An ode to Mother’s Day. The Good, The Bad, and The Embarrassing.


Being that it’s Mother’s Day and there are so many ways we can tell them how much they mean to us, I thought it also fitting to highlight and give a well earned shout out to all the different types of Moms out there. After all, we come from mutiple backgrounds, families, and locals that suffice to say each Mom is unique in her own right. We all think our Mom is the best, and why shouldn’t we? She has done so much for each of us out there, sacrificed a lot, and always was there in our times of need and support. On the same flip of the coin, well, there are some Mom’s that make us scratch our heads and wonder if we actually came out of her womb. Yup, there are times when Mom can be downright embarrassing and we cringe at some of the things she says and does. Either way, she is still our Mom and we love her.

“Mom! Put down the bottle of Jack! For God’s sake I am not going to friend you on Facebook! Holy crap – when did you get that tattoo on your forehead? What? What do you mean I’m adopted?”

I really hope my Mom does not read my blog. I might be disowned soon. Love you Mom!

We all fear the “She’s a bit demanding Mom“.


There’s the “She’s a bit young and maybe a reality TV Mom“.


The “Sarcastic Mom that I really hope is not being serious Mom“.


Then there is the “I brought you into this world and it was painful what you put me through resentful making you feel guilty Mom“.


The “I still want to party like a rockstar and horny like a pornstar embarrassing Mom“.


Can’t forget about the “You might have been conceived in the hot tub blackout drunk mom“.


We really want to forget the “What the Hell are you doing with your hand in that pic Mom“.


Some of us recall the “Highly inappropriate parenting skills Mom.”


The always cringe inducing “My guy friends better stop calling my Mom a MILF“.


As always, the best Mom is the “Mom who loves you no matter what you do in life and believes in you“.


On this day where we pay tribute to Mothers everywhere be sure to send them a card, flowers, and maybe take them out for lunch. Or a stiff drink. Lord knows she needs one considering some of the stuff we put them through growing up!


Happy Mother’s Day Mom! Thanks for all you have done for me. I sure hope you’re not reading my blog. If so, please remember that not all of these are referring to you.

“Mom – put down that knife! I was only kidding!”

38 thoughts on “An ode to Mother’s Day. The Good, The Bad, and The Embarrassing.”

  1. I’m sure your mom is as cool as you are and probably would laugh as hard as the rest of us did at this post. On a side note I got a card that had the “good mom let’s you lick the mixer, great mom turns it off first” Hopefully I’m in the great mom category (most of the time)!

  2. Posters like these are the reason the Cosmos chose to give me grown, well-adjusted stepchildren instead of my own babies.

    They knew who to call for advice money! and who would cover for them with their dad.

    I didn’t realize what a push over I was until my Grandson — seven at the time — said, “Wow! That’s the first time I’ve heard you say ‘no!'”

    My mom? A feisty little spitfire who told us her job was to raise us to be independent and not to depend on ANY man. Mom wasn’t into thinking about or talking about the obvious benefits men bring to the life experience game. IYKWIM

    1. Hey Gloria!

      I’ll admit we always went to mom for the important stuff to get what we wanted.

      Mom knew how to take care of us. She also put the fear of God into us once in a while. I remember a few times getting smacked with a yardstick or wooden spoon!

  3. Your mom doesn’t have time to read your blog, she’s reading vampire porn like all the cool moms. I’m sure she’s the bomb diggety. Hope you had a great Moms day.

    1. Hello Joy!

      I don’t want to use the word “Mom” and “Porn” in the same sentence! Not my Mom!

      Unless I’m watching Brazzers or something like that where porn stars are involved. That is acceptable!

  4. So funny Phil but you’d better believe that your mum reads your blog and beg for mercy! My boy says that I embarrass him ‘cos I tend to sing and also do a foxtrot. While shopping happily, I’m not alone as I met an American mum yesterday, who does the same LOL!

    1. Hey Victoria!

      Why do moms love to embarrass us kids? I think there is an evil gene in all of you that comes out at the worst times.

      If my mom reads this I’m not answering the phone for a few weeks.

      1. LOL! I used to tell my son that I had “mummy power” and that I was a witch. He’s 12 now and showing signs of teenage tantrum behaviour, but I realize that he sometimes still believes it. You’ve got to leave them wanting more!

  5. Aww….I would be proud if my son could write something so hilariously right on…but I think he’s seen me be a little bit of ALL of those types of mom over the years…seriously, he’s never shocked at what his mom might do!

      1. Gosh no…he doesn’t even hide his stash…and at age 19 you can only imagine what all that entails…we get along famously!

  6. LOVE this! I really love all the memes/photos. I’m guessing your mom has a great sense of humor and will take it all in stride. Plus, she has to love you anyway. That’s the whole “unconditional” part.

    1. Hey Jill!

      Glad you got a good laugh. Not sure my mom will if she sees this. I guess I’ll find out my next visit to their house. If they moved with no forwarding address I think that will lend a clue!

  7. Those are some pretty accurate mom-isms for some people I actually know.

    I hope you mom has a good sense of humor (I’m sure she does given the nature of your posts), especially if she does follow your blog.

    My mom is the one who taught me to drink. And to swear. She was great that way. God I miss her.

    Thanks for sharing a new twist on mother’s day.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    1. I get it honestly from my moms too Patricia…she was quite the character and I’m just like her and proud of it!

    2. Hey Patricia!

      She should know me by now and my warped sense of humor! I hope she knows I goof a lot. If not, I might have to find a new mom!

      One that drinks and swears a lot! 🙂

    1. Hey Hazy!

      I hope my mom gets a laugh out if this. Otherwise, there will be no more invites to holiday dinners at their house! I might be in trouble. 🙂

  8. Phil – nice collection….. I especially like the last one – and the first… they all had me smiling. I am certain there are times when my mom had wished she had dropped me off on some one else’s doorstep. But, I’m glad she didn’t. My mom reads my blog so I have to be careful what I say… I can’t wait ’til she sees her photo with us three on the latest post. I am sure your mom has got a pretty good sense of humor – where else would you have gotten from? Have a great week!

    1. Hey Clay!

      Glad you got a smile out of them! Not sure my mom did if she saw this. I’m kind of scared to talk to her right now. Maybe I’ll wait a few days to see if she knows I was joking!

  9. Oh Phil, I can see you are one of those funny sons, lol! I bet your Mom did get a kick out of your Post. Now here’s the clincher- did she tell you how creative you are too, and what a good writer you are? Aw, come on now, I’ll bet if she didn’t, its just what she was thinking! Happy Mother’s Day to Mom, hope she had a great day!

    1. Hey Peggy!

      I hope she had a good day too! I still have not heard back from her since. Hope she didn’t read this. I also hope dad kept the rifle and shotgun locked away.

  10. This is so hilarious and true! I just realized I’m the Sarcastic Mom and I’m pretty sure my kids would agree….haha! I do not for a second believe that your mother is not reading your blog. In fact, she probably prints it out and distributes it throughout her neighborhood…this is the sort of thing proud mommas do to their young.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      I’m happy you agree! Glad you laughed. If my mom is really reading this and showing other moms there might be a price out on my head next time I go down to FL and visit her!

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