A 5K race on a whim in NYC at Ellington in The Park


Drinking in the park with a riverside view is just the best way to have a beer!

In my never-ending quest to brutalize my body with ongoing 5K races this year my most recent endeavor led me to Riverside Park on the UWS of NYC. Check-in for the race was at 6pm at Ellington in The Park. It was one of those last-minute decisions on a hot, humid, and rainy day that I am glad I went forward with. Even if at one point I questioned my sanity. How did I not even know this place was here after living so long in the city?

How can you not love this kind of spot? It’s kind of a hidden gem way uptown on the west side and buried in Riverside Park off the 103rd street entrance. Walk down the stairs and over to the right and you will see it overlooking the Hudson River.

There is a small bar up top with outside seating offering great views. Walk the stairs down and there is another larger bar below level with both outdoor and some covered seating. Also offers great views of the river, athletic areas, and the normal backed up traffic on the Riverside Drive – LOL! You can also find the bathrooms down here too.



Reading their website I discovered that the top level bar is made from a repurposed shipping container. Now that’s pretty inventive. The lower level lounge area is adjacent to all kinds of outdoor activities including beach volleyball, soccer, and softball.

Ellington did a wonderful job for our event. Great food and cold beers!

Decent beer list on tap and in cans. Full bar and cocktail selections. Friendly bartenders serving up drinks. As I mentioned I was here last night to run a 5K race, and afterwards was able to hang out and enjoy a post-run beer and some eats. They also have a nifty bar menu of food items to choose from  – burgers, salads, wraps, pizza, hummus, guac & chips, tacos, and more.

Ellington in The Park is open May through November, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekdays, and from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends. I will definitely make the trek uptown to hang out here again on some nice Fall days coming up. They also take event reservations for groups of 25 or more during weekdays.

Celebrating the hardware after completing another 5K race.

So choice and the best thing about this place is that very few seem to know it’s here other than those who live in the area  – and no annoying tourists!

Hudson River views.


Ellington in The Park – http://www.ellingtoninthepark.com/


6 thoughts on “A 5K race on a whim in NYC at Ellington in The Park”

  1. That’s a great, new find Phil. The place looks so inviting, especially on a nice summer or fall day. I could probably sit outside there for hours…as an annoying tourist! Ha! I’m curious about the Fire Island sea salt beer. Did you try it?

    You are looking in fine shape there, Phil, and I applaud you for running so many races. Outstanding!

    1. Hey Mary!

      Oh, I plan on going back on nice days and spending a whole afternoon day drinking there. Did not try that beer, Schofferhofer and Bronx Summer Ale were my brews after the race. Good stuff.

      Yeah, I am on pace for ten 5K races this year. Seven completed so far. Thanks for the love!

  2. I’m spending a week in New York at the end of October. Given the range of draft beers, I might well check this place out – thanks for the info.

  3. I think it’s fantastic you are doing these 5Ks. A few beers involved just makes it better. Now that my summer of baseball is over, I need to start focusing on shedding some pounds. I have my eye on running my first 5K during the first quarter of 2017. We’ll see if I can get myself in decent enough shape to at least do it. Keep up the work! It’s great to see!

    1. Hey PJ!

      Thanks so much. Yes, a beer after a good sweaty run is always a nice bonus. You can do a 5K. It’s just 3.2 miles. Just start out by going for a few one mile jogs and brisk walks each week. Build up your distance and pace gradually. Even walk your first 5K race if needed. Just do it. Start now.

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