A little Tex-Mex love in an old familiar NYC space.

Colorful & Cheery Interior! Photo credit – Avenida Cantina.

Avenida Cantina? Why does this place seem so familiar?

Cheap, filling, and tasty Tex Mex in the space Idle Hands bar used to be. In these days NYC is constantly changing and evolving, yet it still took me by surprise when we wandered in here for some post happy hours eats and realized it was an old haunt of ours.

Upstairs dining area is totally repainted and redecorated in a bright cheerful decor but we still recognized the layout of a bar we had some good times at. Oh, the drunken memories! Idle Hands had a solid beer and whiskey list, rock and metal bar in a hovel of a basement lair downstairs, burger joint and tater tots to chow down on upstairs, along with a bunch of Yelp events we attended here.

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Mmmm….Queso! Photo credit – Avenida Cantina.

Now its serving up Tex Mex eats along with a speakeasy joint downstairs. More than enough to choose from on the menu. The basic offerings you would expect for this type of comfort food. Nachos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, guac, beer, and tequila! Oh my!

Complimentary chips and salsa are always a plus! Daily food and drink specials Monday-Friday. We lucked out and dropped in on $5 Friday which offers a bunch of cheapo stuff to chow down on along with some boozy items too. Frozen margaritas on a warm evening hit the spot.

Of course with salt around the rim! Photo credit – Avenida Cantina.

I enjoyed some pretty decent sized and tasty fish tacos. We ordered a bunch of items for the table to share. All good. Overall, the bill did not do too much damage. Reasonable prices. Service was friendly and attentive. Even though it was crowded the food arrived quickly. Free shot when the bill arrived was a welcome finish to our feast here. Arriba!




Avenida Cantina – http://avenidacantina.com/


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  1. WOW~~ I love the décor and the cute Texas door.
    I’m pretty picky about my Tex Mex since its perfect here in Dallas. So glad to hear a good place that yummy margaritas can keep up in NYC

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