Black Friday Madness!!!

Black Friday. Those two words together just give me the willies. It really makes me shudder in fear. Sorry, but I am not a fan. I’d rather just sit home this morning on my day off with a hot pot of coffee and in front of my computer while reading about all the crazies battling it out in Thunderdome for some cheap gadget, gizmo, or ugly sweaters.

I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving eve or today just to save a few bucks. I’m sorry, but it’s all over-hyped and just crazy.

Out of my way or I will crush you!

Not worth it to me to save some money. I see images and scenes of all those idiots swarming into stores and fighting over products and laugh. What happened to family and friends spending the day together on their day off? Even more so I also think it’s wrong to shop on Thanksgiving. You have to feel bad for those who work in retail and are stuck working during this madness. There will be a ton of sales going on as stores get desperate to hit revenue goals over the next month. Why rush out on the holiday to save a few dollars?

Does this look like fun?

As for me, I had a wonderful Thanksgiving stuffing my face into a food coma, drinking wine, relaxing and laughing with good friends. I had no inclination to rush out early to hit the stores on a holiday. I think that is just wrong. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a bit old fashioned that way. Life is short, and family/friend time is valuable to me. You can always go shopping but it’s not always as easy to see friends and family. Before you know it many will be gone, but stores will always remain.

I’M EFFING CRAZY for Black Friday!


Did anyone notice that the crazy Target lady is not on TV this year? In a way I miss her nutty commercials. She was deranged but kind of funny. I think their new commercials for this holiday season suck. Blah.





Hey, there’s always Cyber Monday! What else is there to do when we go back to work next week?




18 thoughts on “Black Friday Madness!!!”

  1. I’m with you. You have to be a bit psychotic to wade into the hell pit of shoppers on Black Friday. CNN told me (personally) that the best deals are not on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Depending upon your poison, the best shopping days may be two weeks before Christmas or the first couple of weeks in January.

    Who goes out at midnight to go shopping at a mega mall? Twisted people.

    1. That’s right! The better deals can be found right before Christmas and right after. I still laugh at people who camp out at midnight on Thanksgiving to go shopping! That’s nuts! I was in a food coma that night! Thank for reading!

  2. I agree with you 100%. I feel bad for the ones who must work on the holidays. And I have only ever been shopping on a Black Friday ONCE. Never again, it really isn’t worth it.

    1. I know, I always feel bad for those retail employees. I did the Black Friday thing a few years ago and also said never again! Those people are nuts! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I was a gift wrapper one holiday season in a high end department store. It’s amazing how many disturbed people want presents wrapped! When the line got long, well, it was always long because I have high wrapping standards. When the line got long the customers would start chattering just like a flock of birds. Then the supervisor would come and get very excited. Maybe he had a glandular problem. I think those holiday retail jobs are why people do crack and heroin. It sure influenced MY drug use!

    1. Hahaha! That’s pretty funny. Some of these people are disturbed to begin with. Add to that the holidays and they become more crazy! I worked in retail when in high school and would never go back. Thanks for reading and the comment!

  4. I shopped mostly online this year. That way I could stay in my pjs and still get great deals 🙂 I can’t believe all the people that camped out for days in front of Best Buys etc. That is just crazy!

    1. You and me both Frugal! At this point I pick up gift cards for presents too. I refuse to do the Black Friday craziness! Those people are nuts! Thanks for commenting!

  5. Thank God I came down with the Flu on Thanksgiving Day. We were supposed to be getting up at 5 AM to head to the mall. I started throwing up at 1 AM and my wife decided to go it alone. The only time I have ever been thankful for the Flu!

    1. Hey Matt! Sorry to hear you got sick but that is an ingenious way to get out of Black Friday shopping! Vomit for the win! Hope you are better now! Thanks for reading and the comment.

  6. Absolutely. No sale is worth the stampedes and stress! I’d rather pay a bit more money than deal with those crowds. That’s probably because I live in such a crowded city, but even if I lived elsewhere, I wouldn’t get up at 4 a.m. or some other crazy time of day to shop!

    1. Hey Tracy!

      I wrote this one last year and it still holds true. No way would I go shopping on Black Friday! That’s madness and not worth the savings.

      I’ll do it on-line or during off hours at the stores. I’ll enjoy my four day weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. You know what’s the real madness, we’ve got it over here too. In Germany. And nobody knows why!

    For the children perhaps!
    I’d rather go to the Christmas Market and drink glühwein!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      I can’t believe that craziness is over there too. I would also rather be in a bar drinking glühwein! We have a German bar in my neighborhood that serves it up during the holidays. Yum.

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