Buffalo Wing battle in upstate NY! Duff’s vs Anchor Bar.


In the battle of the Buffalo Wings Duff’s Famous Wings totally blows Anchor Bar away!

At least that’s my opinion, but you know what they say about a-holes and opinions. Also, my a-hole had nothing to do with my taste buds during this trip to upstate NY. I had a chance to try them both while in town for a few days recently. Both spots could not be anymore different. Much has been said regarding the Buffalo Wing supremacy when it comes to these two iconic bastions of wing debauchery. My vote goes to Duff’s!

Anchor bar is where you go as a tourist to say you ate wings at the place that invented them. It’s an old bar with great memorabilia and old motorcycles hanging on the walls. The dining area is straight out of some old Catskills looking joint and looks it’s age. 

Photo credit – Duff’s Famous Wings

Duff’s is where the locals and people in the know go to chow down on better tasting meatier wings where they have improved on the original recipe. The dining area is brighter and cleaner looking with just some old framed black and whites on the walls showcasing it’s history. Even on a midweek evening the place was packed and there was a short wait but it was so worth it the moment I bit into one of those juicy tasty wings. The waitress we had was super nice and attentive even though you could see they were running around here like crazy with the full house.


I did like that they offered some nifty combo platters here that included a plate of 20 wings, a pitcher of soda, and a monster bowl of crispy fries for only $24 which I thought was a good deal, and perfect for two people to share. Of course, celery, carrots, and bleu cheese came with it. The wings here are fat, moist, and flavorful with just the right amount of crispiness the way we like them. Beware the wing sauces here as they are hot! We were pretty much stuffed after this gluttonous feast!

Go to Anchor Bar for the history, then go to Duff’s for a taste of better Buffalo Wings.

Duff’s Famous Wings – http://www.duffswings.com/


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Being up in Buffalo for a few days you just know we had to do the touristy thing and check out the wings at Anchor Bar. Heck, it’s the birthplace of one of my favorite snacks when watching a game. Chicken wings! You just can’t go to Buffalo without hitting up the place that started it all. Unless you’re a vegan. Then don’t bother. Nothing here for you folks. More for us carnivores thank you very much!

It’s a great looking bar with a lot of history behind it. It does look it’s age. Plenty of pictures of major celebrities, sports stars, and dignitaries all over the walls. Memorabilia everywhere. Some great motorcycles are also displayed around the bar hung above. Very cool. It’s the kind of place American Pickers would love.

Photo credit – Facebook Anchor Bar page

Plenty of seating with a few different dining rooms. This place is very deceiving from the outside. As with most touristy types of places there is even a souvenir shop in here with all kinds of swag – shirts, hats, etc. You just know a joint has jumped the shark when they install a souvenir store. The bathroom was kind of nasty and hot as a sauna. I guess it’s par the for course with these kind of old places. The service was ok if a bit on the slow side but our waitress was nice.


As for the main reason to come here – the wings. Eh, they were just ok. Decent sauce and the wings were a good size but cooked not as crispy as we requested. A bit pricey for what they offer but I figure you’re paying for the tourist factor of this spot. At least a pint of Labatt’s was only $3 which is a win in my book coming from overpriced NYC. As far as their wings go they are ok overall but at this point I have had better in many places around Manhattan where I live.

If visiting in town I guess you go here for the history and the fact just to say you ate wings at the place that started it all. A touristy “must do”.

Anchor Bar – http://anchorbar.com/


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28 thoughts on “Buffalo Wing battle in upstate NY! Duff’s vs Anchor Bar.”

  1. FILBIO!!!! Did you miss me as much as I missed you and your blog comments?

    [Answer ‘no’ and there will be consequences. I’ll be lurking and waiting to pounce on your comments on those blogs we both frequent.]

    Thanks for the heads up on the original bar. I don’t pay for touristy. I’ll spend my bucks where my taste buds will do a happy dance.

    We made our own rockin’ good chicken wings last night. Grilled. Coated with Defcon sauce (Get it shipped from New Jersey, so you know it’s GOTTA be good.) & back on the grill to char that sauce. YUMMERS!!!!

  2. Those wings from Duffs do look meatier and tastier than the OG wings at Anchors. You folks in NYC pay $24 for 20 wings, soda, and fries? Make that a pitcher of Guinness Stout and you might get that down here in downtown Houston…man, you guys get raped without even getting mugged up there!

      1. I get ‘saucy’ paying .50 per wing here for crappy one’s with even crappier sauce…Good thing here in H-town, we love food and are considered the dine-out capital, so options are plentiful and the competition for pricing is as stiff as …well, I cant say! lol

  3. Hot wings are sacred to me! lol 😉 I love them & have childhood memories of my Uncles taking me to places for platters of spicy delight!! Whereas I differ from them, is I like the hot ones, but also love the sweet & tangy!! Mouth’s watering now. And then there’s the bleu cheese & celery!! Oh God how I love Bleu Chees & Celery! And there it goes. Every freaking time I visit your blog, I end up in the kitchen! lmao 😉 great post my friend, running to grab a bite to eat!! Ha 😛
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