all the sweetness after a while. Yet if I worked at McD’s I would never get over their French fries!

  5. Chocolate raspberry! Please mail one to Chicago. I don’t condone it every day, but once in awhile… a cupcake just makes a day perfect. You find the coolest places and describe them so well — I hope some of the owners *cough,cough* take notice and slide a contraband cupcake your way!

    1. Hey Jean!

      I would mail you one but would probably eat it first!

      Thanks for the compliment. I have a lot more coming. Maybe some owners will read this and hook me up!

  6. OMGosh.. those look like heaven!! I would love to try the Peanut Butter and Banana cupcake and the Cream Cheese and Chocolate cupcake! Funny they call it the Elvis.. I happened to think about a fried peanut butter and “nana” sandwich when I read this. lol My son would LOVE the icing shots!

    1. Hey Tree!

      They taste great for sure! I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches. We have a place here in the city called Peanut Butter and Co that makes it!

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