A proper British pint on the UES – Jones Wood Foundry

Photo Credit  -Jones Wood Foundry

Photo Credit -Jones Wood Foundry

Just an amazing British gastropub on the Upper East Side that breaks all barriers in the land of annoying frat boy sports bars. There are only a few times in life when one walks into a new place and experiences sheer awesomeness. When that happens you just feel all

Photo Credit Jones Wood Foundry

Photo Credit Jones Wood Foundry

The bar area is narrow, dimly lit, and sexy. Only two small flat screens above the bar. Cool techno / dance type music playing in the background, but not too loud. Dark wood decor with a hint manliness and testosterone but inviting to both men and women. Comfy couch area near back of bar to lounge upon. Large back room dining area separated from the bar by a cool sun room dining area with a long communal table in it – great for a group gathering. The decor is outstanding back there and you feel as if you are dining in someone’s home in the UK. Comfortable and inviting and you would never know from looking at it from the outside.

Back dining room - Photo Credit Jones Wood Foundry

Back dining room – Photo Credit Jones Wood Foundry

Of course, for the ladies, I have to mention that all the bartenders here are hot model type guys! Each time I have been here I have watched all the women unwrap the eye candy behind the bar. Hot British bartender that looks like McSteamy from Grays Anatomy? Check. Cool tattooed Brit with spiked hair? Check. Australian surfer dude? Check. Tall dark and mysterious Brit with thin beard? Check. There is something for all the ladies here if that is what spikes your punch! These guys also love the ladies and are very friendly. Guys, keep an eye on your chick when you go to the bathroom!

Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips

I have had the fish and chips here on a few occassions and enjoyed it very much. They offer two types – cod and haddock. Both are prepared just right. Large portions and served on a wooden tray. Very cool. They have both a dinner menu and what they call the “Toast” menu which is the British version of bar food. Get the hot crumpets and thank me later! Dessert is a must! Inventive and traditional options both at the same time. I once spoke to a person next to me who was eating Bangers and Mash and he said it was terrific. They also serve brunch.

Crumpets with lemon curd

Crumpets with lemon curd


Pickled pear and stilton blue cheese

Pickled pear and stilton blue cheese






I must mention that the beer selection is superb. Only craft and British standards on tap and bottle. Love the fact that I can get a pint of Ommegang Rare Voss, or a pint of Boddingtons, or Fullers in the same seating. Wonderful. Plus, I have to mention that when I was here recently I was offered a few beers on the house. Stu (McSteamy) and Wes (tattooed cool guy) were working the bar and I was chatting with them. Before I knew it Wes was hooking me up with a few pints of  Rare Voss. These guys know how to take care of a customer!

Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie

The only drawback I can see is that it is a bit pricey here, but worth it. Draft beers run $7-$10. Fish and chips are $22. Great overall menu but you surely pay for it. Also, no hard liquor here, but they have a decent wine selection, and wine cocktails are from Meaghan Dorman of Raines Law room. Talk about mixology star power!

Communal Room - Photo Credit Jones Wood Foundry

Communal Room – Photo Credit Jones Wood Foundry

Jones Wood Foundry is a wonderful addition to the UES bar scene. Perfect spot to end a night out, enjoy a terrific meal, go to when too lazy to head downtown, or to take a date – just don’t leave her alone with the bartenders!

Photo Credit Jones Wood Foundry

Photo Credit Jones Wood Foundry





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22 Responses to A proper British pint on the UES – Jones Wood Foundry

  1. UP

    I love Fish ‘n’ Chips! Actually had them today for lunch at ‘a restaurant of a different name’.

    When I come UP to NYC and stay with YOU, you have to take me there!

    UP recently posted…Retro Recipe With A TwistMy Profile

  2. Holly J says:

    Hot model bartenders? So I guess I know where I’m going on my next “girls night out.”
    Holly J recently posted…An Eating Disorder is More Than a Diet: An Open Letter to Samantha BrickMy Profile

  3. Susie Lindau

    Looks fantastic! Now I am jonesing for some fish and chips….
    Susie Lindau recently posted…Use Me and Abuse Me Day – Spring Thaw EditionMy Profile

  4. Looks Like Fun, did you mention any of the James Bond M16 types?
    Peggy Gilbey McMackin recently posted…Did I Mention the Goody Bags? Le Dames May 4th Global Celebration of Women & Food, Final Seats Specially PricedMy Profile

  5. P.J.

    I don’t mind a sports bar, but I do like pubs like this a bit better. Looks interesting. I’d be all over the fish and chips. Alas, I’d probably faint if I had to pay 10 for a pint. But, if it was a one-time and planned thing, this sounds like an excellent place to try.
    P.J. recently posted…Final plea for Relay donations (and your last chance to win!)My Profile

  6. Ok, the smarta$$ in me can’t resist… How exactly are guys supposed to watch their girlfriends when they’re in the bathroom? Hope you don’t plan on cuffing the women folk to urinals (good way to lower the likelihood of fantasy roleplays with McSteamy, the tattooed guy, etc). ;-)

    On a more serious note…I’ve always wanted to try fish and chips and this place sounds like a spot I’d enjoy if I lived in NYC.
    Kitt Crescendo recently posted…Sometimes Sick Means Naughty…My Profile

  7. The Guy

    It looks like a fun and interesting place Phil.

    Shame we didn’t get to see a picture of a pint. As a true Brit bitter drinker I judge a pub by the quality of its pint. Sadly it is very difficult to find a pint abroad which can even live in the shadow of a pint at a good pub at home. Our beer does not travel well. I also remember being told a number of years ago that due to FDA regulations the key ingredients in Boddingtons are slightly different in the US than in the UK.

    With regard to Fish and Chips, I’ve never seen anything in the US coming close to the things we have at home. Australia does come close as they have a range of chippies (Fish and Chip shops) run by Greeks (oddly enough). Maybe I need to write an article one day on an authentic British Fish and Chip supper?
    The Guy recently posted…What Have I Achieved In Six Months?My Profile

  8. Kate

    Love the look of this place and even better a proper plate of fish and chips – definitely worth the price!

    Kate x

  9. Sarah Lawson says:

    The place looks awesome! It looks very sexy. I personally prefer this kind of pub rather than those “annoying frat boy bars” that you mentioned. Oh and the food choices looks scrumptious! Thanks for recommending this place. Can’t wait to go there and try their fish&chips! I will surely bring my friends on our next night out. Oh and by the way, your “bartender tip” was very helpful.;)
    Sarah Lawson recently posted…Construction Business Development Manager – SydneyMy Profile

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