10,000 page views! How and when did that happen?

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I have not checked the stats on my blog lately and just today gave it a thorough look. WordPress offers some terrific programs to check all types of stats on blogs – page views, search engines, links, clicks, daily, weekly, monthly, etc. They offer a terrific summary if you keep track of that sort of thing. I kind of look at it once in a while as I am still doing this for fun and it’s an enjoyable hobby. I don’t really know where I want to take this blog yet but I’m having a blast in the meantime. Discovered some really nice people out in the blogosphere that write some terrific blogs which I follow now. I also had help along the way from a bunch of good friends and fellow bloggers that offered advice and instruction. I really did not know what I was doing!

29897995When I started this blog near the end of October 2012 I did not know what to expect. I did know that I wanted to be creative, humorous, a bit sarcastic, and write about things that interest me. Things I experience living in NYC on a daily basis. Current events, food, fun, fitness, news items, drinking, dining, people, life situations, stuff that makes me laugh, stuff that makes me cringe, and a smorgasbord of other things that catch my fancy. I was hoping that the readers along the way would also find what I scribble down into my blog interesting. At the start I was just rediscovering my writing chops, and I am hoping that the quality of my posts have been elevated since I began. I always have ideas floating around in my brain on future posts to write, as living in NYC offers a plethora of experiences to choose from. Much more to come!

22846524So today when I looked at my blog stats I saw that it has gone over 10,200 page views, and over 1,000 comments! Whoa! I did not expect that. I know to many veteran and long time bloggers this is no big deal, but it’s still a cool number to hit. Kind of makes all this craziness worthwhile to see those kinds of numbers after only around four months. I’m still even trying to figure out all this social networking stuff to use yet!




To all those that help, read, comment, and follow my blog – Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I am humbled and much appreciative. Here’s to you!

38 thoughts on “10,000 page views! How and when did that happen?”

  1. That’s awesome!!! Congrats! I can’t wait till I can say the same. And the comments? So many big sites can’t say the same. You should have a celebratory drink.

  2. Congratulations! I think you’ve got a really entertaining blog. Best wishes as you go forward! Maybe some NYC businesses will sit up and take notice and pay you to place ads on your blog. Either way, you’ve got a cool thing going!

    1. Hi Alexandra!

      Thanks so much for the love! Glad you like my blog. Not in it for the cash just yet, but if Donald Trump wants to throw a cool million my way I would not turn it down! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thank you for the buttons! I put one of your buttons on my wordpress blog at
    http://wanda4848.wordpress.com/. And the other one is on the top of my other blog
    http://deaf47.blogspot.com/ . It’s good you got that going because now I can get onto your blog faster and read your amazing comedy posts. One thing I love to do is get a delicious snack, sit at the computer and read your articles, they are really good! And funny, of course. Keep it up!

    1. Hey Susana!

      Wow – thank you so much for grabbing my buttons and placing them on your site! I did not know much about your wordpress site and just signed up for email and followed your twitter.

      I appreciate the love, and that you enjoy what I write! ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Great! I’m glad you did that, thanks! Well I really liked your blog layout and the white background. So that’s what made me decide to make a blog on WordPress about a month ago. It’s pretty cool. Now I can get in here twice as faster with your blog buttons, so I really appreciate that. Thank god the weekend is here, can sleep in sat. instead of getting up at 6 a.m. like usual. Have fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Many congratulations Phil and well deserved. You write some great stuff which is why people spread the word and keep coming back for more. Here is to your first million. Or maybe to infinity and beyond!

  5. Love your blog and you deserve it! I used to check my stats everyday and it didn’t seem to be going anywhere. Now I check them once a month and I feel like a King. Probably still averaging the same number of hits per day as always, but waiting a month makes the number look bigger.

    Keep up the great blogging!!!

    1. Hey Matt!

      Thanks so much for the kind words. I have a long way to go to catch up with your terrific blog! It’s much appreciated. Thanks again!

  6. Congrats Phil! Although I think you are more strategic than you give yourself credit for.

    [PS I’m not getting the emails although I signed up twice. Can you check your list or whatever?]

    1. Thanks Jill! It’s appreciated.

      I’ll check on the email signup. You’re the only one who has said that. Can it be going to a spam filter?

  7. wow congrats on so many pageviews thats amazing especially since you just started it .I wish I could do so well.Not to surprised though your blog is very good especially since when I read your post I feel the the person I am reading is real

    1. Hello Marty!

      Thanks for dropping by my blog and reading! Yup – I am a real guy living in NYC! So glad you like my posts.

      I saw you on the Bloggers talk thread. I appreciate the comment.

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