Big Gay Ice Cream Truck – the NYC Salty Pimp!

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All praise the Salty Pimp! Photo credit – Paul H – Yelp

The “SALTY PIMP” SMACKED me around like the HO that I am, and demanded that I get my man-gina out there and bring him more money! WRAP YOUR LIPS around that cone! You better work!

Now that I had the pimp-hand smack me around a bit I was ready for my first Big Gay Ice Cream truck experience. Waiting on line in anticipation I was contemplating which creative concoction to try – the Salty Pimp, Bea Arthur, Gobbler, CoCoCone, Wasabi Cone, or the Monday Sundae. All have really inventive toppings and flavorings added to the wonderfully creamy and airy vanilla ice cream. There is no real way to describe this ice cream. It is worlds apart from Mr Softee, crazily better then many gelato stands, and beats the heck out of Pinkeberry and Tasti D-Lite. If there is one ice cream truck you should bring visiting friends and family to on a hot summer day it is this one. Hands down.

biggNow the thought of licking Bea Arthur was kinda weird, and having a Gobbler at a truck called Big Gay Ice Cream was just not my thing, so I had to get the Salty Pimp. The cone is lined with nutella (awesome!), filled with soft vanilla ice cream, Dulce de Leche, sea salt, and dipped in chocolate.

The cone is $5 and totally worth it, as this thing is huge, (insert joke here) and hard to get your mouth around. It will end up dripping down your fingers as you lick in salty glory. OHHHH MYYYYY!!!!

Yes, there is a long line to get your favorite ice cream. Each time I have walked by this truck there is always a line. It moves quickly and the guys who run the truck are great. Innovative flavors and toppings, wonderful tasting ice cream, and a cheap treat to boot.

The “SALTY PIMP” has made me his moneymaker. I better get out there and shake my booty for a few tricks to earn my treats!

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28 thoughts on “Big Gay Ice Cream Truck – the NYC Salty Pimp!”

  1. OMG! I want the salty pimp right now. The Bea Arthur looks delicious too. I’m telling you- i’m adding this to my list. I will not know where to start when I ever get back to NY!

    1. Hey Holli!

      We all want a Salty Pimp in our lives! I have a lot more coming for your list too! Still, I just can’t eat Bea Arthur. That image is upsetting.

  2. This is such a great idea! I wanted a Bea Arthur as soon as I read the ingredients…then I finished the post and wanted them all…mawhahahaha.

  3. Thanks for the lovely comment on my post on The District! I am a devoted Big Gay follower, and have taken multiple friends from out of town to experience their first Salty Pimp. One of my absolute favorite desserts in NYC!

    1. Hey Margaret!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting! The Salty Pimp is a damn good cone. Let me know how to follow your blog too. We UES’ers need to keep in touch!

      1. I’m not sure — if you use wordpress you can follow through there — there’s an option that appears at the top of my blog if you’re logged in. Otherwise I guess I’m going to have to look into RSS or email subscription options!

        1. Hi Margaret!

          I did follow with that, but you should also set up other ways that people can follow your blog updates. Email and Twitter are some, and email is pretty easy to set up on a wordpress blog. I like email as I can get updates on my phone and keep track of what blogs have updated.

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