Ahoy Matey! Partying on NYC’s Frying Pan. Summer Fun!


Ahoy Matey! Shiver me timbers and swab the poop deck! Thar be a bar on the high seas called the Frying Pan!

Seriously, how can you live on the island of Manhattan and not take some time to enjoy cold drinks and a fun crowd during a nice day on the water? The Frying Pan is a terrific place to kill an afternoon and evening partying on the Hudson. The views are spectacular – the Hudson, boats, kayakers, skyline lit up at night, the setting sun, and even New Jersey looks good! The crowd is diverse and you can find all types on board – young, old, tourists, city folk, hot guys and gals – whatever floats your boat.


Now that Spring has finally showed up and the weather is getting warmer we can shed our Winter blues and head outside to enjoy life. Can’t wait to hit up the Frying Pan again. We went here on Sunday during Memorial Day weekend and the weather was warm and sunny. With the breeze coming off the water it felt about 10 degrees cooler which made it very comfortable. From our great table we scored on the edge of the boat the soft rocking of the waves made me wish I had a hammock to chill out in and lulled into a nap. The whole place was crowded, but there always seemed to be a lot of coming and going, so it wasn’t hard to score a table and chairs at all. You just have to circle around and do “the hover” for a few minutes. The whole place is huge with seating up top, on the boat, on the barge, everywhere, and yet it was still packed.

Bucket of six Corona’s for $35 was a bit pricey but expected. Had the grilled chicken pita wrap that comes with a salad for $10 – not bad and was passable. Had to order the French fries on the side and they are terrific – Old Bay seasoning – yummy! Just kicking back and enjoying a cold beer while people watching on a boat on a warm sunny day is always a pleasurable experience. Sure, one that comes with a price tag but this is NYC, so it’s expected.

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Basically, this is a floating barge and dive bar. Don’t expect a high-end experience here. Still, it is a super fun way to spend a warm hazy day on the water. The bathrooms are an abomination, the drinks and food are a bit pricey, the lines to get in can be long (but move quickly), the crowd can sometimes get on your nerves, and the service can be a bit confused. If you can be easy going and get past the few wrinkles here you can enjoy yourself. Go for the views, people watching, and drinking fun. Also, don’t forget sunblock as it can get quite sunny out there during the summer!

l (3)Have a partying good time on board this ship of debauchery or Capt Jack Sparrow will cast you down into Davey Jones’ locker!

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21 thoughts on “Ahoy Matey! Partying on NYC’s Frying Pan. Summer Fun!”

  1. Good Lord! There are so many different logos in that picture of you that I feel like I’m looking at a Nascar race car. LOL! As for the boat…it sounds like a good, relaxing time. By the way, there are actually 2 restaurants in Nassau, Bahamas called “The Poop Deck” so your pirate speak got me giggling.

  2. That does look like fun, except the boat looks over packed. How does one get around with all those people there? My family will be in NYC this summer, can’t wait to go.

    1. Hey Susana!

      It’s fun but the crowds are part of the deal. Not the ting to do if you can’t handle crowds. But a fun way to spend te day!

  3. And that’s a guy saying that the bathroom’s are an abomination. Yikes! Other than that, it looks like a fun place to hang out.

  4. Even makes New Jersey look good? Seriously, Phil? lol I’ll let that one slide. 😉 But, really.. that looks like a good time. Definitely a bit pricey on the beers, but probably worth it just for the ambiance.

    1. Hey Tree!

      LOL – poor Jersey. We do like to make fun! 😉

      It’s pricey buy a cool way to spend a Sunday afternoon on the water when nice out.

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