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Is it just me or am I noticing such a total lack of respect from not just younger kids nowadays, but also grown adults? Now, I don’t want to sound like an old fart complaining about the younger generation, or a self-righteous ass thinking the worst of every grown person around me, but it is really concerning to me what is wrong with people that they can’t even be considerate to each other anymore. I travel a lot and this is not just a NYC thing – it’s everywhere.


Money Matters

I don’t get people nowadays. All you hear is how everyone is worried about the economy, rising taxes, huge bills to pay, job worries, and assorted financial problems. Yet, when it comes to saving money or being frugal many of these same people have no clue or actually refuse to be proactive in their financial lives. They go paycheck to paycheck and spend frivolously with no regards to putting much if anything away. Hey, I’m no Donald Trump and don’t own much, but over the years I squirreled away enough to hold me and my fiancée over in case of hard times.

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The Changing Seasons

Now that fall has arrived here in the Northeast the temperatures are dipping, the sunny days are shorter, and it also becomes a good time to re-evaluate eating habits. It’s very easy to fall into that trap of eating more of a comfort food diet during the colder weather while consuming many more calories. We all become creatures of habit and hibernate a bit during the fall and winter season as the warmer sunny days dwindle away. That being said, it’s also a good time to try out different varieties of food, and there are many vegan options out there to discover, especially when one gets tired of the “meat and potatoes” meals many of us eat in the winter season. One such place I discovered recently was Cafe Blossom located in the West Village, NYC. I openly admit to being a ravenous carnivore and prefer meat based meals, but many times over the past few years I have found a few vegan restaurants to be highly acceptable to my palate while serving up delicious plates of  meatless fare. Eating vegan is good for a chance of pace, while also being on the healthier side, and can taste flavorful too. Here is a recent discovery of mine that I was awarded Review Of The Day on Yelp for. 

Cafe Blossom –

I know that I should eat a bit more of a “cleaner” diet and sometimes I get the urge to try out going vegan/vegetarian, but the meat eater in me is in a constant battle with that thinking. It’s like I have a devil sitting on one shoulder and an angel on the other constantly at odds. Well, at least for one night the angel won. Cafe Blossom made me totally think that I could actually enjoy the organic vegan lifestyle. Too bad I could never really cook the delicious plates that I tasted last night!

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Hello world!

Welcome to “The Regular Guy NYC”. As a normal semi-level headed dude living and playing in New York City this is a pandora’s box of a website to talk about and explore opinions and views of life in the big city and beyond. Food, fun, booze, culture, sports, health, life, etc. It’s all open game here. 

Take it from a life long New Yorker – it’s never normal!