Black Friday, Cyber Monday, White Peeps? Bah! Humbug!


Now that we are firmly past Thanksgiving and heading fast towards Christmas I really have to breathe a sigh of relief that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are done and finished. I am not a fan of either. No way in heck will you find me shopping on Black Friday – the only shopping day of the year where there is a body count! Especially if you dare challenge your life expectancy by heading over to Walmart! From what I have read and seen on the news it’s like the zombie apocalypse unleashed and they are all attacking each other over a toaster. I just don’t get the attraction of hitting an overcrowded store on the same exact day that almost the whole population of the country packs into it. Obnoxious and unruly people, long lines, aggravation, screaming kids, and the list goes on and on. Many times the store runs out of advertised inventory, and more so because most special sales items are in limited supply. That why you have these idiots camping out overnight outside on the sidewalk to make sure they get that blender, ugly sweater, or B-grade flat screen on sale! Woo Hoo! Then, be prepared to be assaulted by throngs of the undead as they push themselves past the doors at opening time. Fun stuff!

downloadNah, nope, not me. No way. Hell no. I’d rather chill out at home, hit the gym, get some stuff done around the apartment, then go out for a nice dinner and cocktails. Much safer and mentally relaxing than fearing for my life at a mall or Walmart. I’m sorry, but the sales are not all that good, plus it’s just not worth my time and mental health to battle the hordes of annoying people that wait for this one day to save a few bucks. Personally, I don’t mind paying a bit more to shop in peace if needed. Also, don’t people realize that there will be a ton of sales offered between now and Christmas as retailers get more and more desperate to hit numbers? C’mon people, just chill out and enjoy a day off!


Then we have Cyber Monday which is a concept well past it’s shelf life. When a huge amount of people use the internet to purchase all kinds of products year around it really has lost it’s novelty. Plus, I heard from a few friends who did shop the web that the on-line discounts offered this time kind of sucked and not worth the effort. Let’s get real anyway – a lot of people use Cyber Monday to surf the net and goof off at work during this day. Please just kill off this outdated concept already and just offer good deals each week leading up to Christmas. This way we can shop on-line and goof off at work every day!


Ok, what is up with the bastardized Peeps I have been seeing out there? White snowman peeps? Blasphemy! To me there is only one type of Peep. The original yellow Peep. That super sweet sugary marshmallow concoction that I have a weird fetish for. Love me some Peeps. How I don’t have the beetus by now only Heaven knows. I have surely eaten enough of them. Maybe I should give those white bastards a try. Perhaps I fear also liking them too much. Along with the pink, blue, green, and other colors they have come out with. It’s a conspiracy I tell you!


One thing I do still love are the older holiday shows. You know, the ones with the stop animation puppets. Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town, Year Without a Santa Claus, Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer, etc. We own most of these specials. I can always watch them at this time of year, and it’s a much better way to enjoy my evening than fighting for my life at Walmart!

Of course these guys are still my favs!

32 thoughts on “Black Friday, Cyber Monday, White Peeps? Bah! Humbug!”

  1. OMG…I could not agree with your more about every single part of this post!!! I would rather pay full price for something than to deal with the insanity of Black Friday. I must admit, if there is a good Cyber Monday sale on something that I was already planning on purchasing, I may pick it up but I do not surf the internet looking for bargains. I have a seriously sick addiction to Peeps. Somehow, I have managed to convince myself that all the other ones except the the Yellow Chicks SUCK and only indulge during Easter time. That has worked so far. Those old Christmas shows are the BEST!!!

    On another note, you complimented my scrapbooking the other day and I tried to respond, but you are a “No-Reply Blogger”. I also tried to send a message on FB and that didn’t work either….bummer! Anyway, thank you very much! I do have a little side business…all of the albums that I have done are on FB. Just search Pictures and Pens. Have a great day and I love the snow coming down on the blog and your holiday header! 🙂

    1. Hey Julie!

      Thanks so much for dropping by and commenting!

      So glad you enjoyed my post and agree with me on so many points, especially when it comes to Peeps!

      I need to check my messages on FB. Just playing catch up now, but I’m sure I got it. Don’t know why I am no-reply. I love stalkers, um, commenters! ;-)_

  2. Mmm… peeps… those things are awesome and I agree they should only be chicks not all these other things they come out with. Whatever it takes to make a buck huh?

    By the way my hubby absolutely loves Snow Miser and Heat Miser, he walks around singing it all holiday season!

  3. You Grinch! Haha. I mostly agree with you–there are few things I actually think are worth buying on Black Friday.

    I will say, we once got a very good price on a laptop, around 3am coming home from Thanksgiving dinner. And this year we went shopping later on in the evening on BF and I got some clothes… but none of that mob mentality, waiting for the store to open crap. I will always choose online shopping over that mess, which I think Cyber Monday does a poor job of offering *great* prices. This year many online retailers’ deals lasted for days.

    Damn, I’m a Grinch, too. Oh well, at least we hit the gym and didn’t great trampled or in a fight!

    1. Hey Jean!

      Just call me Mr Grinch! 😉

      You are a brave woman hitting the stores on BF! Yeah, Cyber Monday is not all that anymore. Better off in the gym than in jail for beating a nother customer senseless!

  4. No sale is worth my time or effort (or safety!) on Black Friday. I like my warm and cozy home and slipping into a post-turkey coma. I shop early (like start in September early) so I don’t have to deal with the crowds and mass hysteria over holiday deals. So while everyone else is out shopping, I’m at home enjoying some Christmas cookies and hot cocoa. 🙂

    1. Hey Jessica!

      Safety first! I hear ya about staying at home on the couch in a food coma.

      September? You are insane! Smart, but insane. Hand me a cookie……

  5. I’m with you 100% on this, but then again I hate shopping in general. What I find ultra annoying is that I have to sit in traffic jams caused by cars lined up waiting to get into the parking lot of my local mall. I mean, really? Not a problem in Manhattan, I know…

    1. Hey Jill!

      Yeah, we just jump on and off subways here. We just have to deal with all the annoying hoardes of tourists mobbing the stores and streets this time of year. No mall shopping for us. Thank God!

  6. I think I actually said your entire first paragraph to my SIL on Thanksgiving day when she was trying to talk me into going shopping with her! Obvs I didn’t go. She did, and stood in line for 2 hours for a mini ipad. She got it for a great deal, or so she feels. That’s all that matters >> that the people who do it are happy with the exchange: what they are giving vs. what they’re getting back. They continue to shop on those days so I guess it is! It is not worth it to me. To each their own, right?

    1. Hey Beth!

      That two hours could have been well spend in a bar drinking cocktails!

      Not worth it for me either. There will be sales all the way to New Years, without the crazy crowds!

    1. Hey Mitzie!

      That’s a scene from the movie Bad Santa. I’ll keep it as my header until New Years. Love that flick.

      Yeah, white Peeps are just not right.

  7. Hey Phil, Agreed on the Black Friday- where all but very few items/deals are on revolving sale for the next couple of weeks- I have never and would never shop of Black Friday, its stupid. Cyber Monday, also stupid. Give me my sales when I want to shop, or, I’ll buy later, easy as that. Love the ‘Broadway Meisers’ Video!
    On a side line, Saw a great Post on BlogHer yesterday about many Blogs being difficult to comment on- requiring all sorts of hoops to comment- Gosh could I relate- it is my RANT! I spend much time, care, and interest reading folks blogs and when the commenting process does not go easy for me I become very unhappy- Gosh would I love to hear more RANTS on that one! People, make it easy for us to Comment! Easy as Like Right Here on The Regular Guy NYC!!!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      Stupid is as stupid does, right? If the sheep keep going the stores will keep doing it. Even on Thanksgiving day which is worse.

      Love Heat Miser and Snow Miser! Classics!

      Thanks so much for the comment about posting comments on blog sites. I also go through that on many blogs I read. I love my stalkers, uh, commenters!

  8. I didn’t venture out for Black Friday this year.. mainly because I didn’t have the money to spend. lol But, I’m one that loves the thrill and adventure of the day. I won’t fight anyone over an item, however, I will cuss someone out in a heartbeat if they take things out of my cart.. it’s happened before. lol Oh, and Heat Miser RULES!!

    P.S. I’ll remember you next time I get Peeps in my Easter basket.. ewww. lol

    1. Hey Tree!

      I would be irate if people took things out of my cart when shopping. You are a brave soul to go there on BF!

      Snow Miser is my guy, as I like the colder weather. Also, as long as they are yellow Peeps it is cool.

  9. Yanno, I actually worked in retail jail (Best Buy, haha!) during a Black Friday and it has scarred me to never even go near a shopping mall since then. That was back in 2009, totally all set with not saving on anything unless it’s a huge-ass TV set or getting trampled by crazy people (like the lady behind the first girl in the black shirt, eyes wide with psychotic adrenaline and I swear I can see Wolverine fangs expanding from her mouth, yeah her). It’s just a death wish to go out on Black Friday.

    I definitely agree on this entire blog post, though. It’s so true and hilarious (the pictures cracked me up xD) And yeah, I think you save more money by NOT going shopping the entire weekend and Cyber Monday, haha.

    1. Hey Sammy!

      LOL at Retail Jail!

      That description of the lady in the pic is spot-on! Black Friday is like the Walmart Hunger Games for shoppers!

      So glad you enjoyed this post and got a few laughs!

  10. I despise Black Friday and refuse to go NEAR a store on that day. Well, I’m one of the rare girls who hates shopping, period! Love your zombie references here–so true! I’m with you on the old Christmas shows–I still watch them even though my kids are all grown. Just gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling and takes me right back to being a little kid!

    1. Hey Mother!

      The old Christmas shows and specials are the best! Today’s tv shows just can’t compare.

      I did not go shopping at all from Thanksgiving until now, but I better start soon or I will be doing it during crunch time Dec 24!

  11. I have done the “shoot me now” Black Friday mall shopping with my MIL two times. OMG and that wasn’t even Walmart. I’ve never witness a shopping mob like that. The year the Wii was so hard to get and people were selling on eBay for $800 plus I was tempted but I just went everyday on my lunch break to different places. One day I took my lunch early up lucked up at Toys r Us – no drama. I did drive back to work like a zombie, I was in shock that I got one and it was that easy.

    1. Hey Kenya!

      I have done Black Friday in the past and swore it off forever. Too many crazies are out that day. It’s the “road rage” of shopping days!

      Seems like you really lucked out though.

  12. As one who used to work retail, you’re preaching to the choir. I’m so done with all the craziness of that weekend. I’ve never once been tempted to go out there as a customer and brave the stores/malls. It’s just not my bag. Honestly, if I could do all my holiday shopping online, I probably would.

    1. Hey Kitt!

      I did a stint in retail years ago and would never do it again, nor shop on that weekend. So not worth all the stress and aggravation to save a few bucks. People are crazy that weekend!

  13. Hi Guy, as you know, I’m a British girl living in Berlin (Germany), and generally minding my own business when…all over the city were signs about Black Friday. What the….?! In Germany. You know the funny part, nobody really knows what its all about. Like Halloween!
    To make matters worse, Berlin is already one of the cheapest places to live in with an enormously high standard of living and very low prices therefore, I was at home. Drinking champagne!

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