Is it just me or am I noticing such a total lack of respect from not just younger kids nowadays, but also grown adults? Now, I don’t want to sound like an old fart complaining about the younger generation, or a self-righteous ass thinking the worst of every grown person around me, but it is really concerning to me what is wrong with people that they can’t even be considerate to each other anymore. I travel a lot and this is not just a NYC thing – it’s everywhere.

I can’t even count the number of times I have seen able bodied men and women rufuse to give up their seats on a subway car to an elderly person standing, someone with an injury, or a pregnant woman. They just make out they are sleeping or reading a book and won’t look up. Some people won’t hold open a door, or hold an elevator even if they see you coming. I don’t get it. It’s just common courtesy. It’s not that hard. Maybe it’s because of the “me” generation. They way I was raised was to be respectful and considerate to your neighbors and elders. Sure, it’s an old school way of thinking, but should still apply to all. If my parents saw me act the way some of these spoiled idiots behave I would get a smack in the back of the head. All it took was that sideways look from my Dad and I knew I was in trouble. Nothing like the fear of a swift backhand to keep me in check!

Maybe it’s also because parents in this day and age are just too scared to reprimand their kids. God forbid if you spank them, or even attempt to punish them. It’s seems as if parents are scared of their kids. It also seems like too many parents today want to be “buddies” with their children, rather than being rule enforcing adults, like a Mom and Dad should be. I’m not saying they should be robotic policemen to their kids, but loving parents that guide their children with love and a certain set of life rules to abide by. I just get disgusted when I see kids acting the fool, cursing, and being disrespectful idiots in public, and to people around them. This is a direct reflection of how their parents are raising them. Poorly, in my opinion.

Now, the adults that still act this way? Shame on you. Just ignorant individuals with a smug air of self entitlement to them. Basically, they are just selfish assholes. Grow up and be real men and women. Even in my most sickest moments, or when I had a major injury a few years back and was in extreme pain walking around with a cane I still acted properly. I gave up my seat when needed, held open a door, and never complained. Where have all the real men gone in this world?

Sometimes I do see a ray of hope as there are some good people out there. Many times I have also noticed young gentlemen and ladies offer assistance to someone in need, give up their seat out of respect, help someone when lost, etc. It’s like a breath of fresh air. These people “get it” and were raised the right way. There is nothing wrong with doing the right thing. I just wish more people acted this way in their everyday lives.


  1. These people are really ass holes… sorry for the foul language.. im not a new yorker… but in singapore where i often go.. there’s those airheads who often snatch old peoples sits , speak loudly on phones and squeeze push their way through… its really ignorant and the worst part is they aint locals but those rich douche bag from china!

    1. Hahahaha! Thanks for the great comment! Hey, I see that here in NYC all the time. Some people are just inconsiderate jerks. It’s the ones who take seats from old people or the disabled that really bother me. They have no respect. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

  2. Great blog post thanks for letting me know about it, the only things I could add to it are what you’ve already read on my blog post (that sometimes being old school ends up back firing but I’m glad you’re another who sticks to their guns)

  3. I think this is true. You have to remember that several years ago many women, not me, would go out of their way to say a man was sexist if they held the door open for a woman. These days I am tempted to tap a person on the shoulder and say, “Hey. You knew I was right behind you. Why would you let the door slam on me???” But I hold my breath and roll my eyes. Sometimes, I say a very sarcastic, “Thank you!”

    1. Hi Susie!

      It’s just common courtesy right? Doesn’t matter what sex you are. Some people out there are just plain clueless if inconsiderate.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Hi Phil. You make some valid points here and I so agree with you. I have always insisted that my sons become gentlemen. I think it sets the foundation for everything else in life.

    1. Hey Lanthie!

      Raise your kids the right way and others will respect and look up to them. More people should be this way, as there is nothing wrong with being nice, considerate, and respectful.

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