5 Guys Burgers & Fries – a hunk of NYC meat!

5 guys

Probably the most unhealthiest meal I have eaten in NYC recently, but after a week of being sick a few months back and hardly eating much I was finally in the mood for a gut busting greasy burger. Nothing cures an upset projectile vomiting stomach quite like a hunk o’ meat, right? It just so happened that I walked by 5 Guys Burgers & Fries and was lured in by the images of hunger pang defying burgers dancing through my brain.

It was my first excursion here. The place itself has that old fashioned soda shop feel with the red and white checkered decor, some tables and counter space to sit at, and a small no-nonsense burger and fry menu. Everything is cooked to order and is prepared fresh. There are even bags of potatoes piled on the floor that they use to make the fries with. Kind of fun looking. Clean dining area, and they have classic rock playing too which I can appreciate.



The burgers here are served as a double patty or as a “little” burger with a single patty. Of course, my inner fatty went with the double fat ass burger with bacon. Also cool here is that they offer unlimited toppings out of 15 or so choices. I also ordered a small cajun fries and a large soda. Whoa! They feature those new-fangled digital soda machines with over 20 different drinks and hundreds of combinations. I had to try out a Mr Pibb Diet Cherry Vanilla soda. Yeah, I’m fooling no one with a diet soda!


l (1)It takes a few minutes to get your food as the cooking process takes a bit of time, but at least it’s freshly made. While you are waiting there are barrels of salted peanuts in the shell to take a scoop and munch on. Yes, they are free! I decided to stay there and eat rather than take it back to work as I feel it would go over better served up hot, and I was right. The burger itself is a hulking bunch of meat piled high with the toppings I chose. Tasty enough with a nice grilled flavor to it, but not the juiciest burger I have ever eaten. The cajun fries are the way to go as you literally get a small island of a portion overflowing out of the cup they are served in! Fresh russet potato taste with a spicy cajun coating. Get these over regular fries any day! Nom!

Can’t really find too much to complain about. As there are a bunch of sub-par places to dine at near the Penn Station area this was a welcome option. My burger was prepared just as I asked, the service was competant, plenty of soda choices, tasty fries, free peanuts, and it filled my queezy starving belly.

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46 thoughts on “5 Guys Burgers & Fries – a hunk of NYC meat!”

  1. Oh, I’ve always enjoyed Five Guys. I love that I can ask for my burger to be topped with pretty much anything I can think of. Hubby likes it because he can opt for things like A-1 or Worcestershire sauce. I made the big mistake the first time I ate there of ordering a regular (I had no idea it was a double). This is one of the rare times you’ll see these words by my hand, but it was more meat than I could handle. 😉

    Also, just so you know, if you take it to go, they just load up your bag with a ton of fries, so you should never order anything bigger than a small fry unless you want to be eating for a week. I also like their regular fries because they cook them in peanut oil, and I can dip them in apple cider vinegar if I’d like. 😀

    Yeah, it’s a party in my mouth.
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  2. Ahhh yes, greasy goodness. The fry serving sizes are gigantic and my hubby and I always split one, though alone I have often eaten an entire order of fries myself 😉 Their potatoes are always from Idaho and they display from which farm on a dry erase board. Not that us Idahoans are stoked about our potato claim to fame, but whatever works…
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  3. You are speaking my language Phil. We love us some 5 Guys in this household. Granted, I don’t partake as often as my boys do because it’s a heart attack on a plate, but omg – you can’t beat it for the classic greasy burger experience. Their fries are perfect, and I love that that they have malt vinegar to douse them with. Heaven.

  4. Five Guys is lovely but have you been to Schnippers Quality Kitchen? It’s on the ground floor of the NY Times building—not too far from Penn. It’s a tad pricy but WORTH IT. Succulent burgers and, hands down, the best mac-n-cheese in town.

  5. Sometimes the diet stuff just tastes better. I love the Pepsi Max Zero. I think that’s what it’s called. I also prefer diet 7-up to regular. I don’t eat Burgers but I love Five Guys fries. One time me, my mom and my son were out and got two orders of fries. The big order where it’s spilled out of the bag. The guy saw that it was just us three, my son was little at the time. He said, “You know, one order of fries would probably be enough for you three.” I don’t think I said, “And?” But that’s what I thought. I probably was polite and said, “We will take the two orders please.”
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  6. I’m not a huge Five Guys fan, BUT I was spoiled as shit on cheeseburgers when I was a kiddo. (Something about owning a bar in the Chicago suburbs and eating only flame-grilled Vienna Beef half-pounders, even as a toddler [I mean, I didn’t like FINISH it or anything…])

    But…Five Guys is definitely better than a lot of the competitors out there. 🙂
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