A Big Ass Man Cave Bar Opens Up In Murray Hill NYC!


Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to a pre-grand opening night at the new Bottomzup Bar and Grill located in the Murray Hill/Kips Bay area of Manhattan. Being that this part of town is also known as “Bro Hill” because of all the frat bars in the area I did not know what to think of another bar opening up along 3rd Avenue in the 20’s. Well, when I walked in my mind was blown! All I could see were flat screens as far as the eye could see. 45 sixty inch flat screens! Stadium-like sound system. Photos and pictures of famous athletes, teams, and sports shots placed floor to ceiling. A sushi and raw bar. In a sports bar! Full bar area with their own specialty cocktails, drink specials, and plenty of seating. 14 beers on tap and even more in bottles. Super friendly and attentive staff. No matter where you sat there was a birds eye view of any game you wanted to see. This is the ultimate football and sports watchers bar!

As a guy that has followed New York sports my whole life, and as a sports fan in general, I can truly appreciate the attention to detail and planning that went into a bar such as this. There is so much to look at here! Along with plenty to eat and drink.


It gets even better! They have a unique system set up here where one can bring a speaker device over to your table, punch in the screen number with your game on it, and listen to your event above the din of the other games and people talking in the place. We all know how loud bars can get on game day, and this is such a great idea. I tested it out and it works great. There is even a jack to plug your headset in if you want to listen in private.

Oh, is your phone about to die because you forgot to charge it before you left home? No problem as there are free phone charging stations set up all around the place! Brilliant and such a nice perk offered by the ownership. Free wifi here too!


What about the food? Pretty awesome as I sampled some delicious and fresh seafood, sushi, and clams on the half shell. Plenty of stadium and tailgating inspired sandwich, burgers, and small bite options. Tasty desserts too. You won’t go hungry here on game day and prices were quite reasonable on their menu that I looked over.




What about the drinks you ask? Top of the line here and the bartenders know how to mix a mean libation. Sure, they have a diverse selection of beer but give cocktails such as a “white cosmo” a try. This was delish! Along with a “pomegranate martini” and a “cucumber basil martini” there is something for everyone’s drink palate. Plus, for those ladies who don’t want to fill up with brews on game day their cocktail list offers many female friendly drink options.




I really had to tip my hat to the owners of Bottomzup. They have built the ultimate man cave bar in an area that really needed something a bit different than what is around here. It’s a tech savvy spot that caters to both men and women. A sports bar with class that is a step up from the all too normal frat bars that dot this part of town. I will definitely be dropping by on occasion to catch a game here when in the area. Or watch three or more at the same time!

Check out the official press release below that was sent to me for Bottomzup –

484728_231448550352024_2075530512_nBottomzup Bar and Grill – 344 3rd Avenue at 25th street, NYC, NY





NEW YORK – November 6, 2013 – Bottomzup Bar and Grill has transformed the luxurious red-brick Manhattan Promenade building’s 3400 sq. ft. storefront space at 344 3rd Avenue into a game-watching destination and will introduce local diners to its innovative All-American menu on November 7th. With its distinctive regional dishes, full raw bar and sushi menu, unparalleled sports programming, and a host of accessible tech flourishes, Bottomzup seeks to elevate the sports bar concept and reinvigorate Murray Hill’s social scene.


Inspired by the great American tradition of tailgating, Bottomzup’s owners have devised an eclectic menu that gives locals a taste of what’s popular at stadiums throughout the country. New Yorkers will finally be introduced to regional favorites like Minnesota Juicy Lucy Sliders, Miami Grilled Corn on the Cob Lollipops and Kansas City Ribs. It’s a sports bar where the food comes first, with a talented team of chefs dedicated to using the most time-intensive preparations. Noticing that most sports bars offered very little in the way of light, healthy fare, Bottomzup’s owners got ahead of the curve by installing a full raw bar. They’ve also hired an in-house sushi chef who crafts signature rolls, sashimi and nigri.

Bottomzup Phoenix Burger

Bottomzup will be open Monday through Saturday from 11:30 a.m. until 2 a.m. and Sunday from noon until 2 a.m. The bar offers daily lunch and dinner specials, including Sunday night regional football specials. The sleek 100-seat space is a haven for avid sports fans and evokes a dynamic stadium atmosphere with 24-foot ceilings. A staggering forty-five 60” flat-screen LCD televisions line the walls alongside dozens of iconic images featuring great moments in sports. The hub of Bottomzup is its sixty-foot center bar, where fans can congregate, watch the games on column-mounted screens, and choose from fourteen beers on-tap and fifteen bottled selections along with a host of wine and spirit offerings. The beer list features local favorites from the Brooklyn and Blue Point Breweries along with West Coast standouts like Palm and Blue Moon.


Bottomzup’s programming is unparalleled. Fans will have access to every major sports package including NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass.Guests will never be charged cover, even during boxing and UFC pay-per-view events. The bar will also offer drink specials and giveaways during weekly NFL games on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights, and College Football Saturdays.

Bottomzup provides guests with convenient tech features that are sure to surprise and impress avid sports fans. Each table has access to Sports Select wireless speaker systems, portable boxes that let serious fans to tune into the television broadcast of any game in the building. The space is also furnished with over a dozen charging stations, allowing diners to skip a trip home to charge their mobile devices. For those who want a break from the action, Bottomzup offers a Virtual DJ that allows guests to create their own playlists from a selection of thousands of music videos.

484728_231448550352024_2075530512_nBottomzup NYC is independently owned and operated, and although it shares a name with the prior Bottomzup location in Carle Place, Bottomzup NYC is a tech-savvy sports bar that boasts a revamped concept, including a new tailgate-inspired menu, events schedule, and modest, jersey-inspired uniforms.

34 thoughts on “A Big Ass Man Cave Bar Opens Up In Murray Hill NYC!”

  1. I too got invited to the pre-grand opening night, but unfortunately I had other plans already.. This looks like a killer spot, and that burger looks delish! Will definitely have to try it out the next time I’m down there.

  2. Is this where Canz used to be? We were at a wedding on Sunday and Roger & a friend were remembering the time they took the kids to Canz so us wives could sleep. The kids were honestly still babies. Two dads, babies, chicken wings, beer and sports…. yeah.

    They were saying they should take the boys for a repeat visit now that a new place had opened up. I’ll pass on your review!

    1. Hey Jenny!

      I think so. I never used to go there, but will drop in here now and then as it’s only a few blocks from my office. Really nice sports bar.

      Yes, let Roger know. From his reports I know he is a sports fan so he would like this spot.

  3. Ooh, this sounds like an awesome place to hang out and watch a game… Well, if it wasn’t in NY. 😉 What can I say? I’m an all Chicago girl with the exception of my Cowboys (and no, I don’t want to discuss our last game). Maybe I’ll have to come check the place out when the Yankees are playing. ::shrugs:: Hubby’s been a Yanks fan since Mattingly’s playing days and it’s unlikely that they’d be playing the Cubbies. 🙂

    1. Hey Kitt!

      How bout dem Cowboys! Yeah, that last game was brutal for you I’m sure.

      This place is the real deal. A terrific sports bar with so many reasons to watch a game here. Next time in NYC….

  4. Whoa…when you give a review, you give a review! A very thorough sampling! LOL. The place sounds awesome. I can live without the sports gear, but bring on the sushi, cocktails, flat screens and charging stations. Brilliant!

    1. Hey Hazy!

      Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it.

      Yeah – this place has a lot to offer to sports fans and non -fans with so many perks here. It is a brilliant idea.

  5. Looks Great for the Sports Guy, I like the Murray Hill area. Couldn’t find the menu when I clicked on your link- not your site prob- couldn’t get to it on their direct website either. Anyway, the drinks look fabulous, as does the sushi, burger and fries, pretty much the sports guys dream. Man how I wish there was some kind of woman cave invention… hmmm, meanwhile, looks like Bottomzup might be fun for gals joining in too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey Peggy!

      It is a fun new sports bar!

      On their site click on the red More tab and a drop down appears with the menu. Drinks and food here are terrific. This place is great for the ladies too. Just look at those cocktails!

  6. I’m sold and I’m not a man and I don’t even watch sports. My favorite, amazingly creative thinking part are the speakers…..freaking genius! How many times have you been to a place with a TV and you’re forced to read lips…I never really got the purpose. Um, is it me or do those clams on the half shell resemble boobies? As if any man on the planet needed another reason to frequent this place. Something tells me this will be a huge success.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Yes, the sound boxes are a great idea!

      Now that you mention it they do look look boobies. I sucked those down!

      I think they will do well with men and women!

  7. This looks like a great place to hang out. Wide range of beers, personal listening devices for the game of your choice with phone chargers and great food. I can’t think of a reason to leave.

    This reminds me of a few years ago when I spent an extended time just outside Houston. Every Sunday afternoon I used to head to Hooters since it was the only place, to erm, get to watch the Falcons play. (I was a big fan of Michael Vick.)

  8. I’ll never show my husband this post. It looks exactly like one of his favorite hangouts down here (which I’m not a big fan of, as sports bars aren’t my thing):)

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