Brooklyn Fried Chicken Hipster Style

Lately I have kicked back on my diet and training a bit to help heal up a few nagging injuries. Sure, I am itching to get back on my normal workout schedule, but in the meantime I’m having some fun enjoying myself and partaking in some high-caloric delicious food finds. This weekend we decided to get some Christmas shopping done and wanted to support some of our small local businesses. A great spot to explore and hunt out some unique boutiques are in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. For us it’s a pretty easy trek as we jump on the #4,5, or 6 subway to the L train to Bedford Ave. It leads right into the heart of “Billyburg” as the L train is known as the “Hipster Express” to me and many others. There are so many terrific little places to shop as the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well here, along with many delectable spots to eat and drink!

After walking around for some time at a local holiday market spending cash at the vendors selling their wares we headed over to check out a fried chicken joint called Pies N Thighs. We were really hungry at this point and were craving some comfort food on a cool evening to close out our weekend. Plus, we had heard some good things about this place from friends who had been there. Well, it certainly did not disappoint!

We were led to a back dining room but as we passed the open kitchen I had to admire the baskets of fresh baked biscuits taunting me to attack them – “Come at me bro!” After taking a seat and placing our orders I could not wait to dig in. We both had the Fried Chicken Box – three pieces of chicken, a biscuit, and side. Mac & cheese and hush puppies we chose. Lemonade to drink. When it was placed on our table I thought “Holy chicken breast Batman this is a lot of food!”

The chicken was off the hook good. The batter was light and crispy. The meat was moist and juicy. Just the right amount of greasy, and a must to just dig in with your fingers and tear into. It really tasted delish! The hush puppies were solid with some tarter sauce on them, while mac & cheese with some hot sauce on it was savory cheesiness. The biscuits were large and fluffy and eating with some honey on them made it even better. They do it right here! Just comfort food goodness.

Oh yeah, we had to save some room for dessert. Homemade pumpkin pie and banana cream pie were just ridiculous. You could tell these were made from scratch. The crusts and fillings were tasty, and both were just terrific.


They don’t fool around here. The service is tight. The tunes were bad ass chill. The fried chicken is on-point. The vibe is perfect for the hood it’s in. The prices reasonable. Glad it’s all the way in another borough or I would be eating here way too often. That, and I’d be about 400 pounds!

I really need to get my ass back in the gym. Salad and tuna week here I come.

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21 thoughts on “Brooklyn Fried Chicken Hipster Style”

  1. Next time you go, try the chicken on a biscuit! I pretend its healthier because its smaller. But good lawd that chicken is the shit.
    i have to block out of my mind that they are walking distance. Who knows the damage capable if they were open after a night at duffs…

  2. that fried chicken sure looks delish and succulent!! and chicken thighs are my favorite chicken part! i’m jealous! here in India, fried chicken isn’t that popular and i dont know about you but i like my fried chicken with lots and pots of gravy and in KFC India, they only serve an “Indianized” type of gravy which is well, more of like a curry sauce if you ask me.

    1. Thanks for reading. We love our fried chicken here. It is so good! Hey, I like curry sauce, but I guess you can get tired of it. At least you have KFC there!

  3. Well, how could you do this to me? I’m in the middle of East London watching all this food openly on show on your blog whilst you lot just sit there and say ‘it’s walking distance’ and ‘it’s in another borough’. How could life be so cruel to me? American’s know about portion sizes for a reasonable price too. The last American breakfast I had was the same as a weekly shop amount (exaggerated a tad here) but it was massive. So I can just imagine what the dinner sizes were like.

    Well, I’m off home now, with the right raving hump, after I take a last look at those pics again 🙁

  4. You make me want to go off MY diet and try this. *Sigh* Green drinks do not taste as good as this. You wrote these guys a great review-you should print it out, bring it to them and see if they’ll give you more of that fried chicken for free 🙂 Nice blog, glad to have met ya– Good luck with your injuries.

    1. Hey Lady J! I went off my diet really bad! The holidays kill me. It was worth it as the chicken was delicious. I have a sore shoulder and elbow that is feeling better so I need to get back in the gym. Thanks for the comment and nice words.

  5. Steady on there filbio310, surely you need to save some room for all that Christmas dinner? I try not to over indulge until the 25th December.

  6. When I lived in Williamsburg, people would be like “You’ve never been to Pies N Thighs?????!!!!!” and I’d be like… eh, fried chicken? Now I’ve read this and I’m sad I never went there.

    Check out Mable’s Smokehouse next time you’re in the ‘Burg.

    1. We love Mabel’s Smokehouse! Have been there many times! Delicious brisket and ribs! Pies & Thighs hit the spot for a fried chicken craving! Thanks for reading!

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