Boozy Gummy Bears and Comfort Food at Duke’s NYC!


There are those days when I just don’t feel like eating all healthy and nutritious. We have all had those days. When you just can’t eat another salad or baked fish plate. You’d almost rather eat a bowl of dirt with ice cream and chocolate syrup on it. I had one of those days recently where I threw the calorie counts out the window, and decided to go have a fun meal nearby at the newly opened Duke’s on the UES of NYC.

Walking in we were greeted by the friendly hostess and were offered any seat we wanted that were available. As it was early on a weekday the place was mostly empty. Took a seat at a booth and were quickly taken care of by a terrific waitress. She made some perfect recommendations for food and drinks and answered any question we had about the menu and specials.

My observations –

Cool 70’s/80’s pop and rock playing.

Fun roadhouse decor.

Flat screens everywhere. Must be a good football weekend spot.

Plenty of cocktail concoctions. Boozy Gummy Bears!

Happy hour half prices on select libations and appetizers.

Jello shots and syringes!

Popcorn shrimp and fried pickles.

They offer an option to use beer taps on the wall and pour your own pints. Fun little idea and a time saver if the place is crowded and your server is busy. You purchase a beer card and use it to register your beer pour. Kind of a standard beer list though as that needs improvement. I’m all about enjoying a tasty pint but nowadays bars really need to move away from the flavorless domestic brands and offer more variety. Perhaps a rotating weekly selection of better crafts with a few domestics and imports thrown in?

Self pour beer wall.

I must say though this is the place to eat comfort type food and down some brews.

I had the fish tacos and the platter was huge! We also started out with the popcorn shrimp and fried pickles. My gal had the fried chicken and waffles. We didn’t even pay attention to the calorie counts. I had a food baby when I left. I was quite surprised and happy to say everything tasted good and was well prepared. We’re not talking Michelin Star eats here, but just some decent old-fashioned down-home vittles to fill your belly.

What’s a few more miles on the treadmill the next day anyway, right?

Fish tacos and fried chicken & waffles.

We tried out some killer cocktails here, and I dug that they were served in mason jars adorned with gummy worms and alligators. They don’t skimp on the booze pour here I’m happy to report. Of course, we had to get a jar of Gummy Bears which were soaking up in more booze. That was our dessert!

Overall Duke’s is so much better than Big Daddy’s which used to be in this spot. It offers a much more adult kind of atmosphere here, even though the Upper East Side baby carriage crowd will still probably pack this place in for weekend brunch. Also, with the plentiful amount of flat screens hanging all around the place it makes for a dandy spot to chill out with friends for a few hours of football viewing. In the room opposite the dining area there is also a full bar with seating around it too, and more screens.

Don’t you dare come in here expecting to just eat a salad and stick to your diet!

Calories be damned!

Boozy gummy bears!



Duke’s NYC –

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  1. Sounds like my kind of joint. The fish tacos look good, that’s for sure. And the chicken and waffles … yum! I think I’d stick to the beer over the funky drinks, though!

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