A NYC Creamgasm at Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs!

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Good God these creampuffs are ridiculously delicious I thought to myself as I bit into my first one. On the night we shuffled into Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs not too long ago to try out what many other people had told us about these little morsels of creamgasm we were not disappointed. The outer crust was light, flaky, crispy, and filled with a cool creamy custard, but not cloyingly over sweet. It just danced over my taste buds in delight.

We tried the Dulce de Leche and the Original cream puffs. The regular original was a creamy delight, albeit a little messy as it was so filled that you end up creaming all over yourself. Wait – what? Nothing like a little cream on your face and chest, eh?

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The Dulce de Leche just took me by surprise. A combo of sweet vanilla cream and caramel goodness. The flavor just smacks you in the face and forces you to submit to it’s desires. Yeah, to me these are damn good cream puffs! Looking around at the other customers it seemed as if everyone had cream on their faces – and all with a smile.

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The actual size of the place is small but there is one large communal table to sit at and enjoy your puffs. They also offer an assortment of special cream puff flavors, coffees by the Mud Truck, Mochi Ice Cream, Mini Cream Puffs, Shaved Ice, Molten Chocolate Cake, and Specialty Drinks. All we need now is for them to open a spot on the Upper East Side. Are you listening Papa?

This smelly pirate hooker approves!




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40 thoughts on “A NYC Creamgasm at Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs!”

  1. Phil…. Just finished dinner and I have no sweets – nothing. Then I read your post and want to crawl ony knees to this place and have one! That’s just not fair. Dinner was great – steak, mashed taters, broccoli and green beans but NO DESERT! Gotta plan better. Thanks for the drool! 🙂

  2. Wow! Now this has to be the best thing ever to wake up too…sweet mother of god Dulce de Leche anything is my all time favorite. FYI: Licking the screen was probably not a good idea.

  3. I’m with those other two who commented above me… I would be licking the screen right now (if this wasn’t my mom’s laptop, anyway) hahaha, those look heavenly!!

  4. Oh god god those look amazing! As if my new healthy lifestlye wasn’t bad enough you have to go and post this…. absolute torture!! Haha

  5. Excuse us while we have a smoke. lmao~Hi Phil it’s very nice to meet you & what an introduction. We found your blog by way of mutual blogging friend Beth Teliho ~ Writer B is Me. & talk about perfect timing. Well you have these two Irish chicks drooling. lol That is the sexiest pastry we’ve ever seen. So many times, you get a doughnut & wish they wouldn’t have spared the cream. But that one…..shew, not deprived in any way, my friend. We’re only sorry we aren’t close enough to run out right now & get one. Love the blog by the way & we look forward to reading more of your delicious posts as we just subscribed to your pastry….oops, we mean blog!

    1. Hey Inion N Mathair!

      Thanks so much for both you to comment and follow my blog! Hope you enjoy all my crazy posts. Beth is cool and I follow here. She is a bit crazy. I dig crazy.

      I do enjoy making chicks drool! It means I have succeeded! 😉

      More drool inducing food porn posts to come. I’ll be sure to check yours out too.

  6. I could really stuff my face with a few of those right now especially as it’s coming up to lunch time. To see that cream oozing out is making me dizzy. That’s it… I’m off to get some food, this is killing me.

  7. I think this is the first post where your pictures made my eyes glaze over and not be able to read all the words in your sentences.

    JESUS THOSE CREAM PUFFS LOOK AMAZING! Ugh, seriously, don’t know how you stay in shape. Wow. And I laughed out loud that you called yourself a smelly pirate hooker. Thanks for brightening my day, Phil 🙂

    1. Hey Jean!

      So glad that my blog put you in a trance and tears in your eyes!

      Yeah, I am an Anchorman fan and can’t wait until the new movie. 🙂

  8. I’ve seen plenty of branches of that chain, but I’ve always walked by as that Beard Papa guy looks a bit scary. I didn’t know they make cream puffs. I love cream puffs!!

  9. O.M.G. you are killing me here with these pictures. I’m supposed to be dieting but now I will be plagued with dreams about this yummy confection. I make a pretty darn good cream puff/eclair. I need major willpower to resist the urge right now…..

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